The Middle East and North Africa Mobile Marketing Association announces the region’s first awards in the style of non-exchangeable arguments

Participation in the competition this year reached unprecedented figures!

UAE: MMA SMARTIES ‘SMARTIES Awards’ is an annual competition to honor innovations, creations and extraordinary successes in modern marketing and their tremendous impact on the business sectors. These awards are best known as the only global mobile marketing pricing program that honors leaders, brands, agencies, and providers that use technology to initiate new approaches to modern marketing.

The competition for the MMA SMARTIES Awards program opened on March 1 in the Middle East and North Africa region and soon applications reached a record number compared to previous years.

Noting that this year SMARTIES Awards will be given in a special edition of unique NFT signs called “SMARTIES MENA INTO THE METAVERSE”, the first symbolic awards in the region. Istanbul-based artist Evi Balon will create 4 exclusive animated works of art representing the Smarties Cup categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Sector Awards), each winning a unique work of art.

In this regard, Melis Artem, Regional Director of the Mobile Marketing Association in the Middle East and North Africa, said: “We are pleased to be the first NFT token prices in the region. With the third digital transformation of the internet, we believe that metavers represents the future of the Marketing Association and most industry leaders think it is the biggest marketing opportunity since the advent of the mobile phone. We are also pleased to be able to provide SMARTIES Awards both in physical form and in NFT format. On this occasion, I want to thank all the agencies, brands, networks and technology providers that have applied to compete in our pricing program, where we will witness the rise of a new level of creativity and innovation! ”

The campaigns participating in the MMA SMARTIES MENA Awards will be evaluated by a prestigious jury of 45 MENA marketing thought leaders from the region’s most prominent brands, agencies and experts.

Voting categories will be divided into four different groups of commission members, to reduce conflicts of interest. Campaigns will also be evaluated in four main areas: media, marketing objectives, technology and business transformation.

1. Jury votes – Brand experience, key generation, product / service launch, virtual reality / augmented / mixed, gender equality.

The categories are:

· Alaa Abu Khalaf, Regional Director of Mobile Advertising in the Middle East and North Africa, NBD Emirates

· Asmaa Shabab, Innovation Strategy Consultant, Accenture

· Abeer Khaled, Head of Accounts Foundation, Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, Zoom Middle East

Mayank Garg, Head of Digital Partnerships, CaST and Creative Partnerships, GSK

Banali Luthra Malhotra, Marketing Director, RAKBANK

Christine Harb, Vice President of Marketing, Visa, Eastern and Central Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa

Alperin Ozkan, Chief Marketing Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Claire Fletcher, Head of Client Engagement, OMD Middle East and North Africa

Cath Huff, Customer and Account Manager, Genealogy

Guzia Weikert, Regional Director, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey – Digital Media and Partnerships, Mediabrands

Riad Khalil, Sales Manager, Middle East and North Africa, ADJUST

Imran Yousef, Vice President – Regional Marketing Manager, Reckitt

2. Jury Votes: Consumer Promotion, Social Marketing, Mobile Search, Channel Integration, Customer Experience, Local Contextual Advertising, Electronic Commerce (Focus on Pandemic), Social Commerce. The categories are:

· Asif Hussain, Director, Silverbush

Jessica Machaalani, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing Investments at OMD UAE

Imran Khaled, Media Director, Sparks Foundry

Jessica Moini, Sales Director, Inmobi

Nadim Ibrahim, Director of Digital Division, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UM

Soha Haddad, Environmental Systems Partnership Manager, META

Esra Ezebay, Head of Digitalb, Middle East, Reckitt

Hussain Muhammad Dajani, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience, Africa, Middle East, India, Turkey and Oceania, Nissan Motor Company.

James Dutten, Regional Digital Director, UM Middle East, North Africa and Turkey

Johnny Saad, Head of Sales, AddColony

Oleksi Razik, Head of Experimental Corporate Marketing, Global Business Solutions, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, TikTok

3. Jury members vote: location-based services, e-commerce, mobile applications, games / sports application / campaigns, inclusion (during pandemic), and social commerce.

The categories are:

Eric Bellingham, Managing Director, EMEA, Latin America, AdColony

Urfa Muhammad, Head of Digital Media, Middle East, RB

· Goulrez Alam, Head of Investment and Strategy, Arabi Ads

Alex Brunori, Head of Creative, Google

Pinar Togko, Senior Director, Digital Platforms, Eurasia and the Middle East, Coca-Cola Company

Vanessa Hinton, Chief Marketing Officer, Dubai Entertainment Holding

· Abdul Nabi Aladdin, Director of Digital Division – UAE, UM Middle East and North Africa

Devrim Milik, Senior Vice President, Strategic Division, OSN

TJ Laitwala, Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa, Experimental Services, Accenture Interactive

Osama Baraka, Marketing Team Leader, Business Transformation Services, IBM

Gavin Payne, Chief Innovation Officer, First Abu Dhabi Bank

Jessica Ossenbauer, Director of Diversified Products, Services and Partnerships, OMG Middle East and North Africa

Gaurav Idasani, CEO of Cosmos Group

4. Jury votes: Analytical data / opinions, video advertising, innovation, marketing generated by users / influencers.

The categories are:

Crenio Cristaras, Head of Media for the Middle East and North Africa, Mondelez International

· Ehab Al-Yaman, Co-Founder and CEO of Memob

Gabriel Karam, CEO and Head of Digital Marketing, National Bank of Kuwait

Syed Mansour Hussain, Head of Marketing, Almarai

George Achkouti, Head of Digitalb at OMD

Sarush Sohail, owner of Alter Communications

· Nameer Amir, Senior Director of Marketing Strategies and Research, Nielsen IQ

Devrim Milik, Senior Vice President, Strategy at OSN

Melissa Matlum, Head of Marketing, AddColony

Kinda Al-Essa, Head of Content Solutions and Global Business Solutions, Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan, Tik Tok

Abd al-Rahman al-Agha, Head of Digital Marketing Practice for the Middle East and North Africa, Accenture Interactive

The jury convened and the shortlist was published on the global website. Can be found here.

The winners will be announced at the luxury celebration SMARTIES GALA to be held in Dubai on May 17th.

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