From visa to passport .. Learn birth secrets in America

The dream of obtaining foreign citizenship, especially American, remains with a large segment of parents, hoping to enjoy the benefits of American citizenship for the newborn and then obtain residency in the United States of America and in simple words through Google search engine, many women. can enter the world of mothers seeking to give birth to their children In America, and why not, is the most prominent country that grants citizenship to children born on its land under the US Constitution, which has done so place in recent years the destination of those seeking an alternative homeland.

Women’s desire to be born in America is not the result of political events in the region, or the fervent desire of young people to emigrate, but dates back to decades ago when immigration laws were lighter and citizenship was granted to the mother. and the child, but this feature was removed and the granting of citizenship was restricted to the child born.on American soil.

According to an Al-Jazeera Net report, families had several choices between European countries granting newborn citizenship, but all European Union countries restricted naturalization conditions to limit what is called “birth tourism”, while places like e.g. Canada, America, Argentina and Brazil continued to offer the right of non-national citizenship. Conditions for birth, but it is common to encounter difficulties in obtaining a tourist visa to Canada and Brazil remains a better option for some because it gives parents the right to stay in the country.

Obtaining a visa

If a woman decides to take the birth step in America, you will easily find several female groups through Facebook and WhatsApp, offering tips for previous experiences.

It’s wrong for a woman to hide her pregnancy from embassy staff when applying for a visa (Pixabay)

The first piece of advice for those who have not obtained a previous entry visa to America is to hide their pregnancy in various ways and this is the first mistake women make because getting a visa for a pregnant woman is legitimate, too. if she notifies The embassy employee intends to give birth in America, provided her bank account covers the birth expenses.

Women may not realize that the embassy staffer or consul has passed hundreds of thousands of pregnant women before, so trying to hide the pregnancy is questionable for the visa applicant, so she should answer clearly if asked about her intention to born in America.

Do airlines allow pregnant women to travel?

All airlines allow pregnant women to travel, but companies vary in the weeks of pregnancy they are allowed to travel. Sometimes a pregnant woman is allowed to travel up to 32-36 weeks of pregnancy with a baby, while pregnant women are not allowed to travel in twins after 30-32 weeks, and companies require the presence of a medical report from the doctor after the case where it is said not there are health problems that impede travel, by determining the number of fetuses and weeks of pregnancy.

Traveling in the last months of pregnancy is more stressful for the pregnant woman, and swelling of the limbs and some severe cramps appear and given the duration of the flight, the woman has to walk in the corridors of the plane, drink fluids and seek help from the crew of hospitality if necessary.

The journey to find a doctor and maternity ward

Choosing a country of birth depends on the state as an essential step, and as medical care in most American hospitals stands out, research is moving toward a state that provides lower-cost health care, and southern states are known to be cheaper. along with states like California, New Jersey and Chicago, where large numbers of people from Arab communities live.

The cost of giving birth in the free states varies from four to seven thousand dollars for a natural birth and from six to nine thousand dollars for a cesarean section and it is taken into account that the cost of the hospital does not include the doctor’s fee either. anesthesia, so the woman should communicate directly with the doctor who asks from 1500 to three thousand dollars for health follow-up during pregnancy, in addition to childbirth. Anesthesia costs from five hundred to 1500 dollars.

Get health insurance or wait for an emergency?

Some seek health insurance to reduce the cost of having a baby, but it is usually not recommended because getting health insurance is a right of the American citizen and then the mother can be denied an entry visa renewal if she does not prove that she has paid the maternity expenses with invoices confirmed by the hospital.

Some women risk entering the country in the last weeks of pregnancy, perhaps days before the scheduled date of birth, and to save costs, they wait until the labor pains come and go to the emergency room, but this is a threat to her life. and the life of the fetus, and this may cause her to fall into crisis because she will be held accountable to the Hospital at the highest cost without negotiation.

cost negotiation

The woman can negotiate with the hospital about the cost of having the baby and get a discount that can range from 40 to 75% if she confirms to the financial department that she has no health insurance and will pay the full amount in cash.

An agreement can also be reached with the hospital finance department to get a payment plan over the course of a year, for example, where the wife pays half the cost in advance, and the rest of the amount is paid each month or each set of months. provided the payment has been made.

Hospitals do not require payment guarantees other than a copy of the passport and an address to send invoices to, within or outside the United States, and the final cost of the birth is not determined until the wife and child are discharged from the hospital in a few days. those who plan to flee without paying are exposed to a crisis if they decide to settle in America and another crisis in renewing entry visas for parents.

Passport issuance procedures

After the hospital is born, the hospital issues an initial birth certificate for the child, which includes the basic data about it. The certificate is sent to the competent authority to issue the social security number (SSN), which continues with the child throughout his life. life, in addition to the issuance of the basic birth certificate. Once the two documents are obtained, the parents apply for a U.S. passport for the child, and the application requires the presence of the father or the presence of an officially documented consent from the father authorizing the mother to issue the passport.

Usually the ordinary passport is issued within 15 working days, while the urgent passport can be delivered to the child for travel reasons with the presence of flight reservation tickets and then the child receives the passport on the same day or within 48 hours, assuming the birth of a child in America means giving him the right of citizenship, parents can travel with their child without a US passport and get all the documents from US embassies and consulates around the world. As for the baby he travels with a document issued by the embassy of the country of the parents and the airlines do not allow the travel of infants under the age of 15 days.

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