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The art world keeps pace with NFT technology, which are unusable symbols, due to modern features and material and moral values. The UAE in general and Dubai in particular are accelerating to keep pace with the models of this growing digital artistry, as the “Dreams” exhibition will be held on the digital stage in the Jumeirah Madinat and includes masterpieces of overpriced pieces. of $ 100 million.

In this regard, it is not surprising that Dubai, in light of its modern creative environment and the momentum that digital art is gaining in it, has become a favorite destination for its specialists and those who want to engage in the fields his, drawing the city in the light of this spirit as a map for its future advancement. Perhaps the “Dreams” exhibition, which began on February 1 and ends on March 5 at the “Digital Art Theater” in Madinat Jumeirah and includes 29 works of art, shows aspects of the magic, aesthetics and feasibility of that story.

An extraordinary journey into the spaces of digital art specializing in works and collections based on irreplaceable symbols, with which we descend into a world of visual and sensory fantasy, while immersed in contemplation of the contents and series of exhibition creations “Dreams”. tour. Evan Nevedkin, curator of the exhibition and founder of the Generative Gallery, tells us about the importance of the exhibition and Dubai’s role in motivating its organizers and hosts: “We presented 20 pieces in the dream exhibition, turning works of art into physical parts . . “Visitors can buy business by collecting cryptocurrencies and also using credit cards.”

Also, visitors to the “Dream Gallery” will see a wide range of NFT pieces, the latest art styles, in a range of unique physical and digital works, which guests can purchase with either cryptocurrency or one touch single on smartphones when using. NFT Art credit cards are rapidly gaining ground in the field of digital art, with the emergence of new waves and forms and a growing demand for it in the UAE, in addition to its presence on electronic platforms as an artistic fruit of technology News. NFT Art Pieces offers modern ways to display digital artwork that can be worth up to $ 100 million, including buying and selling.

20 pieces

Regarding the pieces and works of art offered for sale, Nevedken said: “We tended to introduce a very limited edition of NFT pieces for the dream exhibition by transforming works of art made by a selection of international artists such as Izyk, Ojek, Daniel Rossa and Laszlo Bordus, in physical pieces so that visitors can own the Gallery is part of this unique experience. Only 20 pieces of each copy were published and visitors can purchase and own the artwork in a beautifully created frame specifically for the event, as well as an NFT piece for those interested in cryptocurrency collectors.

It is worth mentioning that (Dream Show) is presented in collaboration with Generative Gallery to present for the first time a multidimensional art show in Dubai. In addition to selling NFT art pieces, there is a comprehensive and unique experience with seven international contemporary artists on this occasion. Daria Brodevich, artistic director at Digital Art Theater, commented: “Art has transcended all traditional boundaries, as it is one of the few means of expression in which a meditator can define a meaning of his own and different from what others feel , just like dreams. We collaborate and work side by side with the Generative Gallery to encourage these major developments in the digital art scene and bring them to art lovers, opening up space for international artists to create and design pieces of art that can now be seen and appreciated worldwide. world.

Triple worlds

Among the show of dreams, with the participation of 7 international artists, will be presented the French digital artist Mautec: Helm, based on diving experiences, interactive installations and audiovisual performances. Known for its immersive performance within cube-shaped spaces, Mautec designs its own audiovisual tools, delivering real-time visual content from algorithms and 3D worlds that radically change what we perceive about space and space. Planetary changes as well as changes affecting contemporary media. such as the relationships between algorithms and images. Kevilon also investigates the ways in which technology is changing our human cognition, culture, environment, and relationships with space, time, and one another.

virtual environments

As for dreams about magical nature, Korean artist Kohei enjoyed his dream through various approaches to virtual environments. Specifically on generating landscapes in algorithms inspired by natural phenomena, considering the relationship between sound, people, society and nature, in the same context, the German artist restores the links between the digital world and existing reality as the main one. the focus of his work, driven by the need to combine virtual reality and current reality in A physical and instantaneous aesthetic experience, as Russian artist Isaik creates his dream of live audiovisual performances and artistic installations between digital and physical entities, creating a hybrid relationship between media. arts and artificial life.

40 minutes

This gallery contains 3 unique art fields. The main area will feature 40 minutes of comprehensive digital art content that takes visitors to another world, while the second area helps spectators dive into the space of dreams, introducing them to additional information about the exhibition through exclusive interviews with artists. as well as NFT-related information, including limited edition infinity cut tires within NFT tires, available for purchase. The final area will feature unique artwork by several other artists.


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