Omar Al Ali: My passion led me to “intelligent robotics”

Ras Al Khaimah: Adnan Okasha
Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Jadah Al Ali, a young man from the Emirates, is studying for a master’s degree in “intelligent robotics” systems at the University of Girona in Catalonia, Spain, after receiving a bachelor’s degree in electromechanical engineering from the Abu Dhabi Polytechnic.

Al Ali has an extraordinary passion for scientific and technical disciplines for their key and essential contribution to bringing change and development in areas that require innovation and creativity in our contemporary digital world.

Al Ali says: We are in a country that is the first regional in this vital field, in terms of transition from electronic services to their intelligent counterparts, entering the era of robotics and adopting the latest artificial intelligence technologies and networks fifth generation communication. . The unlimited and extraordinary support of our wise leadership in qualifying and encouraging young people and supporting them to keep pace with all the global developments that accompanied the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the applications of artificial intelligence, played a major role in the choice my direction. This support reflects the leadership’s belief in the various economic, developmental and operational opportunities that this development presents and what it leads to a sustainable knowledge economy, especially as this specialization will depend on its vision in two of the most powerful electronic systems. , within Traces of “data science” and “robotic systems”. Smart.


Omar Al Ali explains that this specialization is not just about “robots”, as it is ingrained in the minds of the general public and non-specialists, but rather it revolves around all types of robots, regardless of whether the robot is a robot. airplane, car or train, using them by means of self-driving technology.

Explaining the nature of what is taught, he says, explaining the nature of what is taught: It is a discipline that depends in its nature on robotic intelligence systems and artificial intelligence applications, and begins with the ethical, legal, and social aspects of these systems. , to ensure the graduation of a generation aware of the importance of these aspects, and then allow them to delve into the science of natural intelligence (human and biological), which has been simulated by artificial intelligence, distinguishing between that which is natural and artificial, then this specialization shifts to fixed industrial robots and mobile terrestrial robots, and delves into addressing issues of dynamics, design and control, in addition to the application of intelligent algorithms in human interaction with “robots” and what qualifies them these robots from movement.And working autonomously, in natural and artificial environments, which will make us achieve contribute to the development of machines to become self-driving.

He adds: The student can analyze, model and simulate the movement and dynamics of robots (industrial arm – mobile robot) and similar intelligent mechanisms, design and build specialized robots and intelligent mechanisms, control the movement of robots in different ways , program and integrate them into integrated industrial and service systems, and use and integrate various sensors Extract information through modern methods and algorithms, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning in robotic systems.

Later comes the design and implementation of robotic systems capable of interacting with humans physically and cognitively, using artificial vision systems in industrial and service environments, integrating them with robotic systems, and analyzing and developing intelligent solutions for autonomous systems. (for example, driverless cars). .

The lack of specialization, according to Omar Al Ali, lies in the lack of deep understanding and application of intelligent robotics courses, for example robotics dynamics and control, mobile robots, intelligent robotic systems, self-propelled vehicles and autonomous robots on aircraft .

He says: The benefit of intelligent robots peaks when the following becomes possible:

• Dealing with big data, including presenting, analyzing and extracting models.

• Dealing with big data analysis applications and tools and investing in their features.

• Development and programming of data display algorithms, in addition to the ability to use available applications and technologies.

• Search in order to obtain information from textual data on the Internet, application of search algorithms and search of other media, such as images and videos.

• Natural language processing and programming of its own algorithms, allowing the possibility of natural language communication between man and machine.

• Application of intelligent robotics courses.

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In addition to his thanks for supporting the leadership that directs young people to such future disciplines, Omar Al Ali has credited the issue to his employer, who is studying for a master’s degree at his own expense, the Institute for Technological Innovation. He says: My ambition is to actively and seriously contribute to the service of this country and return the favor to our beloved country through the portal of specialized applied science, building and making a change and a qualitative leap in the process of sustainable development. , in scientific and technical fields and in global competition. My ambitions lie in being one of the people of the country that translates the vision of smart leadership in the field of application of artificial intelligence in all government services and sectors and analysis of data based on it, to the extent of 100% by the year 2031. as part of its artificial intelligence strategy.

Dreams are many, like a waterfall that flows into infinity, and one of them is to use this ambition in a scientific, professional and academic way, through continuous learning and development and keeping abreast of everything new in this unique field. practical, achieving pioneering qualities. jumps and raising the country’s name up on it globally.

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