Bedroom with luxury hotel suite

The good selection of materials, materials and colors, is the starting point to design a bedroom similar to a luxury hotel suite. In this context, “Sadaty” by the architect, interior designer and CEO of IFA Interior Design Company, Saima Ahmed Al-Mansoori, looked at specific points to make the bedroom luxurious and comfortable, simulating the passage of time in a hotel with five yje.

Seema Ahmed Al Mansouri

Modern design for bedrooms

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Modern design points related to luxury bedroom design include:
• Use wood panels (or wallpaper) to cover the walls.
• Acquiring neutral or calm colors of the place, such as shades of blue in general or any other color that expresses the personality of the occupant of the room.
• Avoid choosing large furniture and accessories with ornaments, as in the classic style.
• Caring for the ceiling or (fifth wall), as the engineer Al-Mansoori called it, and the floors.
• Take care of the way the furniture is distributed, in order to make the most of the space, especially where the bed is located, the most important part of the bedroom.
• Achieve consistency between room equipment, including the bed and its accessories, cupboards, tables, wardrobes – if any – bathroom and living area. In this context, Engineer Al-Mansoori says that “the designer must find the right solutions for everything that can create a feeling of unease in the place, such as bypassing the ceiling height by adding a long head that helps visually reduce his height. and focus on balancing the space. ” She adds that “chaos is lacking in the hotel room, as there are no unnecessary items on the table or side tables”, emphasizing that the secret of comfort that hotel units transmit to the same guest, may be due to the adoption of neutral colors or earthy or shades of gray, away from gloomy colors;

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clothes corner

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The dressing room of the main bedroom contains a shelf, glass cupboards and places to store accessories, perfume bottles, bags and shoes. In this space, lighting has the most prominent role, especially when distributed around mirrors, in addition to the hidden lighting distributed between cabinet shelves. It is preferred that the corner of the garment has an acceptable space, which enables the woman to move freely in it. But in case of lack of necessary space, it is preferable not to give the corner, only with wall cabinets.

bathroom details

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Every detail of the bedroom draws attention from the bathroom, complementing the luxurious palette of decor. In this context, it is not preferable for the bathroom door to be opposite the entrance to the bedroom, with the importance of studying the needs of the space for lighting, the manner of distribution of tools and their number. Note that bath attendance requires special adjustment, as well as whether the occupant of the room requires the addition of a low sink ablution corner, with a careful study of the location of pipes, wires, air conditioning ducts, and intake of air, and working to hide them, taking into account the decor of the walls and the quality of the floors.

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One of the ideas that can be inspired by hotels with contemporary design, is the open glass bathroom in the room, if some consider the mentioned design impractical. It is also helpful to learn about new technologies in the production of locally used materials, to ensure greater comfort and safety, such as anti-slip materials in certain places or those that are anti-moisture. However, in luxury bathrooms, equipped with accessories, and rich in details, such as: hidden lighting, given the harmony with the colors and fabrics of the bedroom, pieces of marble with different shapes and textures prevail.

private space

It is preferable to share a space in the bedroom to accommodate the occupant’s hobbies, such as a quiet reading corner by the window. The corner is furnished with a comfortable chair, with armrests and simple shelves for books, as well as a corner for coffee and soft drinks, near the living room.
Ideas: Setting up a small desk in the room, a desk with lighting suitable for writing or performing simple tasks.

Quality bed

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The bed should measure 180 x 200 centimeters and the back should look like part of the wall, lying on top of all the latter, upholstered or covered with wallpaper. On the other hand, some prefer the free bed from the back to focus on the wall behind it.
Bed complements, such as mattresses, pillows, and blankets, should be given the hassle of thinking and planning, knowing that these items do not need to be replaced in the short term. In this context, the choice is focused on soft, comfortable and luxurious fabrics, especially white American cotton for sheets, cotton that is softer, with multiple washes and is suitable for all seasons of the year. An indication that most hotels often choose white for sheets, towels and bathrobes.
On the side of the pillows it is recommended to use more than one type, size and color for them and then arrange them in a way that highlights the clear contrast in the type of fabric and decorations, without filling the bed with them. In this regard, feather pillows look luxurious, but are not suitable for sensitive individuals. In addition, pillows covered with natural silk or satin covers have benefits for the skin and hair, as they retain the moisture of the latter, as well as prevent the appearance of wrinkles …
The cover, on the other hand, keeps the bed clean as well as defines the character of the room, especially when it is chosen luxuriously. In this regard, there are a variety of suitable fabrics, such as: satin, silk, organza, hand-embroidered fabrics and decorated with stones.

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Attractive curtains

It is worth coordinating the fabric and color of the curtains, and those of the bedspreads. In general, dark curtains fit the bedroom, or they are multi-layered (one thick layer and one transparent) to block direct sunlight and achieve privacy. Note that long curtains promote intimacy in the place.
As for the sizes of the curtains, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room when sewing them.

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carpet warmth

The size and design of the carpet is one of the factors that influences the preparation of a balanced and warm decor, even in the definition of parts in the bedroom, such as when laying a carpet in the special session next to the bed, and the surrounding area its extends to the end. It is known that there are different shapes of carpets; Rectangular, circular or oval, each chosen according to the shape and divisions of the room.

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lighting balance

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Because relaxation is the main goal of the bedroom design, lighting should be given importance because it is influential in this context, taking into account the provision of a balanced amount of it, either direct or lateral that enables the occupant of the room read in advance. bed, or those that throw away the elements Precious objects in the room, such as patterns, pictures and paintings, without neglecting the role of natural light.

Here are some mistakes about bedroom lighting:
• Distribution of lighting units, separated from each other according to specific distances, which reduces the quality of lighting and thus gives the room a gloomy atmosphere, with high electricity consumption. On the other hand, it is always advisable to choose additional lighting units that focus on certain elements.
• The desired lighting design may not fit into the bedroom decor or be installed incorrectly in order to emit low light.
• Missing the importance of shadows. For example: placing the lighting unit on the head leads to covering the entire face, which makes it difficult to apply makeup on the table. The same goes for all jobs, like: office, if any.
• Use glowing or white lighting. On the other hand, warm white lighting suits the country or yellow, regardless of its scale.

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