Dubai’s initiatives have their roots in a global hub for the aviation industry

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The aviation world is looking forward to meeting in Dubai and exploring the prospects for the next phase with its challenges and opportunities during the Dubai Airshow 2021, which will kick off at Dubai World Central next Sunday.

It will run until Thursday, November 18, with the participation of 148 states, with 13 new states joining this year. This year ‘s exhibition includes more than 160 aircraft, with more than 1,200 exhibitors, an increase of 371 compared to the previous session.

integrated response

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented shock in the travel and aviation sector worldwide and has caused widespread confusion in light of the lack of clarity of vision and anxiety about the future, with border closures and almost suspension full. of air transport over the past year.

But Dubai faced this new reality wisely and competently through a comprehensive and integrated strategy, which was carefully and thoroughly studied, taking into account various health and logistical data, and taking proactive initiatives and measures that were the first their kind in the world.

Thus, he signaled the return of confidence in the aviation and travel sector locally and globally, and drew on the features of an innovative roadmap that helped all stakeholders in this vital sector identify the best ways to emerge from the aftermath of the pandemic , which strengthened Dubai’s position as a global hub for the aviation industry.

Coordinated efforts between various government agencies, in addition to the private sector, were a key factor in Dubai’s success in tackling the pandemic, particularly in the tourism and aviation sectors. Since July 2020, the Emirates has launched a critical series of initiatives and quality. measures, the main one of which is obtaining the “Safe Travel Seal” from Dubai. Provided by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), based on strict procedures and established public health and safety protocols.

The move reflected the global appreciation of the preventive and preventive measures taken in Dubai, which played a major role in addressing the Corona epidemic and limiting its spread, thanks to the rapid response to the global crisis, and the Emirate began preparing for take international visitors back again by relying on the best prevention methods and health procedures followed. , to ensure their safety and comfort at all times, and the “Safe Travel” label allows travelers to identify governments and companies that have relied on standardized global health and hygiene protocols so that travelers can enjoy safe travel.

Later that month, Dubai launched a new initiative to ensure that tourism and commercial establishments, including hotels, retail stores, restaurants and tourist destinations, adhere to all public health protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. Corona “Covid 19” and the finest. Managing this crisis, as part of efforts made to improve its position as one of the destinations, is safe in the world, especially with the start of the reception of tourists abroad in July 2020.

As well as to soothe visitors to these destinations from within the country and to encourage domestic tourism, as well as the cooperation of a group of government departments together to implement the standards of the “Dubai Guarantee Seal” for hotels, retail stores, restaurants and tourist destinations that comply with all health and safety guidelines issued by these government agencies and in accordance with protocols Preventive measures recommended by the High Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai.

Comprehensive procedures

Since the pandemic began last year, Dubai Airports, in collaboration with government health authorities and other airport service partners, has implemented a series of comprehensive measures across Dubai International Airport facilities to protect the health and safety of customers. and employees. These strict procedures include sterilization and intensive periodic cleaning of all airport facilities.

The efforts of Dubai International Airport were appreciated for all the efforts made to maintain the health and safety of its passengers and employees, for the accreditation of Dubai International Airport in the health accreditation program by the International Airports Council.

proactive protocols

For its part, Emirates Airlines took the initiative to adopt and implement improved cleaning and disinfection protocols at all of its airport and on-board customer contact points, even before the World Health Organization formally declared that “Covid 19 “had become a” pandemic. ” At the airport, Emirates Airlines installed protective shields at all travel control counters and implemented physical distancing in all areas.

Over the past year, the carrier arrived, in cooperation with the authorities and its partners in the aviation sector, to ensure the health and safety of all passengers and airport staff, taking into account the ongoing changes in health protocols worldwide.

Emirates Airlines is reviewing all of its biosafety protocols and is constantly updating them in accordance with updated medical guidelines.

innovative services

Since Dubai reopened its doors to international visitors, Emirates has continued to resume its services across its global network and flight schedules, from several cities in July 2020, to more than 139 airports worldwide using all fleet of Boeing 777 and 37 Airbus Aircraft A380 ..

Emirates Airlines always strives to provide the best travel experience for its customers, especially in the light of ever-changing global conditions, and continues to provide new and innovative services, to ensure the health and safety of its customers and employees, and provide them with the latest travel information around the world.

Emirates Airlines was distinguished by the priority in adopting digital innovations, biometric technology and self-procedures even before the pandemic. In 2019, Emirates Airlines began testing and applying biometric (biometric) technology at various points of contact for the client’s journey through the airport. And last year, it launched fast biometric technology.

Since implementation, more than 58,000 customers have used the convenient and secure contactless verification option to access Emirates showrooms, and more than 380,000 customers have used biometric gateways to join their flights.

Effective communication

Last year, Emirates also introduced a new technology that makes it easier for customers to report delayed or damaged bags on, reduce paperwork, improve transparency, and better serve customers in terms of providing solutions to baggage related questions.

Emirates makes every effort to provide its clients with the latest travel information, given the rapid and daily changes in procedures followed by various countries, regions and airports around the world.


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