Young Artists: We need to know practically the rules of trading in the NFT

Emerging artists called on cultural authorities to develop courses and seminars to simplify the technique of using irreplaceable symbols in works of art, especially as it is growing and has become the future of artistic mastery, and one of the tools it can represent a big and fast. source of income for artists.

At the same time, the Abu Dhabi Art Foundation called ADAEmirates creators, to use its Hart platform for digital culture and arts HART Free, to promote their technology-based businesses NFT.

Hart platform officials revealed to Vision that they are currently working to identify live exhibition points of paintings and art exhibitions in different regions of the country using a smart and sustainable system to offer businesses that rely on technology. NFT For the audience, noting that the platform is receiving nominations and requests from interested students and young artists to participate in the project..

But what is meant by the irreplaceable symbolNF:

Irreplaceable code (NFT) A unique, irreplaceable unit of data stored on a digital record with Blockchain technology that can be used to represent or materialize easily reproducible items such as images, audio, video, and other types of digital files as unique items. with a Certificate of Authenticity), to establish a secure and public proof of ownership.

These tokens differ from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in that they are not interchangeable.

From the beginning of the first gesture symbolsNFT In 2015, its value increased exponentially and reached a large boom last year, as sales exceeded $ 25 billion, compared to just $ 94.9 million last year..

Sales in the first quarter gave an indication of that boom, as sales multiplied more than 20 times to cross $ 2 billion..

Criticisms of this technology focus on carbon emissions related to the verification of block transactions and its misuse in technical fraud.

And in generalNFT A unit of data stored on a digital record, called a blockchain, that can be sold and traded.

Promotion of the painting trade

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emirates United and Abu Dhabi Art Foundation ADAS Official platform sponsor HARTHamed bin Muhammad Al Suwaidi, said the platform offers visitors and art lovers the opportunity to view various exhibitions, communicate directly with participating artists and trade in reliable digital currencies, noting that the platform adopts “blockchain” technology and an organic subscription model. featuring unique features and galleries platinum and gold.

He stressed that the Foundation is working to develop the platform in an innovative and effective way in line with the vision of the UAE represented in the application and development of technology and digital transformation in all institutions to consolidate the technical and cultural role of the UAE United Arab Emirates Internationally..

Al-Suwaidi noted that the platform plays a major role in encouraging and highlighting the painting trade, spreading the shopping culture and shaping a new artistic taste in society, describing the digital platform as a bridge of communication between artists from all over the world. and a creative forum that contributed to the spread of the arts and the definition of creators.

Hart was considered a global platform with a clear vision that came in the framework of an initiative that is the first of its kind in the Middle East and was implemented in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where it has become a reliable source of information and pieces. of art that are displayed and sold.

Al Suwaidi noted that the Hart platform took the initiative to adopt and support a large number of emerging Emirati artists and residents from various educational institutions, as it provided them with free space to exhibit their paintings and supported the presentation of in different media to communicate work for a larger audience base, which allows them to share experiences with other artists and promotes cultural communication locally and globally.

move on to the future

Assistant Head of the Department of Publications and Museum Education at the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, artist and curator Alaa Idris, believes there is an urgent need to educate artists about the nature of the art trade through technology. NFTAs well as supporting emerging digital artists so they can keep up with the future of the arts world and see it up close..

She stressed that most of her works are “digital”, but has not yet entered the field of selling works.NFTShe stressed that the idea of ​​selling works of art based on this technology is still new locally and should shed more light on it.

She called on various cultural authorities to enlist the help of a number of international experts in the field to hold and organize specialized courses and seminars to help artists wishing to enter this world..

a renewed world

Art curator Maya El-Khalil agrees with the views that works based on irreplaceable symbol technology represent the future of works of art, but she acknowledges that this world is still new to the region, stressing the importance of educating current generations. and those in development. this modern technology..

confirmed Hebron, that the art world renews and evolves with time and time again, which enables talented people to expand and helps them enter new artistic worlds.

She noted that artists and community members can become aware of new artistic methods by holding specialized art seminars offered by cultural centers in the country, or by organizing art exhibitions specializing in selling works of art in digital currencies.

Source of income

Emerging plastic and digital artist Alaa Al-Sayed looks forward to entering the digital coin art world in the future in order to open up an independent source of revenue for her, noting that this technology could to be its gateway to spread globally..

She confirmed her passion for following the news regarding the sale of works of art with this technology through various websites with the aim of raising awareness and as a personal zeal to keep up with everything new in that sector.

She stressed that this technology pushed her to work on developing her talent and skills in the field of graphic and digital design, noting that several studies confirmed that this sector will be a source of future income for most artists in the world , as it generates good profits, whether for artists or collectors and investors in the sector.

dazzle and enchant

Sales of non-exchangeable tokens or NFT In 2021, the $ 25 billion sales boom shows that these arguments are the future of online ownership.

The world was amazed when the most expensive sale of these immutable tokens reached $ 69.3 million in 2021, and was on board Every day: The first 5000 days Or Everyday: The first 5000 days by Mike Winkelman.

It did not take long for the most expensive selling act ever under the title Pak’s The Merge Bought by 30,000 people on December 2, 2021 with a total value of more than $ 91.8 million.

The rapid spread and huge profits of these tokens stimulated a number of top brands in the world, including Coca-Cola and Gucci, to sell products with this technology.

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