Here are the necessary travel documents in the time of the Corona

The pandemic changed many of the foundations of the travel world (Getty)

In order not to miss your trip, travel concepts changed two years ago. The effects of the pandemic were not medical or even economic, but rather changed a lot from the foundations followed, especially in the world of tourism and travel. If you think that a passport will allow you to fly and move from one place to another, you may be wrong and you may lose your flight and your money.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), 60,000 passengers return each year to the points of arrival or transfer from the immigration authorities, in stressful and frustrating situations for passengers, due to lack of documents in this problem, so what happens to reality new imposed? from the Corona virus?

According to the aforementioned union, the tourist must pass several tests before entering the international airports, and must also undergo medical examinations to enter the plane, not to mention the new security programs and the green passport.

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Therefore, before planning any tourist trip, keep these documents ready with you. PCR test The nasal swab test for coronavirus, otherwise known as PCR, is one of the most important documents for traveling from one place to another. This test helps search inside the upper respiratory tract for the genetic material (DNA) that causes coronavirus.

Some European airports refuse entry for passengers without obtaining this document within a maximum period of 24 hours, and at other airports, the examination can be carried out 48 hours in advance and then entry is allowed at the airport premises.

And before you leave for American airports, you must perform the examination 72 hours before boarding the plane. This test helps limit the spread of the coronavirus. If the test result is positive, it is possible that the person is infected with the virus, but if it is negative, he is allowed to travel.

This examination is required of all travelers without exception, but the authorities in each country set certain criteria for the submission of age groups. In some Arab airports, especially in the Gulf airports, examination is required from the age of five. At other airports the examination is required by the older age groups, ie those over 16 years old.

Corona examination is a travel requirement (Getty)

health documents

Health travel documents are not new to international travel, some countries have long-term entry requirements, such as yellow fever vaccination certificates, but this was limited in some countries, while entry requirements for the virus travel document Corona are set by most. of countries around the world.

Vaccination or testing requirements vary from country to country and documents often need to be submitted in specific languages ​​and vaccination must be recognized by the countries the visitor enters. As a result, passengers and airlines are trying to keep up with these ever-changing demands.

The International Air Transport Association has developed many websites and applications to assist travelers, for example, IATA Travel Pass, IATA Travel Pass or IATA Timatic Widget that help individuals and businesses navigate this ever-changing environment.

Usually the health document includes the vaccination certificate with its own code that confirms the vaccination of the person, the health condition and the verification of the health immunity. Green Passport A green passport is a document or application that proves that its holder has been vaccinated or completely cured of the Corona virus and can give people the right to enter restaurants, cafes and tourist destinations in general, especially in closed places.

With regard to public places or outdoor gatherings, it has been proven that the transmission of the Corona virus may be low and therefore there is no need for this document, provided that social distancing is respected.

Green Passport Makes the Process Easier (Getty)

Most countries around the world still approve this document and forbid people who do not have it to engage in many activities.

Among these countries are Italy, Cyprus and Belgium. As of August 9, France issued a decree obliging visitors, even residents, to adopt the Green Passport, to attend events with more than 1,000 people.

From September 2021, the green passport is also mandatory for public transport passengers, teachers and university students.

European Digital Certificate (EUDCC)

Several European countries have created the European Digital Certificate, called the EUDCC, which currently serves as a travel card across EU member states, to check a person’s vaccination status in order to facilitate intercontinental travel.

European digital certificate acts as a travel card (AFP)

If you are in one of these European countries, this document must be approved to move from one country to another within the European Union. This document created a state of confusion, which some citizens believe could violate civil liberties and allow “discrimination”.

What distinguishes this European document EUDCC from the green passport is that the latter is used only for persons who have been vaccinated, ie who have received two or more doses, while the EUDCC document shows the results of the PCR test, as people can perform. this examination every 3 days so that they can move from one place to another, or even allow them to have fun in entertainment centers.

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