Emirates launches service to Tel Aviv on June 23rd

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Emirates Airlines announced that it will start operating its daily flights to Tel Aviv from June 23, 2022. Emirates will use its modern Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, in a three-class division, which offers eight private suites in the Class First, 42 seats on its flights on this itinerary.Converted to semi-flat beds in business class and 304 comfortable seats in economy class.

Adnan Kazim, Chief Operating Officer of the Emirates, said: “We look forward to welcoming passengers on our flights to and from Tel Aviv this summer and offering them excellent connectivity skills that allow them to travel straight to and from our center. in Dubai, in light of the ongoing easing of travel restrictions around the world.The world due to the Covid 19 pandemic and more countries opened their doors to visitors.

He explained that in addition to launching latent travel demand, the launch of Emirates Airlines flights to Israel will provide more opportunities for travel to different parts of the world and will also provide more opportunities for investors, businessmen and company representatives who to Visit Dubai | and many destinations within our flight network that include around 130 destinations, in addition to enjoying the outstanding hospitality for which Emirates is globally famous and the quality travel experience that has won many prestigious international awards.

He added, “Emirates Airlines is committed to providing new opportunities for business and tourism, and strengthening bilateral links between the UAE and Israel.” We are confident that our new services will have a positive impact on improving Israel’s connection to major global destinations. We would like to thank the relevant authorities in the UAE and Israel for their continued support, which made possible the provision of these services.

The first flight, EK 931, will depart from Dubai International Airport at 15:50 on 23 June, arriving at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv at 18:00 local time. As for the return flight “EK932”, it will depart from Ben Gurion Airport at 19:55, arriving in Dubai at 23:59 local time. Both flights are planned to allow more convenient access to Dubai and ideal opportunities to travel with connecting flights to popular holiday destinations such as Thailand, India, Philippines, Maldives, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

In addition to joint code flights operated by flydubai, the new Emirates flights will allow non-stop connected flights from many destinations on the airline network, with daily and weekly flights to Australia, Brazil, India, the Philippines, Thailand and South Africa. includes large Jewish communities. Travelers from the United States and Brazil who seek to stop in Dubai before completing their trip to Tel Aviv can also take advantage of the Dubai Stop Over program, which includes accommodation in world-class hotels, viewing the most prominent attractions. and enjoying some recreational activities.

Statistics from the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai show that Israel was one of the 20 largest tourism markets in Dubai during 2021. There are great opportunities to increase this tourist influx, in light of Dubai’s continuity to welcome more visitors during 2022 and the ever-expanding list of different experiences and offers.

Passengers with Emirates will enjoy an unparalleled in-flight experience, including premium hospitality services offered by multinational crew members and entertainment options, through the Emirates Airline entertainment pricing system, which includes more than 4,500 entertainment channels. . Including several movies in Hebrew, including “Yotir Mima Shimagia Lee”, “Happy Times”, “Isha Ovidate”, “Africa”, “Electrovaser and Asia”.

Emirates was also the first airline to feature the critically acclaimed documentary Amen Amen Amen. The film tells the story of coexistence, mutual respect and friendship between Muslims and Jews in the Emirates, as well as the historic gift of a copy of the “Book of the Torah”, which was handed over to the leadership of the state.

Emirates Air Cargo will also have a capacity of 20 tonnes for flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv, allowing Israeli businesses and businesses to export their products such as medicines, high-tech equipment, vegetables, fruits and other perishable goods. The flights are also expected to transport raw materials and components used in manufacturing, semiconductors and e-commerce packages to Israel.

Emirates Holidays, the airline holiday arm, also offers travelers from Israel tailored vacations in Dubai and various destinations within the airline’s flight network, accommodation in carefully selected hotels and the enjoyment of quality experiences during their travels. Emirates Airlines has an extensive network in the Middle East and currently serves 12 cities in the region from Dubai.


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