Emirates Airlines: 2021 is the year of reconstruction and continued excellence on 7 runways

Dubai: “Bay”
Emirates has embarked on a steady recovery path in 2021, rebuilding a service network in 128 cities by December, including launching a new service last July in Miami in the United States. By the end of 2021, all 133 Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft and nearly 60 of its Airbus A380 fleet were in active service, connecting people, loved ones and their interests, as well as between businessmen, businesses and global opportunities. In addition, Emirates has reopened more than 120 private salons owned by her and her partners to host her first-class and business-class clients and members of the Platinum and Gold loyalty program.
His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and CEO, Emirates Airline and Group, said: “Despite the recent rise in Omicron infections and the slight slowdown this has caused across our network, we are moving towards 2022 with optimism. We have built a strong momentum this year and look forward to accelerating business and trade growth in the new year. “Commercial aviation has always been resilient and we will continue to work with our industry partners to build better for our customers and communities.”
During 2021, Emirates Airlines helped its customers travel with ease and comfort and supported communities and industry in seven ways:
1- Facilitate travel and increase confidence: This year, Emirates Airlines extended waivers for reservation, mile expiration and level status for members of the Frequent Flight Loyalty Rewards Program and free medical coverage against “Covid-19” for all customers. emirates.com remains a leading reference site for the latest travel requirements even for non-airline clients, as it is updated at least once a day with information verified by Emirates teams throughout its network. Emirates Airlines has also accelerated the implementation of digital initiatives to offer customers smoother and safer flights, being the first airline to adopt the “IATA Passport” application across its network on six continents. Also expanded the adoption of biometric (biometric) technology and contactless contact points at Dubai International Airport, and the partnership with the Al-Hosn app to enable fast and secure digital verification of travel documents related to “Covid-19” .
2- Investment and Innovation: In January, Emirates introduced Premium Economy Class and received a wide response from customers. In November, it announced a major modernization program to equip 105 aircraft with premium economy seats and the latest cabin facilities to ensure the Emirates best flight experience. To inspire customers as they search and rediscover travel options, Emirates launched a sensational ad that grabbed worldwide fame by featuring a girl dressed as Emirates Airlines on top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. He also launched his first airline virtual reality app on Oculus, the world’s most popular virtual reality platform, offering customers a comprehensive experience of what to expect on board.
3- Partnerships: To help travelers reach more destinations, Emirates has partnered with new line and joint partners (Eromar, Baltic Air, Airlink, Azul, Simir, Garuda, Gulf Air, South African Airways and TAP Portugal) and has also strengthened the strategy. Menu partnership with Qantas and flydubai. Emirates has signed agreements and launched initiatives to support tourism in the Seychelles, Maldives, Indonesia and Costa Rica.
4- Community Support: Emirates Airlines helped form the Dubai Logistics Alliance for Vaccines in order to ensure that communities receive “Covid-19” vaccines and other medical supplies quickly. A memorandum of understanding was signed with UNICEF to prioritize the transfer of vaccines under the COVAX initiative, which focuses on the equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. By December, Emirates Airlines had completed the transportation of 600 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine on its flights to more than 80 destinations, which is the largest quantity in the world by any air carrier. And in May, it set up a humanitarian air bridge to support India in its response to the pandemic.
Emirates Airlines, which was an early advocate for vaccination against the Corona virus, has implemented programs to encourage its employees to be vaccinated to protect themselves and their communities and to resume travel safely. In February, Emirates Airlines organized a special flight led by fully vaccinated staff to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination and to highlight the success of the vaccination campaign in the UAE.
5- Sustainability: Emirates has partnered with Falcon Aircraft Recycling and Wings Craft to initiate a full recycling project in the UAE for the first A380 to retire, thus reducing landfill waste and impacting in the environment. At the Dubai Airshow, it also announced an initiative with GE Aviation to operate a test flight of a Boeing 777 powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Emirates is also an active member of the Clean Skies for Tomorrow Alliance, launched by the World Economic Forum, which supports the transition to sustainable aviation fuels as part of the journey towards carbon-neutral flights.
Emirates is also active in several initiatives to reduce fuel combustion and emissions, and ensure responsible use of resources. This includes the use of blankets made from fully recycled plastic bottles in Economy Class, and comfort wrappers made in part from durable materials such as wheat straw and rice paper.
6- The future of aviation: The Emirates Pilot Training Academy graduated the second group of pilots, bringing their number to 50 pilots this year. In October, the Emirates hosted aviation security specialists and workers from around the world at the Fifth Global Civil Aviation Security Symposium to exchange best practice on skills enhancement amid pandemic challenges. Emirates also continued its support for the Intelaq and Aviation X-Lab incubator programs that focus on future travel and aviation solutions.
7- Bringing the world together at Expo Dubai: Expo 2020 Dubai opened in October, bringing together the minds, voices and great personalities from around the world and the number of its visitors exceeded eight million by the end of December. This celebration of human achievement continues to inspire future solutions for the world. Emirates, through various initiatives, including programs to encourage visits from small and medium-sized businesses, continues to bring the world to Dubai for the show. Future aviation technology concepts are also on display at the Emirates Pavilion.

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