What is the world of immutable signs or NFTs and how does it relate to fashion?

In light of the progress we are witnessing in the digital world, the world of non-interchangeable arguments, or what is known as NFT, has recently become popular. If you are a follower of cryptocurrency news, you must have heard about this world and all the services it offers. Also, thanks to its great popularity in recent times, it has become more than a fashion brand addressing it for various purposes, we will reveal all the details in the following lines. What is NFT and how does it relate to the fashion world? Find out all the information below.

What is NFT?

NFT or NVT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token, which means non-interchangeable tokens. These tokens contain identifying information recorded on a Blockchain digital record and cannot be exchanged like other digital currencies that can be traded and have the same value.

Therefore, fixed tokens or NFTs are proof of ownership using blockchain technology to link their value to a unique digital asset that cannot be duplicated, such as gemstones, jewelry, digital paintings, etc. NFT can be in the form of art, GIFs, videos, events, collections, virtual models, ie. avatars, video game skins, designs, fashion, music, etc … Financially, anyone can buy the printing of those images and paintings, But only one person can own the asset. These assets are sold at specific prices or there is an auction for them for a certain period ending with the largest bidder receiving the asset for which they are competing. Tweets can even be sold as non-exchangeable tokens, just as Jack Dorsey, former co-founder and CEO of Twitter, sold his first tweet as NVT for more than $ 2.9 million. So, in simple words we can say that NFTs are exclusive property rights just like proving ownership of physical items only in digital form, and not as currencies like dollars, so they are not interchangeable or tradable.

Where can NFT tokens be purchased?

Fixed tokens or NFTs can be purchased online through various markets including OpenSea, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Foundation, Valuables and others. It is necessary to have a digital portfolio that allows you to store irreplaceable arguments and cryptographic arguments.

The world of fashion and NFT

Many international brands like Gucci, Nike, Adidas and others have joined the NFT world to sell products in the digital and virtual world. Find out the details below:

1- Gucci

Gucci in the NVT world Gucci has entered the field of irreplaceable icons with the sale of a 4-minute film for the Aria collection to Christie’s, the world leading art auction house, for $ 25 million.

2- Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton in the NVT world To mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Vuitton founder Louis: The Game has been released with 30 immutable NFT symbols, designed by artist Beeple. Each NFT is a collection that can only be found through the game and cannot be sold.

3- Nike

Nike in the NVT world Nike has announced its entry into the NFT world by purchasing the virtual shoe company RTFKT, which anyone can use to complete their online avatar.

4- Adidas

adidas in the NVT world adidas has launched its NFT design line, Into the Metaverse, to virtually sell street style clothing.

5- Rolex

Rolex in the NVT world Rolex has launched a watch in collaboration with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which includes an immutable set of up to 10,000 codes.

6- Rami Kadi

Rami Kadi in the world of NVT On February 2, 2022, Rami Kadi will launch the first NFT collection, which will mark a turning point for a new road that the house will follow in the coming years. This assortment will reflect his commitment to entering the world of Metaverse, and will also include 120 non-exchangeable tokens that can be purchased through www.rami-kadi.com, making Rami Kadi the first designer to launch his collection on the Cardano blockchain.

7- Balmain

Balmain in the NVT world Balmain launched the Balmain x Barbie collection, with special fashion designs for women and men, and as part of this collaboration, a Barbie doll entered the virtual world of Metaverse for the first time. Unchanged tokens have been released for 3 NFTs for Barbie in Balmain x Barbie costumes to be auctioned off.

8- Prada and adidas

Prada in the NVT world Adidas Originals and Prada presented the Adidas for Prada Re-Source project in the world of Metaverse and NFT, which will feature user-created and proprietary works of art. Prada and Adidas will invite their fans to contribute unique, anonymous images to the open Metaverse NFT project. 3,000 works of art purchased by followers will be entered into NFT and assembled into pixels in a single multi-piece NFT mosaic created by renowned creative programmer and digital artist Zach Lieberman.

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