Architect Rasha Al-Naqieb: Interior design is like working on a “painting”

The world of decoration and interior design has left a great and influential mark on our Arab world. Many people have the culture and awareness in search of the best ideas to make great home decorations, to feel comfortable and at the same time to create a modern atmosphere in our homes.

Architect Rasha Al-Naqeeb has been able to leave her mark in the world of interior design, as she is considered one of the pioneers in this field, to share with us today in a special dialogue with “Vision” many details. in this area, and offers some tips in the world of interior decoration.


Iraqi engineer Rasha Al-Naqeeb told us that the starting point was that as a child, because of her love for drawing and design, she chose to study architecture and worked on it for several years. During all stages of working with these designs. starting from the division of corners and spaces, ending with the choice of furniture and the placement of aesthetic touches of the decor, the work ends as a “painting” as he mentioned, because of its great influence, especially that the interior design plays a big role. The role in making people feel psychologically comfortable.

The things we miss most in our Arab homes

Interior designer Rasha Al-Naqeeb explained to us that the exaggerated focus on luxury, providing spaces and rooms to receive guests, instead of paying attention to our psychological comfort in our homes and better use of spaces, can be one of the things we. I miss in our Arab homes.

And she added, we also lack to add to every human being a touch of soul and personality in the choice of interior designs and decorations, relying on direct imitation and fully following fashion, even if it is not appropriate for the style. of our living.

Colors that we should avoid in home decor

Rasha Al-Naqieb mentioned that it is good to always be aware of the effect of colors on the psychological state of individuals at home, or of people who use the place in general, as they play a major role in creating an atmosphere of calm. and home comfort as a whole.

She explained that colors have two effects, the first is a direct physiological effect on the organs of the human body, such as the effect of blue hues on the nervous system, for example, and the second effect is psychedelic, which depends on the senses. impressions, such as colors that give us a sense of space or warmth of a place.

Therefore, bright colors that bring activity and enthusiasm, such as orange, red, and bright yellow in bedrooms, should be avoided. Instead, calm colors like blue or light green can be used, as both help to relax and unwind. to avoid dark colors for the walls in small spaces because they make the rooms or place look smaller.

The most fashionable colors this year

Al-Naqib stressed that earthy colors with all their different scales are among the modern home decoration classes as well as nature-derived colors and light pastel colors.

Tips for preparing the house for Eid al-Adha 2021

Since we are only a few days away from the Eid al-Adha holiday 2021, Rasha Al-Naqieb advised the need to start adopting the decor during this period, in order to have time to organize the house and focus on the children’s rooms by decorating them for create an atmosphere of joy and happiness, in addition to decorating the parts of the house. The house is decorated with various decorations such as lanterns, as well as taking special care to coordinate the dining table, by adding candles and placing decorations reflecting our heritage and customs.

The best places to place mirrors at home

Engineer Rasha Al-Naqieb told us that the presence of mirrors in the house plays a big role in the interior design of houses, especially that mirrors are a tool used to open large areas through reflections to make the room bigger than it actually seems. Creativity makes it a cornerstone of your home.

For example, if the entrance to the house is small, the placement of large mirrors will give width to the entrance, and the mirrors can be placed opposite the sockets in the living room, which gives the room an attractive touch and reflects the respective aesthetic appearance.

Which is better for home lighting in yellow or white and why?

People usually wonder about the preference between yellow and white lighting, so we liked in our interview with engineer Rasha Al-Naqeeb that she was the best person to answer this question, as she told us that a quality does not can be easily preferred over another. For example, we find warm yellow lighting preferred by me, those who live in cold places because they give a feeling of warmth, unlike hot regions that tend to adopt cold lighting.

But in general, we can say that cool white lighting is most suitable for large halls that want to energize the audience, and may also be suitable for work offices, while yellow lighting is suitable for home rooms as living room and bedrooms, because it gives a sense of comfort to the body as a whole and the eye in particular, while white lighting can be used in the kitchen and study room to feel vibrant and energetic.

What traders expect the most

Rasha Al-Naqieb explained to us that what her clients look forward to working on the interior design of different countries is to provide a comfortable place visually and functionally, by adopting a design that uses existing spaces correctly. , and making designs that fit their lifestyle by adding aesthetic touches in line with fashion.

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