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You have met a new person, and he may be your future partner, but you have a strange feeling about some of his behaviors that you think are “warnings” from which you should beware. What are the warning signs, or as they are called in English, red flags, that we should look for?

American Cosmopolitan magazine has published warning signs to keep in mind when you start dating someone.

persistent lying

Persistent lying is generally a warning sign for any relationship with anyone, especially if it is emotional.

The magazine emphasizes that this is not about obvious lies, but about some things that are hidden from your partner, especially about personal traits and values ​​and the future of your relationship. If you think that your partner is not 100 percent. honest with you, you should definitely be careful and question your relationship because this behavior shows that he is hiding something from you and is not taking you seriously.

keeps you away

He always feels that there is a distance between you and the one you are meeting, as if he does not want to know you in depth, does not tell you about himself or his day and refuses to introduce you to his family and friends, all of these are indications that he is not serious about you.

These fears appear, according to the magazine, even when you feel that your partner communicates with you sometimes every day and on other days it disappears completely.

Emotionally numb

You want to take the next step in the relationship and get serious, but your partner reacts evasively, using phrases like “I’m not ready for a committed relationship” or “I’m not sure what I want now”, all . which are obvious warning signs, because if he likes you, he will tell you so instead of justifying himself.

do not respect you

Mutual respect is one of the most important requirements of a partnership and if the partner does not take you seriously, mocks your goals or dreams, speaks ill of you and makes you feel less than him, then you should definitely withdraw from it. relationship.

Underestimating another person to make oneself feel better is a relationship killer and can be really unhealthy in the long run.


I met one of them, who is fully invested in the relationship, things are looking good so far, but have started to show signs of extreme jealousy.

Jealousy is annoying, but especially when you are too soon after you meet someone and think that person is trying to control you and your freedom.

Cosmopolitan explains that the origin of jealousy is usually due to past experiences and the insecurities associated with them, and that projecting these fears onto another person is not healthy and may not be the basis for an effective relationship.

How do you deal with “red flags”?

American Kira Lynn, author of “Suffering, Pain and Love,” believes that the best way to deal with these signs is to accept their presence, not try to lose sight of them, and be honest. with yourself by nature and size and talk to a close friend about them and listen and trust your intuition, if in your opinion, these signs can be addressed and talk to your partner about them, and if that is not possible, this relationship will not be stable.


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