60 innovative performances at the Sikka 2022 Art and Design Festival

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Dubai Culture and Arts Authority “Dubai Culture” has enriched the tenth session of the Sikka Art and Design Festival with more than 60 performances ranging from cinema, musical performances, various artistic activities and poetry evenings, which it offers its audience from 15 to 24 March, offering to lovers of movies, music and art is the perfect opportunity to enjoy ten days of carefully curated performances to suit everyone’s tastes.

Under the slogan “We celebrate art, we celebrate prosperity”, the festival this year shines as an arena for cinema, animation, performance and digital arts that enable lovers of these arts to access global creations and unique artistic experiences that place them within the reach of community members in Dubai, thus contributing to the promotion of cultural tourism.In the Emirates and consolidating its position as the best city to work, live and visit, in line with the “Dubai Destinations – Dubai Art Season” campaign launched under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Media Council.

This program rich in Vietnamese folklore performances was opened under the umbrella of Vietnamese Night on the first day of the festival, pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry of Culture and Youth of the United Arab Emirates and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of United Arab Emirates. Socialist Republic of Vietnam for the purpose of co-operation in the fields of culture related to antiquities, heritage, arts and libraries and co-operation Direct support for the cultural and creative industries and support for talented people.

augmented reality

This year’s edition of the Sikka Art and Design Festival will witness the addition of the Sikka House, which features art installations and interactive spaces designed by the Arhead platform, which specializes in content backed by augmented reality technologies. From a private room inside the Sekka House, the exhibition allows visitors to explore its exhibits and enjoy the work of digital artists during the tour in the meta-space.

Arhead is also exhibiting six augmented reality and coding sculptures, including works by three Dubai-based artists; They are: FATSPATROL, Neven Majid (NectarDesign) and Christopher Hunt (Distressed Design), as well as future creators; Such as: Belgian Dries Chapelle, and other international creators. The innovative Augmented Reality exhibition covers the Al Fahidi Historic Quarter area and visitors to the festival can access its exhibits using QR codes.

cinematic performances

The festival also offers a cinematic screening program that includes 5 nights of Arabic films, two nights for independent filmmakers, all presented by Locomotion Community Cinema, in addition to a night dedicated to local talent by university students, and two nights of Arabic short films – fifth edition of Beirut Animated About innovative seminars and artistic activities presented by the animation room.


Among the most prominent local Arab films participating in this edition of the festival; “Al Ayala”, a popular Emirati scenic art, is a documentary film that embodies the authentic folklore of the Emirates and will be screened from seven to nine thirty on March 22 with the support of the Ministry of Education.

Animated Beirut

This version of the Sikka Art and Design Festival is also characterized by the participation of “Beirut Animation”, which presents a group of the most prominent animation films on March 19 and 20, under the auspices of the Animation Chamber, as part of the edition of fifth. of “Beirut Animation”, which is an animation festival held every two years, and is organized by the Metropolis Cinema Association. By showing feature films and organizing seminars and discussion sessions, Beirut Animated aims to become the center for all types and specializations of animation in the region.

Dolls … and “Factory”

Among the distinguished artistic activities participating in Sikka 2022: “Dolls … The Factory”; It is an initiative of Palestinian puppet artist Fayrouz Nastas. The factory is a reflection of where and how different dolls are made with different media; Where visitors learn how to make dolls, step by step, starting with drawings, through shaping, sewing costumes, coloring, and even makeup.

As for the animation room; It is a collective work of artist Lina Younes and artist Azim Al-Ghussein, and embodies the ongoing search for collaboration based on history. It is a space where worlds are created by closing one eye and using the finger as a magic wand.

Through the project “The Art of Digital Calligraphy on Walls”, digital calligraphy transforms the walls of the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood into a painting for expression through a live display of calligraphy. This street style-inspired show brings together digital calligraphy artists Michael Ang and Fatima Al Hammadi, video artist Teegan Ritz McDuffie and hip-hop artist Soltrotter (Philip Rashid); To form a new kind of artistic production that combines digital calligraphy, graffiti, video collage and live rhythms.

Huber Council; It is a meeting place, dialogue and exchange of cultural thought … in which the present meets the past to invent the future. The festival also offers music lovers an ideal opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of live music performances in a variety of Eastern and Western styles that fill the festival evenings.


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