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Beirut – The sculptural pieces with curved shapes and protruding edges, which witnessed the peak of popularity in the sixties and seventies of the last century, were an element of the modern movement in decor during the middle of the last century.

After a long pause from the spotlight, we see it slowly but surely penetrating the world of design. This season, it is taking over, as the reappearance of sculptural forms forms a beautiful balance between the various energies present in the spaces of the house, so that they can be elegantly coordinated with modern furniture to complement the elegant image of the corners. . of the house.

The presence of curved shapes is not limited to furniture pieces, but is also included in the design of ceilings through gypsum works (pixels).

Curved holiday fashion 2022

Lebanese interior designer Nour Salameh explains that furniture and decorative pieces with curved edges are among the trends that have emerged in recent years and also accompany us in 2022. This trend is suitable for women who enjoy a modern style (style) and are looking for ways to reflect this style at home in a simple and innovative way at the time of a sample.

She explains that the curved lines are not exclusive to modern and contemporary spaces, but rather they appear in all styles, even the classic ones, as they are visible on the arches and facades of exterior buildings. And she points out that “curved lines inside the house look attractive and welcoming and make their gaze long, away from controls and restrictions, as well as draw attention to a focal point or a certain feature in the space.”

In terms of decor, there is a “crescent sofa” or “conversation sofa” because it strengthens the communication between the sitting, except for the chairs with circular bases, and those that are practical, compared to the usual ones, do not do especially when two. the sides of the sloping chairs are distributed within the connecting frame between the two spaces.

And it turns out that, in a space, parts with curved lines can be combined with parts of straight shapes, to achieve visual balance in space. Note that the curves reflect feminine taste and softness, unlike straight forms that impose seriousness, rigor and sharpness. To balance the decor, you can choose a curved sofa that is dominated by any neutral color, with rectilinear tables and chairs.

Chairs with round bases are more practical than ordinary ones (pixels)

Artistic and functional pieces

The interior designer says that the narrow room accommodates the presence of curved furniture, when choosing pieces in proportion to the size of the space, and to show the curved furniture in shape from all its sides, not leaning against the wall. , but rather arranged in a place in the middle of the architectural space. She describes the curved furniture as “artistic and functional at the same time, adding joy and vitality to the space”.

It also confirms that the presence of curved forms is not limited to furniture, but is also involved in the design of ceilings through gypsum works, noting that in ancient times, most architectural forms were arches and domes. Console tables are also designed according to curved shapes.

Add to this the pieces of carpet decorated with drawings and diagonal stripes that reflect this trend, and the beds are designed in a way that they look sloping, emphasizing this by avoiding choosing a mattress that covers the entire size of the bed or placing the sofa on the edge of the bed.

In the bathroom, the sloping appearance is accentuated by the soft oval sink (or tub).

Pure white has been a favorite for a long time because of its clean, tidy and contemporary look (pixel).

hidden colors

These light and delicate colors do not tire the viewer with their brightness, but rather comfort the recipient. Neutral and soft colors that resemble skin tones with what they hide and carry rejuvenation and diversity, with pink color derived from earth color after rain and light green, and this reflects a sense of calm and comfort and shows importance. of simplicity in creating a pleasant space for the inhabitants of the house. Bringing the colors of nature to the walls and ceilings, allows the entry of positive energies that enhance the details of our daily lives.

“Pure white, steel gray and other neutral colors have been favorites for a long time because they offer a clean, clean and contemporary look, but preferences have started to shift towards warmer colors.” continues Salama.

Specialists expect to see a return to warm color palettes and a trend towards creams, beige and nude colors, in addition to rich, earthy shades, including dark gray and rust-derived tones applied to walls, upholstery and furniture. other to improve the atmosphere. of warmth, comfort and attractiveness.Designers also suggest combining different shades of coffee or dark gray with soft pink to warm the room and create a happy atmosphere.

Curved lines inside the house look attractive and welcoming and make them look long and free from restrictions and restrictions (pixels)

What is “Biophilic Design”?

The interior designer focuses on “biophilic” design – known as bio-design – which is able to meet our innate needs to connect with life and its vital processes, and depends on the integration of nature and its elements. in interior and exterior construction. in urban areas and establishing a permanent link between architectural projects and nature.

These, in turn, lead to the preservation of the necessary connection between man and his natural environment, and his innate tendency to seek connection with living systems as one of the life forms of 2022, which essentially contributes in outward behavior in our homes. through natural materials, colors and plants.

Combining curved line pieces with straight shaped pieces to achieve visual balance in space (pixels)

According to her, the importance of this trend comes from the fact that it is inspired by nature rooted in our basic human structure, which has historically provided food, clothing and shelter for humans, and has created connections in our brains that make us feel comfortable. with the presence of nature colors, materials and patterns, and is now the basic strategy for any stylist seeking to make people and their environment healthier and happier.

Our thinking has changed so much after the pandemic that many people are looking at interior design from a new perspective. Today, many focus on the use of furniture, decor, and other reused and recycled items. This sustainable trend will continue as long as we face a major environmental problem in the world, says interior designer Salama for Al Jazeera Net.

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