An active movement in economic activities that resonates regionally and internationally

Manama, 06 April (BNA) During the first quarter of 2022, the Kingdom of Bahrain witnessed a major recovery in the tourism sector, especially in terms of organizing and organizing exhibitions and conferences, through the reception by the Kingdom of a number of more prominent tournaments . and globally and regionally renowned events, which will contribute to the strengthening of this vital sector of the Post-Pandemic period, which marks the return to normal life in the Kingdom, which will contribute to boosting economic growth and reflect positively on sectors different manufacturers.

If the latest quarterly economic report of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, which touched on the performance of economic sectors during the last quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of 2020, shows that the hotel and restaurant sector leads the non-oil sector. Sectors in terms of performance at fixed prices, reaching an increase of 31.7%, as the average increase in hotel occupancy reached 65.4%, such performance seems to be heading towards further growth and improvement with active movement recent in organizing events and conferences with the regions. and global resonance.

The Kingdom reception of the Formula 1 season, the Gulf Air Bahrain 2022 Grand Prix, from 17 to 22 March 2020, played a major role in supporting and revitalizing the tourist movement in the Kingdom. The crowd that took part in the four days of the race reached 98,000 people, while 35,000 people took part in the day of the race, which is a record in the history of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

As for the Economic Development Board, he sought to take advantage of the Formula 1 racing season as part of his role in promoting the Kingdom of Bahrain and attracting investment to contribute to job creation at the local level. Gulf Air’s grand prize for Formula 1 for 2022, and visiting investors represented a range of sectors including industry, logistics, financial services, tourism and healthcare, and they also came from a range of target markets, including the Gulf markets, United States, India and United Kingdom.

Bahrain also hosted from March 16-18 the activities of the first exhibition of works of art with unchanging symbolic technology (NFT) in the Middle East and North Africa (NFT MENA Exhibition 2022), which was held under the good patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa. Chairman of the National Arts Council, in collaboration with Dar Al-Fan, and the exhibitions and conferences included the organization of a series of discussion sessions presented by a number of public and private sector speakers, and they addressed a range of issues related to technology and art , especially NFT, including topics including technological development and preparedness. For the future, how to sell and partner with NFT technology and NFT technology from an artist’s perspective.

The exhibition was attended by artists from Bahrain, the region and the world and presented a group of creative works signed by artists such as Lina Al-Ayoubi, Adnan Al-Ahmad and others, where they examined step by step the process of entering the world of “NFT” , and the exhibition also included seminars under the supervision of experts in the field and educational sessions for artists and amateurs, which increases the contribution of the arts and culture industry to the national economy.

The Harvard Global Forum on the Corona virus “Covid-19” came to culminate Bahrain’s experience in treating the pandemic, which began in late March, with the participation of a group of leading healthcare professionals, where the latest developments and mechanisms used to address the Corona virus pandemic were discussed.

The forum reviewed the effective strategies applied by Bahrain in dealing with the virus, through which the Kingdom has managed to achieve distinct results at different levels of response to date. The World Health Organization, in addition to developing an integrated media strategy and optimal media handling to meet the challenge in all expected scenarios, proactively and promptly, in addition to launching ongoing and up-to-date awareness campaigns according to media developments different and in many languages.

The forum also included the participation of a group of international speakers specializing in health care institutions from around the world, and researchers who contributed to their efforts in preparing research related to the Corona virus, where the genome, surveillance and testing of the Corona virus. The Covid_19 pandemic ”and therapeutic efforts to treat the virus also discussed the importance of creating pandemic oral medicine, along with the impact of the pandemic on social platforms and the global response to the coronavirus experience.

The forum was attended by Dr. at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, a member of the national medical team to treat the Corona virus, and Dr. ), and the forum was attended by the most well-known international institutions such as “Pfizer”, “Google” and “Meta”.

With the great success of regional and international events organized by the Kingdom in various fields, it is expected that this active movement of exhibitions and conferences will continue in Bahrain over the next period with the beginning of the restoration of economic life with a more renewed and renovated in Bahrain. continuous growth in various aspects of the national economy.

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