Give the dining room an elegant and modern touch with the most beautiful wallpaper patterns 2022 | OVERVIEW

Interior designer Hala Al-Mosili: Wallpaper replaces the usual paint in dining rooms with its innovative designs and colors that whet the appetite.

Beirut It is preferred that the dining rooms be airy and sparkling, and some simple touches can be added to the room to renew its appearance. Wallpaper is a great way to add charm to the dining room, especially if it is shared, to create the perfect environment for fun and dining.

Interior designer Hala Al-Mosili considers that the fashion of wallpaper has its own splendor and distinctive and multiple colors, which disperse the usual paint and give extra charm to home decorations that keep pace with modernity and modernity .

Dining rooms in the home are of great importance, so it is necessary to pay attention to their innovative models and colors that whet the appetite.

Dimensional graphics feature optical illusions that suggest that the area of ​​the room has become wider (pixels)

Creative ideas for the dining room

A variety of different colors and patterns should be added to any space with this innovative dining room wallpaper set to get a stunning factor, giving the room a personal touch that creates a focal point in the interior decoration. It is important to choose a grain wallpaper to raise the level of dinners and family meals.

Decorator Al Musali says there are plenty of wallpapers suitable for dining rooms, including traditional designs to decorate with glowing flowers or geometric patterns to create a more modern touch and with all colors. And wallpaper can be made on a wall in the room, for example, to maintain the simplicity of the shape of the room.

And confirms that the wallpaper adds a special touch to the interior decoration through attractive designs and drawings, some of which are inspired by picturesque nature, and some of which adopt simple and clear geometric lines within a wide selection of colors , bright and pastel ones, to create a special and unique atmosphere in the decoration of the dining room.

Choose prints that reflect the interests of a personal touch in your space - (Pixels)
Prints that reflect interests can be chosen as a personal touch to add to your space (pixels).

the benefits of wallpaper

Below are the most important ideas and tips that Al-Mosili offers regarding decorating dining rooms with wallpaper:

  • One of the most important benefits of wallpaper is the radical change it makes to the look of the dining room, as a new style gives life to the room. In some cases, the room appears to have been completely renovated, with only a slight change to the wallpaper.
  • You can choose a design that contains one of the integrated graphics and then add it to the main wall of the room, as it will add to the room a wonderful atmosphere. This idea can be chosen to implement in small dining rooms, as the dimensional drawings form optical illusions that give the feeling that the room has been made spacious.
    An abstract design has been chosen for the wallpaper, adding interest of colors without being visible patterned wallpaper - (pixel).
    Choosing an abstract wallpaper design that adds color and aesthetic interest (pixel)
  • Geometric shapes that adopt simple lines, sharpness and clarity in their designs, give the dining room decorations a unique touch that keeps pace with the times and its mood; Thanks to the constant use of color, it restores life to the walls.
  • Attractive colors – especially bright ones – are worthy of bold dining room decorations, as they depend on simple furniture designs and in a neutral color, to highlight the beauty of the colors within the interior decoration. As well as those that adopt calm pastel colors, giving the dining room decorations a special charm.
  • Patterned wallpaper can be a radical change for any dining room, as using color and pattern is a rewarding way to make the most of the interior space.
    Vertical lines can increase the feeling of height in small spaces (pixels).
    Attractive colors – especially bright ones – fit into bold dining room decorations and rely on simple furniture (pixel) patterns.
  • Floral and sexy frescoes add a delightful look, without detaching from the interior color scheme.
  • To keep the dining space quiet and effortless, an abstract wallpaper design is chosen, which gives chromatic interest without being visibly stamped paper, as natural materials – through the wooden dining table – enhance the overall look of the dining room. a relaxed and serene aesthetic.
  • Revitalizing the dining room space with lush green wallpaper, makes us feel calm and happy.
    It's important to choose a grain wallpaper to increase the level of dinners and family meals - (Pixels)
    It is important to choose a grain wallpaper to raise the level of dinners and family meals (pixels)
  • Choose prints that reflect a personal touch to your space and bring new life to a more neutral dining room.
  • If the wallpaper chosen is transverse, it gives the dining room width in the transverse space and vertical lines can increase the sense of height in small spaces.
    Those that adopt calm pastel colors that give the dining room decorations a special charm - (pixel).
    Smooth pastel colors give the dining room decorations their charm (pixel)
  • When using dark wallpaper, it is best to combine it with simple wooden furniture to avoid feeling cramped and cluttered.
  • Decorating a wall using large pictures with interesting and amazing wall art, gives a unique look.
  • You can choose the forms of “modern” (modern) wooden shelves and add them to the wall of the dining room, they reflect an elegant look, and at the same time the shelves help to regulate the purposes of the dining room, in addition to the fact that some eye-catching vases and “antiques” can be placed, and thus the decoration of the dining room becomes attractive and special.

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