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Occupied Jerusalem It is not difficult to get to the Qawasmi family home in the Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, as the smell of food cooked in a spirit of volunteerism, love and solidarity with children with cancer patients immediately shows it to passersby.

Behind the main door, the volunteers form a beehive that works properly, quietly and smoothly. The children are given the task of washing and packing the fruit, packing the sweets and dried fruits, and preparing the cardboard boxes in which the food will be transported before. morning. time to Al-Mutla ‘hospital in the nearby Jabal al-Zaytoun neighborhood.

Part of the preparation of 50 breakfast meals for patients and their companions at Al-Mutala Hospital in Jerusalem at the Qawasmi family home, as part of the Beit Al Aila (Al Jazeera Net) initiative

As for women, they can prepare salads and main course without worrying over time and most of them have to go back to their homes to prepare breakfast table for their families.

Throughout the holy month, Chief Hala Taha and Mufida Al-Qawasmi prepared 50 consecutive iftar meals for children with cancer and their companions coming from the governments of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the conditions of the disease wanted them to spend the month of Ramadan away from their homes and its extraordinary atmosphere.

Chief Hala says that he started to eat breakfast patients and their companions he met by chance 3 years ago and wanted to contribute to the cooking of meals on a voluntary basis during the holy month.

She added for Al-Jazeera Net, “What caught me on the initiative is that it is dedicated to the category of children with cancer and their companions who were trapped in Jerusalem and forcibly separated from the atmosphere of Ramadan in their homes, and “I ask, through my participation, to cook anything that comes to mind from Palestinian food to make them feel at home.”

6- Palestine, Jerusalem, Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood, part of the preparation of 50 breakfast meals for patients and their companions at Al-Mutlaa Hospital at the Qawasmi family home as part of the Beit Al Aila (Al Jazeera Net) initiative
The initiative is based on volunteers from Jerusalem, in which children participate and prepare a variety of Palestinian food (Al-Jazeera Net)

Palestinian thing

Hala tends to reduce the amount of spices and make the food as healthy as possible to suit the patients undergoing treatment. She spends about 5 hours a day preparing different types of Palestinian cuisine before leaving the country. in her house to do the same. for her family.

Chief Moufida al-Qawasmi also travels between male and female volunteers and oversees the workflow alongside Chief Hala and to fulfill the wishes of patients and companions, she says Gaza residents prefer spicy foods and demand it, but it is. used in small quantities for the sake of all health.

“We make sure the meals are grilled and contain vegetables and other nutrients in different ways, so that the meal is healthy,” she said.

Moufida uses spices she prepared by hand after mixing them with herbs and a few weeks ago launched a group of her own spices following the growing demand from her friends to provide them with her own blends containing a wide range of herbs. .

She claims that despite the great physical effort she exerts in preparing and cooking 50 meals a day, her sense of satisfaction and the participation and cooperation of those around her make her forget the physical fatigue, which she says is incomparable to the happiness he has. feels in this volunteer work.

13- Palestine, Jerusalem, Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood, Amal Al-Bashiti volunteer from Jordan (Al-Jazeera Net) .JPG
Volunteer Amal Al-Bashiti came from Jordan to take part in the initiative (Al-Jazeera Net)

Post from Jordan

From Jordan, Amal Al-Bashiti was fortunate enough to come and volunteer in person at the initiative, as her role in previous years was limited to sending donations.

“When I applied for a visitor visa, I prayed to my Lord for approval because I intended to volunteer for the benefit of sick children and pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In Jerusalem I felt psychological comfort and physical fatigue was insignificant. and I felt that cooking at home in a small amount tired me more than this job .. My happiness is not described as active participation in this initiative.

Laure and Ziad Taha are among the youngest volunteers of the initiative this year, moving from one table to another, trying to participate in all phases of the work.

Laure says she came to help sick children and that it is the duty of healthy young people to feel for others who are sick.

Her brother Ziadi interrupted her, saying: “I want to help the children eat so that they can get better … I helped roll the apples and half the amount of milk.”

He smiled and then ran to get the food to the car that would take you to the hospital.

Despite the preoccupation of the owner of the Family House initiative, novelist and tailor Issa Al-Qawasmi, and his oversight at all stages, he did not stop caring for the children and joking with them all the time.

8- Palestine, Jerusalem, Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood, Chief Hala Taha (Al-Jazeera Net)
Chief Hala Taha is keen to prepare foods that make patients feel at home (Al Jazeera Net)

7 years grant

Regarding the initiative, Issa al-Qawasmi said it is continuing for the seventh year in a row, as it was initially launched under the umbrella of the Nasa’im Jerusalem Association, which froze its activities with the advent of the Corona pandemic. instead, but with the resumption of hospital meals last year, Issa decided to transfer the initiative to the family home in Wadi al-Joz. .

Issa refuses to associate this initiative only with his surname, saying that what is meant is the Jerusalem family and all those who contribute to this initiative by donating alms and zakatul-Fitr.

And he dwelled on the large amount of donations he receives through his Facebook page, noting that this year he has deliberately included pioneer women in his initiative to promote their products.

5-Palestine, Jerusalem, Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood, part of the preparation of 50 breakfast meals for patients and their companions at Al-Mutla Hospital 'at the Kawasmi family home, as part of the Bait Al-Aila (Al-Jazeera) initiative Net)
Part of preparing meals at the Al-Qawasmi family home in the Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood as part of the Beit Al-Aila initiative in Jerusalem (Al-Jazeera Net)

“The big stores have strong sales, but there are many women who work from their homes in the production of sweets, for example. I adopted 7 of them and signed a contract with them to buy cakes from them throughout the month,” Issa added. Al- Qavasmi.

The Family House initiative this year did not limit itself to preparing breakfast meals for fasters, but went beyond that to fulfill the dreams of 30 children from across the West Bank, most of whom said their dream was to “buy a bicycle. “

Issa Al-Qawasmi turned these wishes into reality within a week through his site, which has become a title for good and a source of trust for followers inside and outside Palestine.

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