Corona Virus: How has Covid-19 affected romantic relationships?

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People who are more concerned about contracting the disease can change their dating behavior through a self-defense mechanism

Emily, a 29-year-old property inspector from London, describes herself as generally more introverted and has had dating experiences, but even after the first blocking restrictions in the UK were lifted last July, she was still hesitant. face to face.

And she says about it: “I was talking to some people through dating apps, but I was not excited to meet any of them in person, because the Corona epidemic bothered me a lot.”

In early August, Emily, who did not want to use her full name, agreed to meet someone she had met through a dating app and this was her first meeting since March. Very nice. ”

But Emily says that when she finally met this person, she was very hesitant, adding: “I was not sure if I was ready to meet again. Later that day, I sent her a message about my feelings and his response was that he felt then, through my body language.

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