Works by adopting the irreplaceable symbol technique at Alserkal Arts Week

The Al Serkal Art Foundation seeks to stimulate the local fine arts sector and celebrate its symbols of contemporary experimental artists by organizing Al Serkal Art Week from 3 to 13 March.

The week is filled with a group of the most important art exhibitions and the most prominent artists, including more than 20 art exhibitions on Alserkal Avenue, in addition to the reception. “A slightly curved seat” In Concrete as the first multi-channel audio installation work in Dubai.

The opening of more than 20 new galleries underscores the UAE’s position in the region’s art scene through performances that focus on local and regional artists and their multidisciplinary practices.

You will explore guided tours by artists, curators and art galleries “A slightly curved seat” From the Alserkal Art Foundation During Alserkal’s activities, within the council dialogues, important contemporary cultural and artistic issues.

Numerous styles

There are many styles of participating artists working on a wide range of multimedia and materials, from digital works that adopt irreplaceable symbol technology (NFT) and film and photography, to large and numerous sculptures and works of art.

Highlights of these exhibitions include the first solo exhibition in West Asia by artist Jitesh Kalat at the Ishara Art Foundation, the exhibition of artist Wim Delvoy at the Leila Heller Gallery and the multi-art exhibition with filmmakers and artists Joanna Hadjithomas and Khalil Greig at the Line Gallery Third newly renovated..

In addition to the exhibitions, there will be a series of thought-provoking and dialogue seminars, art residency projects, exclusive public art authorization work and open-air studios throughout Alserkal Art Week that will spark dialogue on contemporary artistic issues and provide cultural experiences for the local community, regional and global audience..

Creativity Incubator

For his part, the founder of Al Serkal and his initiatives, Abdel Moneim bin Issa Al Serkal, said: “More than 15 years ago, the UAE established its position as an incubator to complete its formation in the region. Today, with the victory of our cultural and artistic institutions over the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath, it is encouraging to see the level of Art exhibitions and programs in the seven Emirates, including Art Dubai, Sharjah Art Foundation, Art Jameel, etc. Here , I invite our audience to reflect and engage with the messages that these artists share with us. ”.

Velma Gorkot, Executive Director of Alserkal added: “Alserkal Art Week strengthens the UAE’s position at the forefront of the cultural scene in the region, as Alserkal has played a key role through the Alserkal Art Foundation and the local art gallery community. “year, Alserkal brings together some of the most outstanding and influential artists. And inspiration today from the region and the world, through serious and experimental exhibitions and programs that continue to stimulate critical dialogue with our local and global audience.”.

audio installation

ANDAlserkal Arts Week awaits the display of multi-channel surround sound installation “A slightly curved seat” For the first time in Dubai, it will captivate visitors in a comprehensive, experienced listening environment, moderated by curator Nida Goss.

The exhibition goes beyond the boundaries of the traditional exhibition and embraces new technologies while maintaining the vitality of dialogue and critical consultation.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an educational program that includes a series of presentation activities entitled “To know”a series of additional events unfolding during the Alserkal Arts Week, inspired by the exhibition “A slightly curved seat” The same, organized by Nida Goss and Brooke Holmes, professor of postclassicism at Princeton University.

Discussion seminars

This accompanying program includes discussion seminars, workshops, participation of exhibition collaborators and guests, in addition to guided tours on 5, 12, 19 and 22 March..

The panelists will feature filmmakers and artists Joanna Hadjithomas, Khalil Gregg, Michael Sellstorfer, Wim Delfoy and Ian Appel, and Janine Gail Dewji, curator of large-scale works of art currently decorating Alserkal Avenue, will speak with artist Augustin Paredes about his latest work currently. in the exhibition.

Majlis talks will take place from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at The Yard, Alserkal Avenue and Alserkal Art Week there will also be a collector’s salon on Alserkal Avenue..

Each participant in the Alserkal Spring 2022 Art Foundation Artistic Residence will have their own open-air studio within Alserkal Events. Alserkal Lates On March 8, in parallel with the community program they are participating in during their stay in Dubai. “.

Alserkal Avenue-based artist projects include Wamda: A Glance, a retrospective by United Arab Emirates Unlimited , shown in Warehouse 1; In addition to the display of the Athr Gallery by Jeddah.

Eleven exhibitions from Alserkal Avenue will also feature Art Dubai, including Ayyam Gallery, Carbon 12, Castut Dubai Gallery, Al Marsa Gallery, Isabel van den Eende Gallery, Green Art Gallery, Laila Heller Gallery, Laurie Shabibi, Third Line, Fawlty Art Projects, And Corner Gallery.

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