Gulf News | “Ministry of Housing” and “Eskan Real Estate” show “Danat Al Seef 2” at “Gulf Real Estate Exhibition”

Engineer Basem bin Yaqoub Al Hamer, Minister of Housing, confirmed that the Gulf Real Estate Exhibition has become an important annual event for all parties related to the real estate sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain at governmental and private levels, by appreciate the diversity of areas. provided by the exhibition, which deals with the construction, real estate and interior design sectors.

The Minister said that the generous sponsorship of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of this exhibition increases his role and importance in the service of the real estate sector in the Kingdom and that this sponsorship comes within the Interest of His Highness for economic recovery and return to normal life after the coronavirus pandemic, organizing those important events that contribute to the enrichment of the economic movement in the Kingdom.

The Minister said that the Ministry of Housing and the company “Eskan Real Estate” owned by the Housing Bank are part of the policy of presenting housing efforts provided by the government to citizens and promoting social housing projects provided by Housing. Bank in the various governments of the Kingdom, as the bank is a key partner in the plans and programs of the Ministry of Housing, aiming to diversify the options for citizens to receive the right housing service as soon as possible.

The Minister also indicated that the participation of the Ministry and the Housing Property Company in the exhibition takes on additional importance in light of the tendency towards expansion to give the private sector a major role in providing housing services to citizens, through programs and initiatives that the Ministry aims to present during the next phase, in addition to existing initiatives, noting that this comes within the axis of providing innovative housing solutions included in the housing plan.

Regarding the contents of the Ministry pavilion and the housing real estate exhibition, the minister said the pavilion examines the honorable government’s efforts in implementing Bahrain’s residential cities, which formed a cornerstone in the plan to provide 40,000 housing units. . The company is also presenting the second phase project of Danat Al Seef, which is one of the company’s residential and commercial projects serving the beneficiaries of the Mazaya Program and other housing finance provided by the Ministry of Housing, as well as reviewing plans for complete the construction of Bahraini residential cities, including sites designated for investment under the housing project development program on government lands.

For his part, Dr. Khaled Abdullah, General Director of the Housing Bank, confirmed that through the joint vision between the Ministry and the Housing Bank to evaluate the housing dossier and find non-traditional solutions, the bank has shifted its operational policy towards construction. Housing projects that serve a large segment of citizens’ requests on the waiting lists, which contributes to reducing the number of housing applications in parallel with the efforts of the Ministry, in addition to developing financing solutions that enable different segments of citizens to achieve the aspirations of them to get adequate housing.

He added that Eskan Bank and Eskan Real Estate Company are inclined to continue their annual participation in this important real estate benefit, due to the high demand from real estate development companies and citizens who want to learn about developments in the real estate market in terms of available social and economic housing projects.

He added that the importance of this exhibition lies in the fact that it is characterized by bringing together under one roof specialists in the field of engineering, construction and real estate, as well as presents the latest trends of supply and demand in these markets, emphasizing that the Housing Company Real Estate is keen to support these specialized exhibitions and events that contribute significantly to the development of these sectors and meet the needs of their beneficiaries.

The General Director of the Housing Bank indicated that the participation of the Housing Property Company in the exhibition through the second phase project of Danat Al Seef, comes as an affirmation of the Housing Bank’s determined commitment to reach the citizens to inform them for their choices. housing in projects to which the bank contributes, noting that the Bank, by participating in this event, seeks in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing and the private sector to provide innovative and integrated options for citizens in the field of housing and financing.

For his part, the General Manager of the Housing Real Estate Company, Engineer Iyad Obaid, confirmed that the second phase project of Danat Al Seef, which is being displayed in the company’s pavilion at the Gulf Real Estate Exhibition, is characterized by its location. in the inner corner directly from the south side of the land in the commercial area in the Seef area with direct entry and exit points, which adds more value to the project development in general.

Eng. Eyad Obaid said the second phase of Danat Al Seef’s Danat Al Seef project consists of residential buildings containing 26 residential floors and 5 parking floors, with a total built-up area of ​​45,948 square meters that includes 150 apartments in three different designs. .

The ground floor also contains 11 retail stores with an average area of ​​85 square meters per store, which will be rented on a commercial basis and can be combined together for flexibility in size. The outdoor green area will add value also retail stores, especially F&B outlets.

Obaid said the pavilion will also provide, in coordination with the Ministry of Housing, the definition and promotion of the option to benefit from the Danat Al Seef project and other real estate development projects through housing finance provided by the ministry in addition to the Funds of program Mazaya.

It is worth noting that the “Gulf Real Estate Exhibition” is an important forum for developers, agents and private sector companies working in various construction activities and financing institutions, in addition to the audience of potential clients for the architectural projects included in the exhibition. The exhibition also offers attractive investment opportunities for investors in the commercial and residential sector in Bahrain and other countries. The Gulf Cooperation Council, exchange of experiences and ideas and arrangement of agreements are active during the exhibition days, paving the way for cooperation between the participating parties in the future.

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