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Engineers and owners of engineering consulting offices demanded the launch of a minimum tariff system for engineering offices to maintain the quality of the engineering product and their ambition for legislation that would impose a minimum tariff on engineering offices in order to reduce abuses. made by some offices to reduce cost prices at the expense of the quality of the final engineering products, provided that the boundary Among the monopolies, others emphasize the difficulty of applying the minimum variance of factors and conditions between engineering offices.

Capture plots

Supporters of the system application told Al-Watan that this constitutes a qualitative step in the organization of the engineering consulting process and establishes some technical controls that are known in the engineering consulting market to provide the engineering product after it is studied. from engineering offices, specifying specific engineering specifications that guarantee quality.At the lowest cost, no engineering office is allowed to make specifications lower than those specified, while the upper ceiling remains open to those who want more specifications engineering regulations, adding that the regulation for the exercise of engineering professions includes the appointment of “control commissions” to conduct inspection visits to engineering offices to catch violators of the regulation Exercise of engineering professions in order to protect and regulate the profession and sector and prevent the entry of intruders.

Evaluation is influenced by customer evaluation

Engineer Hani Al-Dowayan, who is “interested in spreading engineering awareness”, stated that there are two methods for evaluating engineering offices, namely: the Baladi platform and the mechanism for controlling violations in regional secretariats. Regulations of engineering offices and practice of engineering works, noting that the mechanism for ensuring the reliability of the engineering office is looking at the evaluation of the engineering office on the Baladi platform, emphasizing that customer evaluation clearly affects the classification of the engineering office according to classifications the following: approved, fifth, fourth, third, second, first, noting that one of the most prominent problems in the market of engineering offices at the local level is: Occupation of 4 engineering disciplines (architectural, electrical , mechanical and civil) outside Saudi Arabia. .

Depending on supply and demand

Eng. Abdullah Al-Maqhawi, “engineering consultant” said: “It is difficult to set a minimum fee for engineering offices in the Kingdom in terms of design, supervision and other, because there are different and different factors and circumstances between an engineering office and another, and that the pricing of engineering fees for each office includes the details of the engineering work. engineering is incompatible with the open market policy, which is subject to supply and demand, and that the Kingdom has taken steps to control the quality of engineering services, including the application of Saudi Arabia. The Building Code, which is considered an engineering and legal reference in its field, as well as the system of exercising engineering professions also contributes to the quality of performance of engineering offices, as every engineer working in the Kingdom is required to be professionally accredited verifying certificates and academic experience, etc., where specialized committees visit the engineering offices to check it periodically.

professional qualifications

Engineer Ahmed Al Farida explained that choosing the office of architect or designer is one of the most important decisions that individuals make when implementing their residential or other projects, as the selection is based on: professional qualifications, competence and affiliation in some architecture . schools, which are very few in the domestic market. He added that the professional relationship with the design office is a very important relationship, through an in-depth discussion in the future, that allows the architect and engineers to effectively address issues on behalf of owners or decision makers professionally, as Architectural Design is a logical, technical and scientific process capable of solving many of the problems.Problems through architectural solutions, and we do not forget that the architectural design process is a set of stages, which begins with the collection of information related to the project. , through research study, and then the development of architectural solutions leading to the final result.

Schools of Architecture

Among the unique, there are many approved design steps, including: AIA, American Society of Architects and RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architects, noting the history of the architect in the architectural office, his ability to perform the required services , practical experience, architectural design methodology and the reputation of the architectural office, technical competence and commitment to the interests of the client, are among the basic criteria for choosing the architectural office, in addition to the client’s desire to attend architectural schools, in addition to taste and desire of clients for architectural imagination and creativity and unique shapes.Finally, the selection of the architecture office has manifested itself through personal knowledge or the recommendation of a friend or the recommendation of an architect, emphasizing the lack of clear procedures in architectural design engineering offices.

Marketing for more than one customer

Engineer Saleh Al-Zahrani (engineering expert, arbitrator of legal engineering) confirmed to Al-Watan that the design is a set of engineering panels for building components in terms of architectural, construction, electrical, mechanical and other components, and with many design options offered in the real estate market becomes clear to us the compatibility and similarity of several designs in the exterior form and interior content of the building, therefore some believe that the designer is selling the same design to more than one client. , showing that the similarity of customer requirements is one of the most important reasons that drive the possibility of applying the design and its acceptance by a large segment of them; Since community culture imposes requirements on building design, it can vary from one region to another and from one generation to the next, but remains largely similar.

Fees of engineers

Arguments of supporters

Maintaining the quality of the engineering product and their ambition for legislation that sets a minimum fee for engineering offices

Reduction of excesses made by some offices to reduce cost prices at the expense of the quality of the final engineering results

Reduction of monopolies

Arguments for opponents

Minimal difficulty of application

Variation of factors and conditions between engineering offices

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