Innovative models at the first shows of Arab Fashion Week

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Yesterday, the parades of the first day of the Arab Fashion Week, which is organized in a strategic partnership between Dubai Design District and the Arab Fashion Council, started yesterday and will continue until the day after tomorrow (March 28), with the participation of the most prominent stylists from all over the world, to offer followers and fashion enthusiasts more than 28 shows of autumn and winter collections, which in its first shows were dedicated to high fashion models for weddings and evenings filled with the magic of innovation and ingenuity. of execution.

In this context, Arab Fashion Week primarily aims to consolidate Dubai’s position as a global fashion capital, discover promising talent, provide a distinctive platform for Arabic design creations by fashion stylists, and set new standards for it. encourage future talent and support initiatives related to the Creative Industries and their pathways, which contribute to pumping new Innovative and creative blood with new visions that are discovered and emphasized that will stimulate partnerships and innovative environments, in a way to ensure the sustainability of the sector, especially through digital discoveries and creative design practices.

elements of nature

In addition, the Egyptian stylist, Maram Burhan, presented at the premiere the models of wedding and evening dresses inspired by her travels and elements found in nature, which flirt with luxury and softness at the same time, so she came to the show rich and charming. fairy tales through any handmade designs from lace and natural silk fabrics. .

It is worth noting that the stylist Maram has launched her first bridal collection in 2017 and is known for her talent in combining all design elements creating a composition full of sweetness and fluidity.

And about the personality of the woman who likes to design for her, Maram says: I do not have a specific female, I just imagine a very feminine and discreet female, I try to present sophistication in my work and ideally. I want the woman who wears my patterns to embody the same spirit that blends with the design template and its raw materials, mostly lace, tulle and embroidery beads. Lace is versatile and a medium that embodies me and I do not get tired of working with it I also like to include feather, palette, glitter and embroidery in my designs, and I like to create layers, in terms of prints, I personally prefer to experiment with textures compared to drawings.

aesthetic values

While the stylist, Barbara Castellanos, highlighted her creative background over the decades, showcasing her collection that combines ready-made evening dresses and high fashion using advanced techniques in designing each piece. The brand has managed to establish simple aesthetic values ​​that are far from pretentious, to offer ideal collections for fashionistas who are looking for dreamy fashion, through which they reflect the maximum ability to use fabrics, shapes, colors and sizes in a modern style. and. elegant way.

Surreal touch

While the stylist Giannina Azar presented an extraordinary spectacle that suits her career of more than 3 decades.

The show highlighted the excellent characteristics of the stylist, which made her one of the favorites in different parts of the world, where her unique style has been quite well received.

Giannina lives in the Dominican Republic, where she has her studio and showroom in Miami, she comments that she leaves everything in God’s hands, because only God knows the perfect moment. “I still dream and live my dream,” she says.

Giannina Azar’s collection this season shows a unique sense of femininity, thinking of romantic flocks, puffy sleeves and shades that emphasize the natural waist, integrating simplicity and classic luxury through 22 vintage models with surreal touches, as well as individual pieces decorated with touches lozonjare. As for monochrome dresses, they display art forms in different dimensions. While other designs have puffy sleeves with a fitted bust, while the narrow ends that widen down harmonize with the top with a prominent design on the shoulders, to form simple creations with a touch of mystery.

delicate mixture

The final show of the first day of Arab Fashion Week came complete with the evening dresses of Palestinian stylist Ihab Jeries, who has two master’s degrees in theatrical and cinematographic fashion and traditional and digital design. He is also a PhD researcher in Fashion Psychology.

Ehab believes that the identity of the dress comes from the small details and the superior quality of the excellent finishes. His collections have always been appreciated and appreciated for his innovations and unique designs that come through pieces that carry a passion for innovation and renewal to meet the aspirations of women who are interested in the latest fashion trends, in which pieces of wrapped cloth, jut. , falls and folds around the body in spaces created through decoration, refining, cutting and integration of various elements. In complete spontaneity, sharp, deliberately reinforced forms are mixed with the clear chromatic richness of figurative artistic formations, especially the thoughtful use of fabrics, which take the form of a barely visible top layer.


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