The spread of stray dogs … a phenomenon that worries citizens and children

Ma’an – Qasim El-Khatib – Beni Kinana

Bekr Obeidat – Madaba – Ahmed El-Harawi – Zarka – Ibrahim Ebu Zina

The phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs has recently become a concern for all citizens, especially after its widespread and large spread, especially in residential neighborhoods.

Citizens in different regions of the Kingdom suffer from the spread of stray dogs without real protection provided by the municipalities.

Citizens in their complaint said they are not sure their sons and daughters leave their homes in the morning due to the spread of stray dogs, especially with the late sunrise, which means they go out in the dark.

Stray dogs are spreading according to citizens in areas that have free land around inhabited areas, whether in the capital Amman or in the provinces, seeking measures to curb their spread and protect them from it.

Citizens add that in the past, the relevant authorities in the Municipality of Aman i Madh and the municipalities have been able to eradicate these animals, but over the last two years the issue has changed and these dogs are no longer killed and are not well fought, and so have been added. and became widespread.

The Ministry of Local Administration announced last year that, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and relevant authorities, it would begin implementing the ABC system, which is based on spaying, vaccinating and disinfecting dogs and placing a “signal” to them for it. distinguish them from pasteurized ones.

She added that the ministry started making financial allocations and identifying lands across different municipalities to set up private vaccination centers in early 2022.


The spread of stray dogs in Ma’an has turned into a disturbing phenomenon as their numbers increased and spread to residential neighborhoods and reached the city center, near garbage containers on public roads, so much so that it has become a disruptor of the comfort of residents. they attack passers-by at night and early in the morning attack children as they are going to their schools on main roads and between residential neighborhoods.

Infertility cases recurred in many areas of Ma’an, causing panic in the community, especially women and children.

For the extent of the phenomenon and its impact on citizens, Fayez Deeb Al Khattab, a resident of Abu Bakr neighborhood, confirms the widespread spread of stray dogs in the area, which terrifies citizens, especially children. Children have been exposed to dogs in recent months, which has become a danger to passers-by.

Showing that he had already been attacked by a group of dogs while walking on the street at night, which caused him to panic, but he escaped in good health, but fears that the situation itself will not pass smoothly if a woman or a child is exposed to it. Al-Khattab calls on officials to work quickly to resolve this issue so that citizens can walk the safe path.

Ahmed Al-Hamidi, a resident of the Ma’an rooftop area, noticed an increase in the spread of stray dogs in front of trash cans and in front of his primary school in the area and near cars parked in front of him And then he was horrified to go out alone on the street, not to mention the state of panic and collapse when he saw dogs. He called on the relevant authorities and the municipality of Maan to find solutions to the phenomenon of stray dogs due to the strong dangers it poses to residents of the region.

Ms Intisar Al-Khattab explains that the spread of wild dogs attacking passers-by in the area has become a scary issue for residents. Dogs are chasing and attacking our children and this poses a danger to us and ours. children.Al-Khattab calls on officials to move quickly to rescue citizens, especially children and the elderly.

With the spread of the phenomenon of stray dogs, the fear of citizens increased with the circulation of information that some dogs are carriers of serious diseases and some lead to death, which was confirmed by some specialists.

Regarding the health risks of stray dogs, veterinarian Muhammad Lotfi Al-Khawaldeh said that the phenomenon of stray dogs worries society and citizens because of the diseases that stray dogs carry from diseases that are transmitted to humans, which pose a threat to his life, as p .sh. such as brucellosis, recurrent miscarriages, tuberculosis and many parasites such as alveoli and water parasites.

Al-Khawaldeh stressed that the spread of dogs on the streets makes citizens vulnerable to the most dangerous and dangerous disease transmitted by dogs, a disease (rabies), which leads to death. It also causes concern for citizens and endangers children and the elderly as they move through their daily lives.

He called on all officials to find the right solutions to get rid of this problem that worries all citizens.

Al-Khawaldeh stressed that the problem is not just a municipal problem, but a social one, pointing to the use of safe methods to get rid of it in case it causes problems in the community.

For his part, the head of the Municipal Committee of the Greater Maan Khaled Al-Hajjaj said that the issue is acute and it is not possible to eradicate this phenomenon at the present time by killing dogs, stressing that there is a plan to get rid of dogs legally. and civilly locking them in a designated place designated by the municipality and “Castration” to prevent reproduction, and in cooperation with animal welfare associations, this project will be implemented at the request of international organizations dealing with this aspect soon, God. ready, emphasizing that the staff of the municipality continuously receives complaints in this regard and directly follows the complaints of citizens and works to resolve them directly.

Al-Hajjaj pointed out that the municipality is committed to fighting these dogs within the defined methods and implementing the circulars of the Ministry of Local Administration, which includes alternative methods such as castration and sterilization to reduce their density and deal only with dogs that pose a risk. to the population.

Bani Kanana

An incident where a child was exposed in one of the areas of Shula municipality in Bani Kinana neighborhood revealed the failure of all terrestrial solutions to the problem of increasing stray dogs in different districts of the district and that they are theoretical. solutions that will not be realized, or for the benefit or benefit of citizens, whose families are subject to stray dogs.

They pointed out that all the solutions decided by the authorities dealing with the fight against stray dogs did not work to limit their reproduction and spread in inhabited neighborhoods, but on the contrary, we see that their number is increasing day by day and every days. we do not hear of an incident when someone is bitten by a dog, a stroller in an area here or there, a problem that threatens the health and safety of citizens, especially children.

until then ; Statistics released by the Bani Kanana District Health Directorate showed that the number of cases of stray dogs for citizens in the past year 2021 was 116 cases of stray dogs distributed in different regions of the district and centers of the neighboring population and that most of them . are young and of different age groups and in the current year 2022 has reached in the first month 7 cases and in the second month eleven cases and in the third month to date one case.

Returning to the solutions that the relevant authorities have decided to limit the spread of stray dogs in inhabited neighborhoods, it is represented in the process of their collection in a place agreed by the competent authorities, their food and castration. in order not to be reproduced in the future Citizens described these solutions as sterile and not. It is absolutely feasible, given the lack of feasibility in the process of combating stray dogs, as it is impractical and unworkable, especially in the conditions that local communities live in these times and that they should seek at least radical solutions that are beneficial , benefit and feasibility.


Citizens of the city of Madaba complained about the spread of stray dogs and their gathering in the form of herds on the main streets and in front of shopping malls and stopping in the middle of the street; It frightens citizens and sometimes stops the movement of vehicles.

Citizens added that dogs roam and roam, especially near the love circle in the middle of the main road, causing a state of terror among citizens, children and passers-by, who shop at night from some shopping malls and are afraid to take to the streets out of fear. of dogs roaming in herds and howling for fear of being bitten.

Assistant Director of Health for Health Affairs in Madaba, Dr. Mustafa al-Atrash, said that the number of citizens bitten by stray dogs in 2017 was 376, while in 2018 the number of disabled people reached 346, and in 2019 the number of stray dogs has swallowed 258, while in 2020 has reached 175 drunk people, while the number of drug addicts since the beginning of 2021 until now has reached 48 citizens.

For his part, the Deputy Governor of Madaba and the Mayor of Madaba Greater, Ahmed Barakat Al-Zuhair, said that a joint meeting will be held for the municipalities of the governor, namely: the municipalities of Madaba, Theban, Leb, Malih and Al-Jabal, to find a suitable place for the collection of stray dogs within it and to follow the instructions of the local administration in this regard.


The head of the Zarqa Municipal Committee, Hassan Jabour, confirmed that the municipality has started implementing the “animal welfare” program to limit the spread of stray dogs by providing anesthesia weapons and a shelter.

Jabour said in a press release that the municipality is committed to the Ministry of Local Administration circulars that include alternative ways to combat stray dogs and limit their spread across neighborhoods to maintain citizen safety and prevent dog cases wanderers caused by them.

He noted that 30 cages were equipped to hold dogs, a cage equipped with cages and a “Back” vehicle to track stray dogs in rugged areas in order to pick them up and transport them to the shelter.

Jabour indicated that he approached the head of the Aman Municipal Committee to provide the necessary training to the stray dog ​​control team on dog capture and picking operations and the use of anesthetic weapons, noting that the cadres of the Department of Organization in the Municipality is working to provide suitable land for housing stray dogs.

The media spokesperson in Zarqa Commune confirmed that the employee in question has been suspended from the sniper operation in the control department and the work of the stray dog ​​control department has been temporarily suspended until coordination and finding appropriate solutions with the Animal Welfare Society. .

He noted that the commission suspended work permits for the possession of firearms belonging to the Department of Public Health Insect Prevention Control – section for stray dogs.

And he indicated that the municipality is coordinating with animal welfare institutions and associations to activate the ABC program, which includes distributing cages to sites complaining about the presence of stray dogs to hunt them and prevent their spread. finding a certain place away. population.

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