My start in the trade was random and unplanned

Businesswoman Afnan Al-Zayani stressed that dialogue is a civilized method that must be maintained, regardless of the degree of difference, expressing hope that everyone will cooperate in spreading the message of peace, dialogue and humanity, instead of wasting energy in wars and conflicts. , and to rise to be human, because certificates are of no use if we lose Our humanism.

This came when she attended the third event of the second edition of the talk show (Bahrain Imprints), which is held by the Bahrain Dialogue Foundation for the second year in a row in the blessed month of Ramadan. The meeting was moderated by a member of the Foundation, Essam Al-Khayat.

Al-Zayani spoke about her professional beginnings, noting that her undergraduate direction in food production technology pushed her to work as a laboratory manager at Bahrain Flour Mills. The company, showing that the marketing field made it feel like it belonged to the business. and took him to work at the investment company Al Zayani.

She stressed that the challenge was great to move from the scientific to the commercial field and to work with a specialized segment in the business world, which required a great effort from them to develop and integrate through self-education, perseverance and zellit. saying, “I was not ashamed to ask about anything I did not know.”

She explained that her work in managing and managing internal affairs played a major role in her success at the commercial level, rather than benefiting her undergraduate studies at the American University of Beirut and later in the United States.

She referred to some of the events and stories that happened to her at the beginning of her entry into business and her success in reducing the cost of goods by 5% as a result of auditing and monitoring purchases, which gave her. lots of confidence and motivation.

She added that after 12 years working at Al Zayani Investments, she became a member of the company’s board of directors for about 5 years, before buying the company she runs, which is Al Zayani Commercial Services in 1999 AD, for them. self manage. since then until now and has made a lot of progress in it.and success.

She continued, “Thus, my start in business was an unplanned coincidence and then returned to my main field thanks to determination, determination and continuous learning.”

Al-Zayani stated that she joined the Bahrain Women in Business Association in 2000 and worked on the Public Relations and Media Committee, which opened wide horizons for women.

She said: “We achieved a lot of success in that session thanks to the association’s determination and with the support of His Majesty the King’s project and because we came at the right time for women’s success, so a commission for business women was set up. established in the Chamber, then the woman entered the board of directors of the Chamber through the entrance of Mrs. in the membership of the Council in the next session, and in the last year in its Chamber, the Council included five business women out of 18 members, which shows the confidence of the General Assembly towards the women of Bahrain.

She stressed that the success story of Bahrain women is cumulative along with the men in this generous country, which are achievements of which we are truly proud.

Al-Zayani expressed her great pride in being awarded the title of Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by UNIDO, emphasizing that this title enabled her to contribute to the spread of entrepreneurial culture.

She explained that the term entrepreneurship in the Arab world came from the UNIDO office in Bahrain and spread to all Arab countries and the world at large, saying: “We first worked on the entrepreneurship program in the UK, and then we came. with it to extend now to include 57 countries worldwide and this Bahrain is a gift to the world and the program has been endorsed by UNIDO globally as a successful model from which many great success stories have emerged, resulting in inspirational work papers. and brochures. ”

She reported that His Majesty the King was honored at the UNIDO festival in Vienna for the role of Bahrain in this model and the ceremony was attended by His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, on behalf of His Majesty.

She added: “Bahrain has won a big place in this international forum, where a beautiful festival was held for the Kingdom, its costumes, its cuisine and its beautiful heritage. 36 businesswomen were honored worldwide, including 6 Bahraini women entrepreneurs. ”

Regarding women’s empowerment, Al-Zayani spoke about the beginning of her work with the Supreme Council for Women in 2005, explaining that she was asked that year to develop a vision for a plan for the economic empowerment of Bahraini women and suggested formation of a working group for the preparation of this plan.different.

She stressed that the team managed to develop the desired plan, which was approved by His Majesty the King and became part of the national plan and achieved its goals and yielded results in a shorter time than expected because the environment was favorable and motivating for women, which aroused admiration outside Bahrain.

He reviewed a range of statistics, figures and indicators that confirm the success of the plan and testify to the great development that has been achieved.

Al-Zayani said she has now started devoting a large part of her time to family after her busy career, leaving room and space for young people and focusing on her role as an entrepreneurial ambassador to share her experiences with others. in addition to her work to shed light on Bahraini pioneers and entrepreneurs in the field of cooking.

She noted that she is working on the resumption of the MENA Business Women Network from the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is an international network of women business associations, in order to improve Bahrain’s position as a regional hub for this type of network.

Al-Zayani advised entrepreneurs to educate themselves soberly and continuously, enter courses and learn skills, choose the new and promising field, focus on feasibility studies and work plans, and get the necessary consultations ahead that enter into projects, in addition to benefiting from all available components provided by official and civil bodies and institutions, and the willingness to build successful relationships.

She confirmed that cooking was a passion since childhood and that her university studies were in the field of food production, then this was reinforced when she worked in the laboratory of the Bahrain Flour Mills company experimenting with products while cooking, and it came as a answer to the question of what was the reason for her entry into the world of cooking.

She said that by chance that passion turned into a field of work and one day the former director of the Bahrain Flour Mills Company, the late Mr. Issa Rashid Abdullah, asked her to present recipes for Bahrain cuisine in bags of company products. , and she was impressed by them.The products, and this idea achieved great success, which prompted her to prepare and print a special cookbook containing recipes to promote the company’s products and it was very successfully distributed at the show of food in the Middle East.

She also explained that she went to older women to learn Bahraini cooking, based on their origin from them, and then wrote them in the book with their names published in it in their appreciation, adding that the book later was translated to achieve much further. our Arab world.

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