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The added safety and convenience will create cars that are completely different from those of today, and this is what the automotive industry is looking forward to in its future plans.

Writer Sylvain Reiser says, in a report published by the French newspaper “Le Figaro”, that it looks like a science fiction scene, where drivers no longer hold the wheel in their hands, but rather hold a newspaper or a magazine and do not even look the way from to the right and to the left, they also do not need to press the pedals, and can sometimes have their eyelids closed, while vehicles communicate with each other and with the infrastructure, as they operate without human intervention and make decisions. in the driver’s seat, rushing, braking, turning and parking the car alone.

The writer showed that thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and steering assistance systems that occupy our cars, this scenario is on the way to realization, noting that the issue here is not about condemning or welcoming this development, but rather with understanding the sources of this unprecedented revolution.

The writer explained that society has abandoned learning to drive and is distracted from the roads, less disciplined and has no pleasure from driving.

He added that these futuristic cars let you do everything except drive, their electronic brains have been created to form a collision-free future, and since drivers are so reckless and careless, it would be better to bet on self-driving car, which has become a social issue now that the human and financial cost of accidents is no longer affordable.

Mercedes receives first international approval to introduce Level 3 autonomous steering technology (communication sites)

Studies by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration predict an 80% reduction in accidents by 2035 thanks to self-driving cars.

The writer stressed that if society can no longer consider road tragedies as inevitable, it also sees the car as a waste of time. Thus, a self-driving car will enable you to take advantage of lost time and do other tasks, which is very bad for those who still see driving as fun; Tomorrow, the car will move on virtual rails. In a way, the train will be recreated.

On the other hand, equipment manufacturers are at the forefront of taking these developments and in this regard, the French car supplier Valeo presented its latest innovations to several manufacturers.

Autonomous driving

Last December, Mercedes received the first international approval for the introduction of Level 3 self-driving technology for the Mercedes S model, where driving using the self-driving system is at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour, ie in cases of traffic jams in areas convenient to the highway.

Mercedes will launch its system in Germany in the first half of the year and, in parallel, will seek regulatory approval in California and Nevada later this year.


Before the ban on the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines that the European Commission requires for 2035, the automotive sector must face a path of great reduction of carbon footprint; This makes it necessary to electrify a large part of the screen.

The challenge is to offer this at an affordable price, so VALEO is betting on smooth hybridization based on the adoption of a 48 V secondary mains and installing the electrical system on the rear axle of the front-wheel drive, energy recovery braking improves and does not stop there, can be moved with 4 wheels, so the electric character becomes a safety booster.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - MARCH 06: Concept flying machines
Futuristic cars let you do everything but drive (Getty Images)

intelligent lighting

The writer stressed that these cars are equipped with LED technology, as the lights no longer allow you to see and be seen only, they also perform the function of communication, as lights will become an integral part of the brand and a distinctive element of the car, which can be recognized among thousands of other cars.

In addition, digitalization will make it personalized. With the electric car, which is distributed with the radiator on the grille, the lighting will be able to spread to a larger area. Being connected to the internet, lights finally contribute to security. They will warn the driver and other road users – especially pedestrians and cyclists – of the danger, and the lights will display messages, information and illustrations on the road as soon as regulations permit.

Additionally, he may warn the vehicle behind you that a vehicle has broken down on the side of the road or another vehicle is approaching ahead. Here, too, it is about compensating for the driver’s negligence and helping him make a decision.

Rethink interior design

Valeo, like other device manufacturers, is considering smoothing surfaces and hiding buttons. In the center panel, functions will be displayed on demand only by illuminating only certain areas.

In addition, the passenger compartment can be transformed into a diving world by displaying images on the control panel and on the roof of the vehicle. Relying on video presentation, the technology is only in the early experimental stage, but its capabilities are already very extensive. With this system, all the physical buttons will disappear in favor of the sensory elements.

The writer noted that the display of images and icons on car interior surfaces opens up a wide range of applications, adding that in Valeo, engineers believe this may make sense in the context of ordinary car use. To pay a lower fee for the service, users will be willing to accept information of a commercial nature.

Self parking

The writer said that the anxiety caused by parking (parking) your car in a cramped garage or between two vehicles will soon become just a bad memory. BMW 7 Series, but is becoming increasingly popular.

The writer stressed that he would not stop there; At the entrance to the car shed to be designed, the car will stop completely independently and you will not even need to accompany it. The system will also work in reverse, and it will be possible to bring the car to the entrance of a parking lot, for example.

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