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There is no doubt that you have experienced at least once in your life an emotional disappointment. It does not matter if the separation was friendly or the result of an explosive problem, it should leave great pain in the heart before the wound heals. The road to emotional recovery can be long and difficult, especially when you stay connected to your ex in one way or another and the illusion in your heart with the empty hope of returning as you look at it from afar.

How can you overcome these painful feelings and move on with your life?

Why do so many of us find it difficult to overcome a division? This question is asked by psychologist Jay Winch in his book “How to Treat a Broken Heart,” where he discusses the many causes of separation pain and also offers a range of tips for treating a broken heart, as he explained the view of his for Ted Talk platforms last year and explained the only correct way to treat a broken heart, separation.

love is addiction

“Studies have shown that deprivation of romantic love activates the same mechanisms in our brains that are activated when addicts abstain from substances such as cocaine or opiates,” says Winch.“.

This is why you try not to relive your good memories with your ex or monitor his social media accounts, because you are actually giving in to your addiction. Instead, try to write down all the disturbing things, bad memories and problems that led to the separation and read them when you are having a nostalgic state. That would make you see things through the eyes of logic and reason.

And from Other tips from WinchAs Business Insider reports:

First, allow yourself to let go of your sadness. Sadness after separation is normal.

Do not look for the reason for the separation, otherwise your mind will cling to hope and pull you back.

Fill in the blanks in your life: There is no doubt that after a breakup there is a big gap and it is important to fill it, but not with a new partner, but with yourself. Try to find new sources of happiness such as . working on a hobby and developing your skills, traveling, overcoming gaps in your social life and setting your own goals in life.

Accept the separation, no matter how harsh it may seem, but the relationship is over. Each of you made a conscious decision not to continue together. So do yourself a favor and do not waste your valuable time thinking about the past, rather focus on what awaits you.


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