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The National Office of Hajj and Umrah sent written warnings to a number of travel agencies organizing trips to Umrah, due to their non-compliance with the book of conditions.

A statement from Diwan said, “After studying the violations committed by these travel agencies, it was decided to send a written warning to be recorded in their files.”

Diwan called on all licensed travel agencies to organize trips to Umrah, to “strictly abide by the terms of the book of conditions”. To ensure the good care of Algerian pilgrims.

The director of the Hajj Divan reveals the start date of the Umrah journeys

On March 31, the Director General of the National Office of Hajj and Umrah, Ahmed Soleimani, confirmed that the first trips of Umrah are expected to begin with the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, outlining the obligation to vaccinate those who wish to do so. ritual.

Soleimani said in a statement to Algerian television that “the first flights are expected to perform the Umrah rite for this season, with the start of the holy month of Ramadan.”

The spokesman added that “there is no talk of a quota system, as any agency that met the required conditions and was able to control the issue of contracts, attract pilgrims, guarantee visas and flight reservations, can start organizing trips to Umrah in numbers. That they. they want.”

The same official explained that with the decision to reopen the records for the Umrah season for the current year Hijri 1443, the book of conditions for the operation was approved, which in one of its points provided the obligation to vaccinate the pilgrim against the Corona virus, for protect the national health system, which has done well in managing the pandemic period. ”

In a similar context, Soleimani stressed that “the opportunity for Algerians to perform the Umrah ritual will not be limited to the month of Ramadan, as some believe, as the field is open for registration until the middle of the month of Shawwal.”

The official page of the Divan on the social network “Facebook” published an advertisement involving 20 officers to organize the Umrah activity.

Will the prices of Umrah be limited? .. The director of the Hajj Divan answers

The director of the National Office of Hajj and Umrah, Muhammad Soleimani, confirmed on Wednesday that it is not possible to limit the prices of trips to Umrah because they are subject to a set of standards and bases.

Soleimani said during his arrival as a guest on the “Morning Guest” program on the first radio channel, that “it is not possible to limit the price of Umrah because it is subject to the wishes and requirements of the client.”

The same spokesman explained that the prices of umrah are determined by several criteria and the basis on which the value of the cost of umrah is based.

He continued, “The most important basis that regulates cost is the classification of hotels and their location in Haram, in addition to the additional services required by the client, as well as the time periods, which are all factors that affect the final cost. from the cost of umrah ”.

Soleimani added that in less than 48 hours from the start of the procedures for the appointment of agencies at the level of the digital platform for organizing the ritual of Umrah, more than 410 agencies are registered on the portal and 130 tourist agencies are licensed by Tuesday evening. to exercise this activity.

On the other hand, the director of the Divan considered that “the opening of the doors of Umrah should not be limited to the month of Ramadan, but will remain open until the middle of the month of Shawwal” and that the challenge to be raised now is the success of this processes. ”

Disclosure of the preliminary list of travel agencies involved in the organization of Umrah

The National Office of Hajj and Umrah on Tuesday revealed the preliminary list of travel agencies that have received licenses to organize Umrah activity.

On Monday evening, the General Director of the Diwan, Ahmed Soleimani, handed over the licenses for organizing Umrah for the benefit of travel agencies.

According to a Diwan statement, more than 314 travel agencies, as of Monday evening, have expressed a desire to participate in the Umrah organizing process, including 144 agencies uploading their files to the portal and 54 agencies uploading the files. of which were accepted.

The competent departments of the Bureau continue to process and study the files of the nominated agencies to enable them to obtain a license within a period not longer than 24 hours after the completion of all procedures, the statement said.

The same source said that 28 licenses were prepared and issued on Monday, so that the process could continue until the evening of Thursday, March 31, 2022 AD.

On March 27, 2022, the National Office of Hajj and Umrah announced that travel agencies wishing to nominate to organize Umrah activity for the 1443 season can register and withdraw the book of conditions for this process through the Algerian portal for Umrah

The court in a statement on its official Twitter page stated that the withdrawal of the condition book started on Sunday and will continue until next Thursday at four-thirty (16:30), provided that the licenses to be delivered by dates. to be determined through the Algerian portal for Umrah.

Preventing travel agencies from publishing Umrah advertisements

The Ministry of Tourism through the regional directorates had called for the withdrawal of all advertisements and advertisements that promote umrah during the holy month of Ramadan and that were published by several travel agencies.

Tourism directorates in various states demanded the withdrawal of all advertisements and marketing advertisements for the sale of the Umrah product, which came after directives issued by the authorities to open registrations for the performance of Umrah rituals.

And I have ordered to wait until the official selection and publication of the approved agencies, as well as to wait for the official publication of the program of Air Algérie and other companies that will transport the pilgrims to the holy places.

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