Emotional connection .. when one person’s mind is drawn to another’s soul!

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AmanEmotional connection reflects feelings of closeness and friendship that help maintain beneficial relationships over time and plays an important role in human communication.

So the early bonds you make with parents and family members can guide and shape bond-driven traits for friends and romantic partners later in life.

While an emotionally connected person may feel connected to another person based on his or her personal feelings or emotions about him or her, a person may feel connected to another person after the relationship ends.

Sometimes, these feelings can lead to sadness or rejection when one realizes that the other does not feel the same. For some, this translates into a “need” where they want others to feel satisfied or happy, and if the feeling is not mutual or normal, they feel unwanted.

The importance of emotional connection

It is important to understand the aspects of emotional connection with a person; Because it affects how a relationship exists and lasts in different situations, it can lead to or accompany physical attractions, which makes things more exciting and purposeful in romantic relationships.

Sometimes, one person is related to another person because they are attracted to the person’s mind or soul.

You can have a meaningful friendship with someone and appreciate his words, thoughts and feelings about a variety of things in everyday life.

If you are considering someone as your twin soul or partner in a relationship, some forms of emotional bonding are helpful in developing a bond, bond, or attraction between each other.

Emotional bonding becomes unhealthy when a person depends on his relationship with feelings of insecurity, anxiety or fear of losing a partner.

Creating a deep emotional connection is essential, but in some cases it can cause emotional frustration before you realize it is a problem.

Here, identifying emotional connection factors influences understanding how your emotions affect your lifestyle and your relationship with others, and can help you take care of your mental health.

Is the emotional connection the same as love?

Lasting love depends on a healthy association with prosperity, but bond and love are not particularly the same; Emotional bonding with romantic partners and friends helps these relationships thrive over time.

Without any connection, you may feel compelled to find a new partner when the first intense love fades, or with a new best friend after a dispute.

Note that oxytocin; The hormone that promotes bonding and trust, contributes to the development of long-term passion and love. In other words, it helps you push through the early stages of joy and attraction and into the territory of the relationship.

There are other hormones at play in the early stages of romantic love, contributing to the desire, cravings, euphoria and stress that most people experience when they fall in love.

These feelings often fade over time, but the emotional connection remains, helping you feel safe and cultivating lasting love.

Signs of emotional connection

The feeling of connection at the beginning of a relationship is important, many people want to have someone with whom they can share their feelings and there is nothing wrong with that, except having something very good can become problematic and unhealthy.

But if you are thinking too much about someone, which leads to an obsession with it, it may indicate that you are emotionally attached to the person about whom you can not stop thinking or talking about:

  • Send text messages at any time. It’s good to have excellent communication with each other as with any friendship or relationship, but this is a problem when you send messages constantly, expect a quick response and need their attention now.

Even if they are doing a priority task like work, you need their attention. If you do not understand, you feel anxious, upset and anxious.

Also, your priorities take second place and things to do because you are taking the time to text the person and wait for a response.

  • You do not very often agree with the person. You can not share your opinion and agree on issues to avoid any disagreement. You may not feel comfortable sharing your interests with the person, but you will do whatever you want even if you do not.

For example, you might watch something on TV that you just do not want to watch, you want to watch, instead of what you prefer to watch. Some people think they will be admired if they agree with other people’s opinions or ideas instead of just expressing their opinions.

  • Do not pay attention to your interests and hobbies, because you put the person with whom you connect in the first place. In this case, you sacrifice without getting anything in return.

Here the relationship becomes unbalanced and you can do things you would not be asked at first. What you are doing seems to be liked only by the other, and the main thing is that the decision is made by both parties and not just by one solution.

This can lead to resentment or regret when you try to do things that do not work for one side and do not work for one side.

  • You neglect your personal interests and do the activities that your partner does to make him happy or to please him, even if you have not done it before. Constantly doing what the other person likes does not help you to know yourself.

Such behavior leads to the loss of your interests because you spend all your time in someone else’s interests. It is not a healthy way to maintain a friendship or relationship, as you will be unhappy or miserable most of the time.

  • Follow their accounts on social media platforms. You want to know who they are, when and with whom they are communicating.

Deletes photos, people who have left comments in their timeline, etc. We check each other’s sites, but doing so is often not healthy. This can lead to anxiety or jealousy because you saw that they liked someone else’s picture.

  • The need for security all the time. Requires your attention. Finding security can be by constantly asking them how they feel about you.

You can ask if he likes you, then ask if they are safe, asking the same question that is often expressed differently.

Also, security can be in the form of constant love, like holding hands and hugs. There is a constant feeling that something will happen that will end the relationship or things will fall apart.

And it’s hard to believe that someone appreciates you. It is a sign of insecurity within yourself and the need to understand your self-esteem.

It is important to work to find a balance in the relationship. It is okay to stand up for yourself and put yourself first.

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What you need to know is that emotional connection is natural and we all as human beings feel it, but the situation requires controlling how your thoughts react to feelings of attraction.

  • Adapt new ways of thinking by reformulating your thoughts. Try to move forward when you feel negative or replace your thoughts with positive and productive ones.
  • Understand what it means to be unrelated, and it means acknowledging that jobs, relationships, and material possessions are ultimately fast.
    They fully enjoy these gifts of life in the moment instead of wanting them to last forever.

When you have clarity about something that will end, then let it go without any regrets. When you accept that everything is going well, you can allow yourself to fully experience your life and manage your feelings without any complications. Learn to accept the realities of life that there are some aspects of your business or relationship that we can not control.

  • Giving up expectations: It is often our expectations that leave us disappointed with others. When someone breaks your trust, do not allow yourself to focus on it, just learn and move on. And focus only on what is important to you and what will make you better.
  • Keep calm regardless of the situation: Another way to get excited When circumstances start to bother you, it is a sign that you are being caught up in an expectation, idea, person or thing.
  • Take a moment to focus on your breathing. Get out of the situation so you do not react out of anger or sadness. You need to return to a sense of peace, accept the situation and act with integrity.
  • Change your surroundings, even though you can not control others, you can control yourself. Separate yourself from something or someone with whom you are very attached. And make other changes in your life. Like cutting hair or rearranging furniture.
  • Invest your time to make yourself better, to shift your focus to new things and better things. This will help you get used to the changes as part of life and even embrace it, which will make things easier for you.
  • Learn from your experience: Every emotional connection has a message. You can understand that information is for you to learn to adapt to what you can not change, to be more receptive, to learn to be more flexible.

The principle is that “when love is real, it should not cause suffocation and the feeling of losing life. You should not put your boyfriend in an uncomfortable position, like in a cage, just because you want to ensure his safety and presence in your life. ”

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