Aalborg .. a mecca for architecture lovers

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Friday 15 April 2022

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Aalborg is a magnet for architecture lovers; Denmark’s fourth largest city is home to buildings that embody the splendor of Scandinavian design.

Utson Center

Fans of Scandinavian architecture and design are happy to visit the Utzon Center in Aalborg, a city of 120,000. The name of this center is due to the international architect “Jorn Utson”, who designed the Sydney Opera House. When visiting the building in Limfjord, tourists are quickly introduced to it by the design of the roof, which in miniature resembles the design of the famous Sydney Opera House, and the sails shining in the sun are the hallmarks of the architect who died in 2008..

This center houses the permanent exhibition on the life of architect Jørn Utzon, as well as temporary exhibitions and many common practical options for things.

Older kids can create LEGO structures and designs and manipulate them in Minecraft using virtual reality goggles. “In every exhibition we try to offer something for children that they can touch and build,” said architect Amalie Vinther-Sale, curator of the Utson Center.

port bath

A few minutes walk from the Utzon Center is the Harbor Spa, which includes a jump tower and a climbing wall, which opened in 2011. for the population of Aalborg.

In total, tourists can bathe in the four swimming pools in Limfjord or enjoy the fun when they fall from the climbing wall, and for this reason this area is considered one of the distinguished tourist destinations for culture and art lovers who want to entertain children. the little ones that accompany. those.

concert hall

After that, tourists can continue to visit the city’s attractions; Where the concert hall is one of the main points of the city, which opened in 2014, lovers of exposed concrete are happy to see this building from the outside and then tourists get acquainted with the splendor and beauty of the interior design of the building . , which is characterized by simplicity and elegance.

The program of the visit also includes climbing the curved stairs to enjoy a magnificent view of Limfjord and the opposite shore, which includes many architectural and industrial monuments and the port; Where the city of Aalborg was once a large industrial city and is still one of the largest white cement production strongholds in the country, and next to the concert hall appear some elegantly designed skyscrapers, which are inhabited by students in the city of Aalborg. .

The facades of buildings in Aalborg are decorated with about 70 weather-resistant murals. Artists come from all over the world to see these paintings and tourists can explore these masterpieces alone or with a tour guide.

Muzeu Konsten

The Konsten Museum is the most important museum in the city of Aalborg, and the importance of this museum, which includes many glowing halls interrupted by daylight, is evident in the display of works by Danish artists and stylists during the 19th century. twenty, and the museum as well. includes a garden and a pleasant café, and the museum is located just outside the city and requires about 20 minutes to walk.

Park Kilhparken

Along the way, tourists pass the large “Kilhparken” garden and the trees can make the trees sing to the music of Cliff Richard, Helena Fisher and Andrea Berg, and in fact more than 70 artists have planted their trees in the garden, and in In front of each tree there is a speaker and as soon as the tourists click on the button, the songs of the singer, the owner of the tree, sound.

And when tourists want to have some refreshments, they can stop by the Benny Lan Café during the day, where the cozy café offers plenty of pies, baked goods and delicious pastries in addition to salads and sandwiches, and tourists can also enjoy. food on the top floor in the store “Saling” with views Fantastic elegant terrace on the roof.

In the evening, Italian food can be eaten at “Azzurra Nordcraft” at a low cost in a romantic industrial setting; Since the restaurant is located in a former power plant with a cultural center.

And if tourists want to taste the local dishes, there is a large industrial hall away from the city; Dozens of food stalls line up under the umbrella of Aalborg Street Food and although these foods and drinks are not cheap, they retain a sense of originality compared to the restaurant atmosphere, and food stalls are pervasive, offering items such as fish and potatoes. fries, Indian dishes, sushi and Thai curry.

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