Egypt in Arab newspapers | The agreement on the supply of natural gas in Europe and the most prominent episode of “choice 3”.

Today’s Arabic newspapers are interested in many important events and news in Egypt.

In the following lines, Al-Dustour lists the most prominent events and news in the eyes of Arab newspapers.

Saudi Arabia

Al Arabiya stressed the agreement with Eni to provide natural gas deliveries to Europe.

The report states that the agreement comes within the framework of strategic partnerships between Egypt and Italy in many areas, especially in the field of energy, where Eni is a strategic partner for the oil sector, and regarding the importance that Egypt attaches to energy. transition and transition to a low carbon economy and its efforts to become a regional hub for energy trading and trading.

She stressed that the government confirmed that the Italian company “Eni” had signed a framework agreement for cooperation with the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) to provide deliveries of Egyptian liquefied natural gas to Italy and Europe.

A cabinet statement added that the agreement aims to exploit the vast potential available in the field of exploration and exploration in Egypt, particularly in the Nile Delta, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Western Desert.

For its part, the Emirates newspaper, Al Bayan, today shed light on the US gift to Egypt, noting that the United States is giving Egypt two US letters regarding its independence.

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received in Washington from his American counterpart Anthony Blinken the gift that came on the occasion of the centenary of the relations between Egypt and America.

The gift is a copy of two letters, one of which is a letter recognizing Egypt’s independence and sovereignty and the document establishing relations addressed by former US President Arne Harding and King Ahmed Fouad of Egypt, and the other is a letter from the former American Secretary. of state Charles Hughes to Abd al-Khalek Tharwat Pasha, congratulating him on independence.


Today Al-Bayan newspaper sheds light on the “Choice 3” series and reveals the terrorist issues of the Brotherhood in Egypt, emphasizing that the episodes of the series reveal the terrorists’ plans to destroy Egypt.

The newspaper said: “A new leak from the ‘Choice 3′ series revealed the terrorists’ plans to destroy Egypt.”

The new leak recently showed the deputy leader of the terrorist Brotherhood, Khairat Al-Shater, in which he said: of the Salafists of the satellite channels, and places that are not organized, not a body that can do a great job. ”

He added: “But there are danger groups like Abdul Majeed Al-Shazly, Salafists or Salafist jihadists, even if some countries have a real danger of adopting the idea of ​​violence.

Choice Series 3 .. Schedule of shows and operator channels - Porta Al-Shorouk - mobile version

And he continued, “Abdul-Majid made last month’s call for al-Qaeda and violence outside that they are overthrowing Egypt, and a few 30 or 40 people came down in the light of the chaos in the country and things. Not controlled at the security level “and dysfunctional agencies. He may be left with the idea of ​​limited explosions.”

He concluded: “If you agree with the Brotherhood’s silence, it will be a disaster. If a million faces fall, I have a medical voice, I see the court or the High Election Commission, the Defense Council or the Ministry of Defense. “On a small scale. We will go back to the atmosphere of 1992 and another atmosphere was five or six in one place, they will make us make noise in the museum and not. We have to worry.”

It is learned that the series “Choice 3 – Decision” appears during the month of Ramadan, written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Peter Mimi.

News from Kuwait

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa praised the operation of EgyptAir direct flights between Cairo and the Libyan city of Benghazi, starting next Monday, April 18th.

The company said in a statement that the launch of the line operation comes as a continuation of the ambitious plan set by EgyptAir, the national carrier of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and in light of the vision of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to strengthen its presence on the African continent.

A new escalation .. EgyptAir issues an important announcement for travelers to Ethiopia

The head of the Holding Company for EgyptAir, Pilot Amr Abu Al-Ainin, stated that the national company pays special attention to points of strategic importance, including the city of Benghazi in Libya, especially with the presence of many Egyptians living and working in Libyan territories. as well as with the aim of promoting trade and economic exchange between Egypt and Libya.

With this in mind, EgyptAir is scheduled to operate a direct daily flight between Cairo and Benghazi in a Boeing B737-800.

EgyptAir clarified that its customers can book their flights between Cairo and Benghazi and review travel requests through its website, or through the company’s worldwide offices, its call center within Egypt 1717, or agents travel and tourism.


The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa reported in a report that the Egyptian Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait confirmed that, in pursuit of presidential mandates to expand the beneficiary base of the initiative to replace obsolete cars that have been produced for twenty years or more with new ones running on natural gas, the governors of Luxor and Aswan are involved in the first phase governments, which contributes to facilitating the ownership of new cars with natural gas by citizens (Model of the Year) is economically viable and through large credit facilities, despite the unprecedented challenges that the global economy is experiencing, embodied in disruption of supply and supply chains, and rising prices of goods and services, transportation costs, and inflation rates.

The minister added, in a statement, that the state’s public treasury held 40 405 million, the value of the green stimulus, for about 17,900 new cars tuned to citizens who have completed their procedures on the website, including 16,750 “owners” and 1,150 “taxis”. and minibuses ”, emphasizing that there is no truth in the annulment of rationing decisions for the beneficiaries of the“ Car Replacement ”initiative, which does not contradict any other initiative. The facilities that the citizen benefits from within this presidential initiative do not affect any support and facilities established by the state in any other initiative.

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