Return of travel flows to the Emirates to normal

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John Mangelars, CEO of Skyscanner, confirmed that the arrival rate in the UAE continued to increase in the first three months of 2022, confirming the return of travel to the UAE. In exclusive statements to Al Bayan, he added that Dubai ranked fifth globally in terms of the number of times to search for global travel destinations in 2021 and last year on the Skyscanner platform, which is frequented by more than 63 millions of monthly active visitors around the world, due to the flexibility that Dubai and the UAE in general followed it in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and opening up to the world, at a time when most countries around the world witnessed the continuation of detention measures due to pandemic.

Mangilars expected that fluctuations in flight and accommodation ticket prices would continue in connection with fluctuations in oil and energy prices against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with airlines focusing on protection and sustainability as one of the topics important that it should be. focused on the next stage.

Skyscanner is one of the largest search platforms for metadata or metadata and for comparing airfare and accommodation prices. Around 1200 travel agents worldwide are connected to the Skyscanner platform to offer travelers the best prices. The difficulties faced by airlines in meeting demand tariffs, in addition to reopening borders at different times, lead to an increase in the number of passengers who do not have a specific destination in mind. Meta-search platforms are the perfect haven for them.

Mangilarz added: “Last year, we promoted Dubai as a tourist destination and Emirates Airlines also on our platform, and a large number of visitors to the platform benefited during the Corona pandemic from information on entry and quarantine procedures at various destinations that have been updated and constantly offered on the site, so we adapted to the situation. ” New imposed by the onset of the health crisis, and we took on the role of an impartial information provider because that’s what our travel partners and clients need. We also strive to create and deliver products to support our customers and partners, particularly future data sharing and high-level market analysis.

He stressed that the platform, which has 8 offices in 7 countries of the world, has supported many travelers in receiving money from airlines in exchange for airline tickets canceled by the Corona pandemic.

Regarding the features of the summer season for the tourism sector in the UAE and the region in general, Mangilarz said: The booking period for most travelers varies from 7 to 29 days, and booking levels of more than 90 days are still lower than their counterparts. in 2019, but we are starting to witness a recovery along with bookings from 30 to 59 per day. Overall, the Middle East and North Africa region has witnessed an acceptable recovery since the beginning of the year, with booking arrivals reaching 90% compared to its 2019 level.

Emirates leads

Mangelars confirmed that the UAE was the most popular destination among recreation and leisure travelers in the region, followed by Egypt and Jordan. He added: The UAE is attracting tremendous interest among European travelers from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, in addition to attracting passengers from the United States, Turkey and Israel, especially with the availability of direct flights.


He stressed that the platform has benefited from the period of decline during Corona in strengthening its platform and offering it in Arabic to be added in 30 other languages. On the most important advantages of the Skyscanner platform, Mangilars said: “Our mission is to meet the basic needs of users with different aspirations, ranging from total cost and cost, to travel duration and number of stops, as some choose a specific destination, while others are open to guidance and assistance regarding suitable destinations, according to their budget and dates appropriate to them. He pointed out that about 75% of users from all over the world access Skyscanner via mobile phones, through the official app or web browser.

Effects of “corona”

“We had 100 million monthly active users before the global health crisis, and today there are more than 63 million and it is growing,” said John Mangelars. Our brand remains strong, especially with the boom in the travel sector, with high demand in the 52 markets where it operates, three quarters of our customers coming directly to us and 1.2 million new users joining every month. We also had a strong start to the current year, as it outperformed, according to our analysis, the market movement in the past year, with a turnout of more than 120% compared to an average increase of 80% witnessed by the share other. sector platforms. Our monthly active users are over 52%.


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