Gulf News | Fatima Al-Ansari: Interior design was not widespread in the Persian Gulf

Zejneb Ismail wrote:

Bahraini interior design engineer Fatima Al-Ansari said the world of interior design was not widespread in the Al Arabian Gulf countries years ago, at the time I mentioned in an interview with Gulf News that society thought Decoration was itself field of design. , which is what prompted the designers to spread awareness about the former.

Fatima refused to reduce it to the classic and neoclassical style of design, as she stated that she tends to all different styles.

How did the idea of ​​creating this project come about?

Ever since I was young, I dreamed of being a famous interior stylist in the Arabian Gulf and rejected the idea that my presence is like no other place in any country.

It grew and the dream began to multiply. The dream is a goal to be achieved and my persistence reduced the number of years it took to achieve it. I thought that after 5 years I would open a design office, but I opened it faster.

What obstacles have you encountered in your working life?

Lots, but an incalculable number! Every problem pushed me to build myself, do my best and gain enough experience. The most important punishment is that I was young and did not have enough experience. My passion pushed me to be financially exploited, either as a manager or as a business partner.

One of the obstacles I faced in the beginning of my career was to highlight the field of interior design, in the era I joined When this field was not common in Bahrain or the Gulf countries, the community believed that interior design is the same. as a field of decoration.

The first project that left its mark .. Describe to us your happiness for its completion and how was its impact?

It is a mixed-use hall project at the Polytechnic University of Bahrain, which I designed when I was a student. I have been selected by the university even though it is a project that guides large specialized companies. It was a challenge for me and I succeeded.

A success story that was the reason for your start?

All projects are success stories, success is passing the test and passing to a new stage and turning the negative into the positive. Surround yourself with positive people who have dreams and goals that they aim to achieve. They do not want others to reach the top.

What are the popular projects you have designed inside and outside Bahrain?

Most of the projects I have designed are large, and there are small projects. But luxury projects get 80%in our company. There are magnificent palaces, mosques and large government projects.

The story of the opening of the new branch in Bahrain and the expansion abroad?

I have achieved a lot in the past years, so I decided to open the current branch. Since 2019 I have started looking for an alternative location to the old one, currently a trading company has been opened in the name of (Fatima Al-Ansari Company design) on another site.

The expansion was not only in location, but also in the number of employees and emphasizing Bahrainis. I like to support the people of my kingdom because all the employees in the company are Bahraini, so the people of my country have the right to recruit and highlight their talents.

An advice you would give to any person or student who likes to enter this field?

Do not think about the monthly income for this type of specialization, but the goal is development in the field and creativity in it. Do not enter any specialty just because it is desirable in this time period. Specialization is a love of the field because every field has patience, whether in the academic or practical period.

What lessons have you learned from your experience in this area?

I learned that everything compensates and every loss compensates me for what I lost. I learned to stay away from all negative people because they are an obstacle in the world of success.

Why are your models all classic or neoclassical? Are you a fan of this style?

I tend to all styles and colors of design, clients sometimes look for designs according to my taste. When the items are in the right place, the result will be accurate. Clients usually look classic and neoclassical. But we as a company apply all designs.

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