Interior design trends for 2022

The desire for greater comfort and stability dominated last year’s decoration and interior design choices, the second year of the Corona pandemic, in which many existential questions emerged. Who we are? And how do we want to live? And what kind of life and environment really suits us? Rather than simply being drawn to the fashion and opinions of others, these questions have helped us to inspire and nurture our souls to express our desires and choices in different ways.

As we enter the gate of a new year, comfort is the first requirement and anything that reflects a sense of warmth and serenity is required in this year.

shades of green

Green is expected to get a lot of attention in 2022 and one of the shades of green has started to appear combined with blue as the most common color in interior decoration, work and living spaces will flourish in green next year and we also check out the playful green touches painted on the kitchen cupboards and living room walls.

International paint companies listed the green gradient as the first color trend for next year, and this intense affinity with green was explained as it recalls the outside atmosphere and our growing need to connect with nature.

curved lines

Geometric shapes with right angles, common in previous years in furniture, patterns and architecture, will be replaced by smoother and wavy lines, and the focus will be on buying furniture that is a work of art in itself.

A Pinterest report on forecasting trends for 2022 noted an increase in search interest in curved walls and living room sofas over the past year, and now, sleek lines, arches and curves are appearing in collections furniture items.

Interior specialists explain this trend with our collective desire for comfort in difficult times, and this is ensured by the nature of curves and rounded shapes characterized by softness and calmness and distance from sharp corners and straight lines.

Warm neutrals

Bright white colors, steel gray and other neutral colors have long been favorites for their clean, pure and contemporary look, but preferences have begun to shift towards warmer colors as specialists expect to see that warm color palettes turn into cream, beige and nude, as well as rich earthy color shades, including purple, camel and rust tones, applied to walls, upholstery and other furniture to enhance the atmosphere. From warmth, comfort and attractiveness, it is suggested to combine different shades of coffee or dark gray with soft pink tones to warm the room and create a happy atmosphere.

Old and new

More and more, people will tend to place pieces of old furniture next to more modern designs, instead of buying completely new furniture, and the demand for antiques, decorations and antique furniture is growing, not only because they are friendly with environment because of the possibility of reusing items, but also because it offers the advantage of juxtaposing the old cloud in a space, and the chaos of supply difficulty and the problems of delayed orders that continued for months over the past year, contributed in ancient making. more desirable purchases than ever.

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According to a report from Mercari, the online marketplace, Americans spent more than $ 17 billion on used furniture and other household items last year, and that number is expected to grow next year.

Biophilic design

The “biophilic” design also appeared in the “Pinterest Predicts” report for 2022, which essentially contributes to the exterior behavior of our homes through natural materials, colors and plants, and according to specialists, the importance of this trend comes from inspiring the nature of rooted in our human makeup Essentially, the association with which we have historically provided food, clothing, and shelter to humans, and created connections in our brains that subconsciously feel comfortable with the presence of the colors, textures, and patterns of nature.

Studies have also shown that having plants in our home can improve focus and reduce stress levels, in addition to improving indoor air quality.

This interest in focusing on restoring our connection to the natural world through the application of ‘biophilic’ design principles will be matched by a focus on creating tranquil environments that provide natural light and ventilation, and a broad plant involvement. to create a visual connection with nature.

local and sustainable

The demand for durability in consciously made decor, accessories and furniture continues to grow, especially with more people realizing their impact and the impact of the products they consume on the environment and the growing interest in knowing where these products come from. Consumers are now looking at how their furniture is made, including the materials, wood quality, adhesives and fibers used to make it, as well as the distance it takes to reach their homes, are new considerations that are give shape to the customer. decisions and forcing them to make very different choices, including local purchases and reliance on regional suppliers, as a way to reduce carbon emissions.

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