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This morning, Thursday, the Casablanca Minor Offenses Court postponed a serious corruption case related to the smuggling of currency and gold bars through Algeria International Airport in favor of a trader named “Sh. Hassan ”who is on the run.

Seven people were involved in this case, led by a border police officer at Houari Boumediene Airport “SZZUHER”, a night watchman B. Tawfiq ”, a stewardess A. Wahiba ”, and from the head of the host team Dr. Mohammed “and Klondistan” L. “. Bouzid. In addition to jewelry” Mohammed Amin St. “

They were charged with misdemeanor creation of association for the purpose of preparing the misdemeanor. Violation of customs legislation related to the regulation of exchange and movement of capital to and from abroad and abuse of office. Against the background of the agreement of the accused for smuggling money and gold bars outside the framework of customs control towards Dubai.

Euro was found by the stewardess inside 3 bags

Circumstances of the serious case investigated by the Dean of Investigating Judges in the Court of Casablanca. According to the information available to “Al-Nahar”, it dates back to October 24, 2021. After the information and reporting received from the services of the Algerian state security judicial police that a large amount of money was found in hard currency, it is estimated at 96.5 thousand euros. In addition to the three gold bars inside three bags, which are tightly hidden inside the safe of an Air Algerie aircraft. Which was preparing to leave for Dubai International Airport.

A flight attendant named “Mr. Shafiqa ”has found the euro and the gold bars. She informed the head of the stewardess regiment, “B. Yazid”, about the discovery of three suspicious bags hidden inside the safe of the passenger plane. Which turned out to contain a sum of money valued at 96 thousand euros and three bars of pure gold.

Upon hearing the statements of the flight attendant, she confirmed that she did not know how the bags arrived on the plane and that they were found after an inspection process assigned to her by the chief of the flight attendant regiment, who distributed them to all the flight attendants performing their duties. them in a small meeting before heading to Dubai International Airport. After completing all customs and security control procedures, the head of the regiment took a bag to check and her colleague, “A. Wahiba”, tried to take the remaining bags, which he removed and gave delivered to the direct clerk.

She also confirmed in her testimony that she had seen a police officer looking in the same place, which was confirmed by the head of the stewardess regiment, “B. Yazid ”, who confirmed that he had seen a police officer getting off the plane after the inspection. was over. And he tried to open one of the bags that was tightly closed with adhesive tape, to ascertain that he had money in foreign currency.

Hearing the statements of the accused stewardess, “A. Wahiba”, her statements matched those of her colleagues and she confirmed that she did not know how the bags got to the plane’s safe. And that she tried to get what was left of the bags when her colleague left to hand them over to the officer, and that the witness had removed them from her, and that she later learned of their contents.

Security is investigating the case

As a result of the information available, the security services began their investigations. This refers to CCTV recordings and all calls made by all flight crew members that were scheduled to fly on the date of the incident. And the number of the police officer on duty to detect the explosives before the flight.

And I found evidence against a police officer named “Sh. Zuhair”, whose telephone program revealed his communication with a passenger named “B. Tawfiq”, who is one of the passengers on that scheduled trip. The latter communicated with a jewelry trader named “Mohammed Amin” and after hearing his statements confessed during the investigation of the facts.

He confirmed that the amount of foreign currency found was associated with three gold bars belonging to him. And he received it from the so-called “Sh. Hassan ”, merchant, in order to deliver it to Dubai in exchange for payment of all travel expenses to Dubai. The operation will be carried out with the help of a police officer named “She.Zuhair”, who is responsible for bringing money and gold to the airport, as it is not subject to security or customs control and then puts them on the plane. where he is one of its passengers. To be handed to him by a flight attendant after takeoff. With which one of the acquaintances of the fugitive accused “Sh.Hassan” agreed.

He also confirmed that he later learned that it was the stewardess named “A. “Wahiba”, the latter approached her after boarding the plane and told her that her colleague had found the three bags. He indicated that he had doubts about the failure of the operation after hearing on the loudspeaker while waiting in the airport lobby that the planned flight to Dubai was delayed. He stressed that he is familiar with “A. Wahiba ”after helping him in two other operations, where he smuggled money to Turkey.

Session of a second accused of smuggling euros and gold bars

In the second session of the accused, “A. Wahiba “, she denied her connection with the file and confirmed that earlier, the head of the host team,” Dr. transfer a lot of hard currency from Istanbul. And that on the appointed day, the policeman, the current defendant, got on the plane and threw the bag in the bathroom and left, and I held it for the moment and put it in the passenger seat.

On the day of the facts and during the planned trip to Dubai, the same person asked for a second request, but she refused. And that the policeman told her before boarding the plane to give her a place to hide the amount, but she did not answer, so he went in and hid it inside the safe and left without talking to her, in front of her. found his colleague Mr. Shafiqa, statements which were refuted by the head of the host team, who denied his knowledge of all parties to the case, nor the accused, “Mohamed Amin”, a jewelry trader in Khemis Miliana. Which also dismissed anything related to the file.

Hearing the statements of the police officer during the investigation, he accepted the facts and the task assigned to him and confirmed that he did not know “Dr. the passenger with whom he agreed to assist in the smuggling of the loom and gold bars and confirmed that he had received in return.a sum of 25 million cents.

In anticipation of what the court hearing will reveal next week.

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