Creative Director Sidarth Menon: I got the love for design from my mother

Sidarth Menon is passionate about design, expressing his love for this world, together with his team, through artistic creations expressed in playful and colorful furniture. Siddarth attaches importance to sustainability (responsible use of natural resources) in his Dubai-based studio, Designkraft, and serves as its Creative Director. He values ​​the city with inspiration. In the following dialogue, he talks about the artistic furniture he produces and his vision for the world of design.

Introduce yourself to the readers of “Madam” …

Siddharth Menon, Founder, Creative Director and Managing Partner, Designkraft

Siddharth Menon, a Canadian citizen based in Dubai, is the Founder, Creative Director and Managing Partner of Designkraft. After a decade working in the financial field, I grew into a businessman who founded and managed two companies, based outside Dubai. As for Designkraft, it is the fruit of my lifelong love and passion for design, art and engineering. Like all good things in my life, my mother’s passion for these areas was immersed! Studio is a platform for people to express their individuality through design, the connection of freedom, creativity and commitment.

Tell us more about the “studio” idea; Source design by a team based in the UAE?

Photo from the art furniture collection “Ideas Take Shape”

The studio specializes in the design and production of entertainment, functional and durable furniture, lighting units and facilities. We are proud that our production in the Emirates, as we anticipate the designs, has been taken over by our team in Dubai. Currently, we are exploring collaborations with some dedicated stylists from the UAE and hope to discover this collaboration in the coming months.

History of the city of Dubai

It seems to me that the “studio” is inclined to highlight local skills and youthful talent, in harmony with the Dubai skyline. Is it true?
of course; Dubai is central to all our work. It is in this city that we conceive, implement and inspire concepts. As one of the only stylists and stylists in the UAE. Guided by a bold and youthful vision, we look forward to showcasing the art of artisans in our workshop, much like the history of the city.

We are inspired by concepts from Dubai, which is central to all businesses

‘Studio’ collections, attractive pieces in unusual colors and shapes; How do you approach label design?
We approach the design in the “studio” in a playful approach, which the colors express best. We believe that these ‘cheerful’ furnishings affect the ‘mood’ of the room in which they are located, whether it is a part that declares an aesthetic attitude or even a part in a wider design.

Design is an expressive language

How do you define “maximum” in design, especially since style seems to be a one-size-fits-all approach to collections?
It seems to me that “maximalism” is a state of subjective expression that refers less to the excessive work on the design of a space, and more clearly, to its interior design for the life of someone, the inhabitant of the space. In this context, we at Studio help people express themselves through Design.

The latter group focused on creating parts, executing them from local materials, such as glass and camel skin, away from imports.

With the increase in the number of furniture collectors in the Arab region, do you think that the furniture produced by the “studio” is especially in demand by young collectors?
The issue is evolving rapidly, making it difficult to draw a definitive conclusion on the subject, but the presence of furniture collectors is certainly felt, especially those looking beyond art in the field of design. I think that in the future the new generation will be the more mature “consumer” of design, because they grow up in homes where design products are present.


Photos from the group ‘Hallucinations’

What are the main materials used in the production of furniture, noting that durability is an obsession in The Studio?
Accurate; Driven by a commitment to sustainability, the latest collection, Hallucinations, celebrates locally available materials, e.g. fiberglass, camel leather and glass. The starting point to work on this collection was the creation of the pieces, as they were made from local materials, far from the import of any material. This group will represent a range of others who will follow the same approach.


Furniture is produced in limited parts; Is the goal to make each piece unique?
Every piece in the collection seems to express our mood and values ​​in design, where freedom allows us to be creative to the point of making every piece of furniture speak for itself, without explanations or clarifications from its designers and creators, and plays a aesthetic role. Add to that the importance of being unique and exclusive, there are special teams that take production to a higher level, adapting parts to meet customers ’tastes on a chosen basis, with defined controls.

What are the studio’s participation this year in “Design” artistic events, locally and internationally?
We aim to engage in various activities, collaborate with more local entities and can already participate in Dubai Design Week 2022. Internationally, we are still evaluating events in which our participation will make sense. In this context, I invite the readers of “Madam” to follow our new posts on the platform “Instagram”.


  • Images from the DesignKraft collections: Hallucinations and Shaping Ideas

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