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Beirut Some see Valentine’s as an occasion that lovers and lovers look forward to every year and although it is a romantic event, some couples do not care about it, especially if they have been married for a long time.

This is undeniable, but some experts see the Valentine couple’s celebration as an opportunity to renew their relationship, show each other love and gratitude, and spend some romantic time together. Therefore, we review some of the psychological and family benefits of celebrating Valentine’s Day for married couples, from consultants and specialists.

Breaking the routine and monotony

Marriage and family relations consultant, Gita Sharara, examines the many benefits that break the routine pattern in the relationship between spouses on this occasion and revitalizes the relationship between the two parties:

the romantic side

It is very necessary not to neglect the romantic aspect of the marital relationship and not just to always give priority to work and children at the expense of the emotional relationship.

feeling happy

This reflects positively on the family, even the children, as confirmed by the marital and family relations consultant, Gita Sharara.

expresses love

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not only to restore the romantic atmosphere with your husband, but it is a great opportunity to thank your husband for his support and express your love for him, and your husband should do the same thing. Especially in light of the crowded demands and loads.

Marriage and Family Relations Consultant Gita Sharara: Love adorns the lives of spouses and has many benefits for our minds and bodies (Al Jazeera)

Celebration is very important

Celebrating between spouses helps reduce gaps, increase intellectual closeness between them, and overcome many previous problems.

Surprise and passion

Welcome your husband when he returns home and make him feel that this day is special in a reasonable way and do not let your husband notice a clear difference between this day and other other days.

The end of a quarrel or dispute

If there is any disagreement with your spouse, today is a good opportunity to end any problems between you after you have calmly discussed and celebrated the day, advises councilor Gita Sharara.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day has a big impact on renewing marital relationships (pixel)

Temporary release from liability

Valentine’s Day can be declared a day away from all responsibilities, or at least an hour of it, and dedicate it to relaxing and having fun with your husband.

Celebrating children’s participation

The holiday would be double if we enjoyed the Valentine’s holiday with our children, the fruit of our love. Love beautifies the lives of couples and has many benefits for our mind and body and we should take advantage of the right opportunities to enjoy it, on the advice of a marriage and family relationship consultant, Sharara.

Various special activities

Sharara suggests a range of different activities the couple can do on Valentine’s Day, and these initiatives are meant to have a good time and should not only appear on this occasion, but this occasion is an opportunity to improve it which is already being done. and not to compensate for what is not happening throughout the year.

She stressed that the benefits of celebrating Valentine’s between spouses have a significant impact on the renewal of marital relations, and on giving attention and love to both parties over the years, emphasizing that there are many problems caused by cases of forgetfulness of the spouse .

Elina Al-Hamwi: Celebrating occasions by couples is an indicator of the success of family life (Al-Jazeera)

Psychology: The gift is an important guide

As for psychologist Elina Al-Hamwi, she says that celebrating couples’ occasions and exchanging gifts is an indicator of the success of family life, because the gift is evidence of the exact continuity according to which every marital relationship follows. as well as is a sophisticated and very sensitive method of expressing the preservation of feelings of love without being influenced by the variables to which the spouses’s life is exposed.

Al-Hamwi advises all couples to try to renew their feelings with things that do not cost financially, renew their married life and restore feelings and love, instead of the apathy that prevails in most homes. Therefore, plans and methods of bringing together and restoring feelings between spouses should always be developed, including: exchanging gifts, traveling, going to unusual places, going to the cinema or theater, and buying roses.

Al-Hamwi advises you to remember and talk about the happy memories that united the couple. This brings happiness and helps to get rid of depression. Celebrating special occasions for each of them is one of the most important habits that breaks the boring routine of life and strengthens bonds.

Sharing gifts is one of the most important ways for spouses to get closer and rekindle their feelings (Shutterstock)

Bouquet of roses and cake

Journalist Manal Najjar asks: “How do I celebrate this special day with my husband? And I ask to take care of him to tell him that it is still in my heart?” Thus begin the preparations for the celebration of this beautiful day, she prepares the special dinner, decorates the dining table with flowers and covers with scented candles and in the morning sends on “WhatsApp” exciting words expressing her size. the need for his presence in her life, as well as not forgetting to pay attention to its elegance and beauty.

It is enough for her to prepare simple and cheap ideas to spend Valentine’s Day with her husband in a happy atmosphere, to prepare a romantic dinner, to change the decoration of the bedroom with some expressive touches and to welcome it with a beautiful smile that makes him forget fatigue. of work.

Journalist Manal Najjar says that her husband does not return to Valentine’s Day except with a bouquet of flowers (expressive – pixel)

According to a carpenter, marriage is not without boredom and routine, and love is transformed quickly after marriage, so the couple must create different methods to maintain their happiness, the main one of which is “marriage leave” for some time to renew feelings of love. and again longing, and Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to renew and revitalize this relationship.

Naxhari added: “The secret of continuing the marital relationship with a measure of happiness is that each party abandons its selfishness and takes full responsibility for it, whether this responsibility to the partner, home or children,” emphasizing. that the abandonment of selfishness is the great secret of marital happiness.

Naxhari emphasizes that the responsibilities of life, work and children do not leave space and time to celebrate the usual holidays and to exchange gifts in these difficult circumstances, so she does not ask her husband only for attention and love.

However, she realizes that he does not neglect this issue, as he returns only with a bouquet of roses with a decorated cake where he writes “Happy New Year, my love”.

According to Maysa Shirazi, the word “I love you” is magical and able to keep the flame of love burning as long as we are alive (Pixels)

Magic word

Similarly, housewife Maysa Shirazi uses Valentine’s Day to express her feelings for her husband and says: strawberry cake with love words for me. husband and children, to express my love and at the end of the day we go out to dinner or to the movies.

Shirazi believes that the wife is responsible for marital happiness or the deterioration of the relationship between her and the husband.

And for her, she began to understand what she wanted, and this is the secret of happiness, and from here she can say that love and happiness go hand in hand. The correct method of treatment forms the basis for determining the nature of happiness or determines the nature of the relationship between spouses and the word “I love you” is considered a magic word capable of keeping the flame of love burning as long as we are alive.

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