A strong peak for travel this summer .. and expectations for a significant increase in ticket prices

Travel agency officials stressed that the planning and early booking of airline tickets is of particular importance, in light of the current circumstances, with high oil prices, stifled travel demand, and limited seating capacity. , compared to the period before Covid-19. nivelet.

They expected Emirates Today to witness three major travel highs this year, especially during the summer months of July and August, coinciding with the start of the school holidays and the Eid al-Adha holiday, and that demand will exceed supply levels. available from the capacity of the seats, especially in the most popular destinations.

Early booking

“Early planning and booking of airline tickets is one of the best ways to avoid costs and high prices,” said Mohammed Jassim Al-Rais, Executive Vice President of Al-Rais Travel, noting the difficulty of predicting ticket price levels in light of current circumstances, with high fuel prices.

Al Rayes added that “this year will witness several peak travels, especially during the month of July, which coincides with the start of school holidays and the feast of Eid al-Adha”, noting that demand will increase during Eid al-Fitr as well. holidays as well as winter holidays in December, emphasizing the importance of early planning for those wishing to travel during these periods.

He expected the school holidays to peak in July, the largest in terms of travel demand, noting a “closed demand” for travel, as a large segment of people had not traveled in two years.

He explained that “with high demand, seats may not be available if the customer wants to book at the last minute.”

Travel Tops

Furthermore, Sherif Al-Farm, CEO of Serenity Travel, said: “Current indicators show a significant peak of travel during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, in addition to a stronger and longer peak in terms of time during next July and August ”, referring to other periods that coincide with holidays and public holidays, when demand increases to significant levels.

He explained that “prices this year are linked to several factors, including the cost of fuel”, expecting demand to exceed the levels of available seat capacity supply, especially in the most popular and sought-after destinations.

Al-Farm stressed the importance of preparing early for peak periods for those wishing to travel, noting that ticket prices double within a relatively short period, with the travel date approaching peak times. He stressed that the share of oil price increase is an additional factor that may affect prices during the current year.

flight costs

In the same context, the General Director of Al-Faisal Travel and Tourism Agency, Yassin Diab, said that “as in previous seasons, this year there will be several peaks for trips to and from the domestic market”, expecting that demand travel will increase to higher levels during the summer. , which coincides with the end of the school season and the feast of Eid al-Adha.

It was agreed that early planning and booking are gaining priority and importance during the current year, noting several factors, including fluctuations in oil prices and “stifled demand” for travel, especially to some destinations.

He warned that the offer available with seats and flights is lower than pre-pandemic levels, and consequently, at a time when peak hours are expected to witness significant increases in ticket prices.

Diab believed that these combined factors would play an important role in controlling airline ticket prices, expecting travel costs to be high this year and that demand for some destinations could be greater than others, based on the number of flights and seats. capacity.

Al-Abedy: Pandemic, fuel prices and number of flights .. brand new variables

The head of Al-Abedy Holding Company for Tourism and Travel, Saeed Al-Abedy, said that “current indicators show a large demand for travel during the current year, compared to its levels in the previous year”, emphasizing that this will affect the level of ticket prices, especially with the increase of travel tickets.fuel prices.

Al-Abedy added: “Based on this, we have already seen early bookings for Eid al-Fitr and the summer season,” noting that a large portion of traders are planning to travel earlier this year.

Al-Abedy explained that “the air travel sector is facing completely new changes this year due to the pandemic, fuel prices and fewer flights, compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

He noted that ticket prices on regular flights, which coincide with peak periods, are currently at higher levels compared to normal times, noting that the prices of these flights increase gradually, the higher the booking rate. on a single flight.

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