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Atypical forms of mirrors in interior design lead to uniqueness and originality. Their uses are very variable and can be placed on walls, ceilings and furniture or can be supported behind the wall.

Beirut Mirrors are one of the most important elements of home decor and an indispensable accessory in any home, especially if it has a small surface, as the presence of mirrors gives a sense of space.

Mirrors are a good alternative to paintings, which are sometimes costly and are of great importance to give light to the house and give it a special glow to any room that enhances its beauty; Mirrors make the rooms more spacious, bright, lively, balanced and even more pleasing to the eye.

Mirrors make rooms more spacious, brighter, more vibrant, balanced and even more pleasing to the eye (pixel)

Mirrors are a vital cosmetic tool

Interior design specialist Abeer Sharif points out that mirrors are a vital cosmetic tool in interior design and enhance the feeling of space in narrow rooms and hallways. The perfect focal point.

In order for the room to look bigger than its real surface, the whole wall should be covered with mirrors, as the decorator says, as the mirrors have become a 2022 fashion brand, as they are present in all parts of home and add attractiveness, space and lighting to the rooms.

Abeer Sharif offers the most important tips for using mirrors in interior spaces with their most important shapes and different types:

Mirrors have become the fashion of 2022, as they are present in all parts of the house (pixels)

The fashion of wall mirrors in 2022

The interior design specialist believes that the decoration of wall mirrors is among the most important decorations prevalent these days, the use of antiques and paintings; Each of them has its own splendor and character.

The best method of decorating for these mirrors – according to Abeer Sharif – is modern and the use of mirrors with an elegant metal frame and a departure from the traditional wooden frame, provided it is in harmony with the design of the house. Important is the way to hang them creatively and in harmony with the place, taking care that the distances between these mirrors are equal between each mirror and the other artistically harmoniously.

Modern mirror models rely on bold lines away from regular geometric shapes (pixels).

Mirrors everywhere in all colors

The sheriff adds that the colors of these mirrors vary between bronze, transparent, “foam” (gray) and “antique” (antique color suitable for classic decorations). And the mirror can be placed in the living room on the wall in front of the window, especially when you want to take advantage of sunlight.

As for the entrance, if there are two empty opposite walls, each of them can be filled with a rectangular mirror, extending from floor to ceiling, with a lighting behind it. In narrow corridors, mirrors are placed throughout the wall area in narrow corridors.

The presence of mirrors in the bathroom is necessary, especially above the sink and it is preferable that they be large in size (pixels).

bathroom mirrors

The presence of mirrors in the bathroom is necessary especially above the sink and it is preferred that in this space they be large in size; That is, to cover the entire wall and please install it behind the washing basin resting on the floor. Thus, the pelvis looks double in an attractive optical illusion, but if the pelvis extends over the entire wall, the mirror extends according to the width of the rectangular pelvis.

The best way to decorate mirrors is modern and the use of elegant metal frames (pixels)

Mirror style

And Abeer Sharif talks about some of the existing and available types in mirror decorations, among which the most important are modern and traditional ones, also has an effect.

For example, the Chinese style gives a very different effect to the room from the simple style of the wooden frame, in addition, the mirrors themselves have an effect; Smoked glass and antique mirrors can create an uncomfortable sensation and this effect is most pronounced in the empty space.

The interior design specialist adds that atypical forms of mirrors in interior design lead to uniqueness and originality. Their uses are highly variable and can be placed on walls, ceilings and furniture and can only be mounted on the wall.

The mirror is an integral part of the bathroom decor (pixel)

Mirrors and their functional role

Abeer Sharif points out that the role of mirrors in magnification and lighting has become more important than any other role, especially in interiors, bathrooms, corners, nooks and crannies and locker rooms, and even on shelves. In small rooms and narrow hallways, which give them a sense of space and space.

And Abeer Sharif emphasizes that it should be borne in mind that his height should be in proportion to the human stature, i.e., not reach the ceiling and not touch the floor, so as not to reflect the image of the feet when sitting. or standing, and it is better not to place mirrors on two opposite walls so as not to lose their main role in The opposite of what pleases the eye, on the other hand, can be placed on a wall overlooking a garden nearby or a group of different plants and flowers.

5 Different closet designs can be available, be they two-door, three-door, sliding doors or mirrors - (pixel).
Mirrors are used in various wardrobe designs (pixels).

Modern models that stand out

The interior design specialist draws attention to the fact that modern mirror patterns rely on bold lines in the design, away from regular geometric shapes like the traditional circle and rectangle.

Also, glossy metals when they are part of the mirror design add their shine and luster to a special touch that makes them stand out, especially if used in an innovative modern style.

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