Kuwaiti Newspaper | NBK offers 10% discount on Kuwait Airways tickets

The National Bank of Kuwait is keen to reward its customers and offer exclusive offers that meet their needs and aspirations, and in light of the bank’s partnership with Kuwait Airways, NBK offers its customers a 10% discount in the value of tickets in “Kuwait” for all destinations in all classes.

NBK customers receive the discount if they book through the Kuwait Airways website, using the National Visa Infinite – Kuwait Airways credit card, the National Visa Signature – Airline Credit card, or the National Visa Platinum – Kuwait Airways prepaid card.

NBK Customers who have NBK Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) prepaid credit cards qualified for the offer will be valid until the end of the current year.

NBK Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) prepaid and credit cards offer a wide range of tremendous benefits, including: earning Oasis Club miles when using the card, using the miles earned to book Kuwait Airways airline tickets, and upgrading in business or first class, And choosing places as well as taking advantage of extra luggage.

NBK Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) credit and prepaid cards also offer many benefits that guarantee customers a more comfortable and luxurious journey, including: access to the most prominent lounges, travel insurance and arrival upon arrival. airport, as well as the NBK Rewards Program, which qualifies to earn and redeem points in more than 900 participating stores.

On this occasion, the General Manager of Personal Banking Group, Muhammad Al-Othman, said: “We seek to offer exceptional rewards to our customers, in addition to distinctive banking services and products and advanced payment solutions, which contribute to the enrichment of their banking experience. taken. ”

Al-Othman added: “We have well-established relationships with leading leading institutions in many sectors and we are keen for our continued cooperation with them to be reflected in the exclusive benefits we offer to our clients, services and offers that are in line with our aspirations. Theirs”.

Al-Othman noted that the cooperation with Kuwait Airways comes as an extension of the long-term strategic relationship that unites “NBK” and key institutions, and reaffirmed his belief that the bank’s customers will receive exclusive services as a result of that cooperation. , which all parties wish to continue and develop in the future.

For his part, Kuwait Airways Director of Customer Service Mishaal Al-Mutairi said: “Kuwait Airways is pleased to cooperate with the National Bank of Kuwait, one of the most reputable and successful banks in the state of Kuwait and the region , and we are pleased to work together to provide distinctive services to our valued clients in the light of the relationships that bind us. Bank of Kuwait to meet the wishes of customers. “

Al-Mutairi stressed the desire of “Kuwait” to offer a special travel experience for passengers on board the Blue Bird aircraft, which represents the national visa cards of Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) as a prominent contribution and in addition to the aviation package . and travel services received by travel enthusiasts, noting that “Kuwait” diligently and consistently seeks, its services are integrated for the esteemed customer, starting from the entrance to the gate of Terminal 4, passing in the ease of completing travel procedures and arriving on board the plane and getting the best level of distinctive and comfortable services that suit their aspirations to travel to their favorite carrier and give them a luxurious travel experience and safe.

We also emphasize our interest in all services, among which the most important are the menus on board our fleet, which are carefully selected by the best chefs from the national elements, who choose what suits our passengers and always achieve satisfaction Theirs.

Al-Mutairi concluded his statement by saying: “Kuwait Airways continues to launch exceptional programs for its customers by rewarding them with various options and services. It has recently launched the Platinum Card, which is the highest category of Oasis Club cards, as its holder. enjoy many outstanding services, among which is the advantage of obtaining a boarding pass and the arrival of their luggage, as well as the possibility of adding luggage, moreover, its holders can also enter the halls of Kuwait Airways in Kuwait and all destinations to which Blue Bird flies with 2 companions, as well as changing the flight date for free and a large number of services.

We are also pleased to facilitate choices in Services; Whether through our website or through the call center 171 whether booking or issuing tickets or various travel packages through holidays in any hotel selected at competitive prices and we always aspire to be the best and optimal choice for all travelers in it all destinations and destinations as well as new summer destinations that were chosen in response to the requests of our valued members and travelers.

Oasis Club Cards enable customers to receive an additional 15,000 bonus miles upon registration, and rewards of up to 10,000 miles are received when using the card to pay during the first three months of use, and receive additional miles up to 4 times more miles. provided by Nadi The Oasis, when the cards are used to pay daily expenses, in addition to getting two miles to the Oasis Club when traveling on Kuwait Airways.

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