Egypt in Arabic newspapers .. Health initiatives and new decisions related to Hajj

Today, Wednesday, Arab newspapers covered a lot of news about Egypt, including the Libyan consultations in Cairo and the initiative to detect newborn patients under the care of the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Al-Dustour monitors the most prominent news in the Arab newspapers about Egypt.

The Saudi website Al Arabiya said that under Egyptian sponsorship, a round of dialogue was launched between the two delegations from the Libyan Parliament and the Supreme Council of State, to consult on finding a consensual constitutional basis and resolving legal disputes, such as part of a new endeavor. to facilitate the holding of elections in Cairo as soon as possible.

She indicated that these consultations would last for a whole week under the supervision of the UN Adviser on the Libyan dossier Stephanie Williams and under the auspices of Egypt, where a joint committee consisting of 24 members of Parliament and the Supreme Council of State selected for this. the aim will be to negotiate for the resolution of the controversial articles in the draft constitution.

In its report published today, Wednesday, the Emirates newspaper, Al-Ain, highlighted the Egyptian initiative for free detection of neonatal diseases, under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The daily writes that the Ministry of Health announced an initiative under the auspices of President Sisi to detect genetic diseases in newborns.

Ministry of Health continues to examine newborns as part of the President's initiative to detect genetic diseases - Porta Al-Ahram

The list published by the Ministry of Health on the official Facebook page includes 19 patients who are exposed free of charge.
It is worth noting that the Egyptian presidency had announced a medical initiative in 2018, entitled “100 million health”, which aimed to make a slander to most citizens to ensure that they are not infected with hepatitis C, and treat those who are found to have the disease.

She was in fact able to implement the initiative, to completely eliminate the risk of contracting the disease.

The Egyptian state is inclined to present major initiatives of recent years, in the health sector, under the auspices of the President of the Republic and for free.

The Emirati newspaper, Al Bayan, praised the decision to withdraw all Indomie products from the market in Egypt, noting that Dr. Hussein Mansour, head of the Food Safety Authority in Egypt, announced that all Indomie products are being withdrawn from the market.

He added that there are parties that are pulling the product and we will analyze its samples.

All Indomie products have been withdrawn from the market

The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa, said that the Prime Minister, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, at the meeting of the High Ministerial Committee for Hajj, during which an agreement was reached on a series of controls, including the prohibition of Hajj at his expense. of the state or of any of its members this year, with the hajj limited to this year, the obligatory hajj for those who have not previously performed the hajj, and for the Ministry of Health and Population to establish health checks for those who are most at risk of infection. to avoid their trip this year.

Madbouly: The state relies heavily on the private sector for its economy

During yesterday’s government meeting, Madbouly touched on the “State Property Policy Document”, emphasizing that the mechanisms it contains will have a clear positive impact, represented as a security message for the local investor and an element of attracting investment. foreign. , as well as contributes to increasing the trust of international institutions, as it represents an integrated plan aimed at strengthening the private sector and regulating the state’s presence in economic activity, to complement the government reforms adopted by the Egyptian state.

The Council of Ministers also approved a draft law banning child marriage.

The draft law provides that the marriage contract for a person under eighteen years of age in Gregorian can not be verified and the above contract can not be ratified Eighteen years for the crimes provided for in Articles 267, 268 and 269 of the Criminal Code, after a final guilty verdict .

Whoever marries or marries a man or a woman, neither of whom has reached the age of eighteen at the time of marriage, shall be punished by imprisonment of not less than one year and by a fine of not less than fifty. one thousand pounds and not more than two hundred thousand pounds Authorization, notarization or guardian of the child on leave and if he is his guardian due to guardianship.

Kuwaiti Al-Anbaa also reported that the Egyptian House of Representatives had agreed to activate the express passport issuance service at Egyptian consulates.
Representative Shaima Halawa, member of the House of Representatives for Egyptians Abroad, stated that the House of Representatives’s Committee on Proposals and Appeals had approved the proposal, at the request of the House of Representatives, regarding the activation of the express service for issuing passports. and all official documents at Egyptian consulates abroad.

Speaker: Restoring the spirit of solidarity and joint Arab action is an existential necessity - Porta Al Shorouk - Mobile version

Halawa added that she had submitted a proposal voluntarily, and it was discussed and approved by the House of Representatives Committee on Proposals and Complaints regarding the rapid fulfillment of the interests of citizens abroad in cooperation with various state agencies, as the Egyptians abroad suffer from serious diseases. delays in obtaining documents from consulates, which negatively affects them and that these delays lead to the loss of some jobs.

The Emirati newspaper, Al-Watan, announced that EgyptAir will resume its flights between Cairo and Moscow, starting on April 15.

EgyptAir announced the resumption of its direct flights between Cairo and Moscow at a rate of one daily flight no. MS729 / MS730, as of Friday, April 15, 2022, aboard its Boeing B737-800.

A new escalation .. EgyptAir issues an important announcement for travelers to Ethiopia

In a statement, EgyptAir appealed to its customers who have prior bookings and customers wishing to travel between Cairo and Moscow to contact the 1717 customer service center or to contact authorized travel and tourism agents.

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