Saudi Chef Hatoon Madani: Cooking for your family during Ramadan is worship

At the age of 5, she started staying with her mother in the kitchen and playing with everything she could achieve for her, but curiosity led her to observe her mother’s talent, which was dear to her food. and left them an inheritance. talent to her daughters. Standing next to her in the chair, her passion has developed over the years, she is the Saudi boss Hatoon Madani, she shares this Ramadan gathering with us.

Samoza “Puff”.

What is the incident that ignited the first spark?

Samoza “Puff”.

At the age of 15 in high school it was the month of Ramadan and my mother had taught me samosa “puff”, I opened it with my hands according to the tradition of ancient women and it is impossible for girls today to master it, the day I returned from school, I went into the kitchen and prepared it before breakfast, I was proud of the praise of all the family members, that here I discovered my talent, distinguished it from my brothers, and liked the idea.

Have you encountered any objections? Can you tell us about these circumstances?

Chief Hatoon Madani

I did not study in the faculty of cooking, my school was my mother, I got married young and traveled to America and from there I started to develop myself, watched a lot of TV shows, bought cookbooks and started experimenting, once I succeeded and a times I failed, in that period there was no job for the chef, or it can be accepted, and our society does not accept women if she does not cook for her husband and children, so I started working in interior engineering studios, but Every time I got a job I went back to cooking and discovered that it was my passion and I had to focus on it as a profession and I started my first project with “Maggi”, so my parents opposed me. They refused to appear as a chef in a channel. television, but over time became one of my first supporters.

An unfortunate accident in your career?

Years ago I had a restaurant, I entered into a partnership that was not well chosen and I had to close the restaurant. It was a difficult phase that affected me so much that I took time to recover.

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Every Saudi region has its own Ramadan customs

In the opinion of most Arab chefs, Arabic cuisines have existed for hundreds of years and work must be done to develop them.

I agree with the opinion on the issue of development, but it depends on the kitchen itself. For example, Lebanese are known all over the world, people know what kind of cooking they are and there is room for its development and renewal of its recipes. , but when it comes to Saudi cuisine, people do not know it, we want to know the world about the taste of our authentic dishes and after years we can get everyone we know on this development journey. But I am with the invention of new foods.

Can you tell us about the variety of Saudi cuisine during Ramadan?

Region-specific dishes

Every region in the kingdom has its own cooking and rituals in Ramadan, I am from the Hijaz region, we are used to eating samosa and beans for breakfast, and over time we have added salads and pasta but do not eat great food. , and at suhoor the big breakfast is, in other regions they eat rice and grill at iftar, people like to refresh, and we often refresh on the types of salads, and we started to put the crumbs on our table, and instead of frying samosa. , most of us put them in the oven.

“Hotonic mode”

What is your ritual during cooking?

I cook according to my mood

I like to cook in all my moods, whether happy or upset, cooking is what I enjoy the most and makes me forget the world around me, I usually play music, according to my mood.
You repeat in your programs the word “Hattonian way”, what changes does Chief Hatoon follow in Saudi food?
Because every person who cooks has their own touches, I gave you a recipe and you changed it, it becomes yours and not mine. The change is in my Hutton way, I can add something, or change a substance, and it changes the taste. eg steamed rice that all Saudi biotas do, I do it my way I like to put the mastic first, toast the spices and the other steps are Hoton.

What are your tips for women in the kitchen in Ramadan, we want practical advice? What are your criticisms of them?

Prepare and freeze before Ramadan, prepare pastries and freeze them in the fridge, or you can prepare them every week the way you set the menu for a week, it’s one day when you’re tired, and the other days you save a long time , to be devoted to worship and to avoid pressure,
There are many who say that I lost my time in cooking and left worship, know that your cooking is part of worship, as you prepare food for a fasting person, I wish you do not get bored, as you are cooking. can swim and apologize, this is an act of worship.

Look at me

Who are the Arab chefs that draw your attention to their recipes?

Chef Asia Othman and chef Ghada Al-Tali, are two of the friends who entered the world of cooking, and I enjoyed their dishes and their tastes were amazing.

When will you print a cookbook?

It’s a raised topic, but I’ve not finished my study yet, but it will be soon, God willing

What about your two daughters, did you push them to learn to cook?

As I said cooking is a talent inherited in the family and one of them is my daughter, she has the same talent as me, even the boy has surprised me with his creativity in cooking.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Stay tuned soon for beautiful projects, which I will not reveal.

Chicken with yogurt and saffron

Chicken with yogurt and saffron

Enough for 3 people
Preparation and cooking time 30 minutes


4 chicken breasts, cut into cubes
spoon ghee
Two mastic
2 cups yogurt
Saffron + salt + pepper + cinnamon stick + 4 grains of cardamom + 3 grains of cloves

How to prepare:

1- Pour the saffron over the yoghurt and marinate with the chicken for 30 minutes.
2- In a saucepan place the gin over medium heat until it melts, then add the mastic and in the saucepan the chicken mass with the milk.
3- Add spices, salt and pepper and mix until ready.
4- You can add a little water if you need, while continuing to stir.
5- Serve the chicken with steamed rice, place it in the bowl around the rice and garnish it with green coriander.

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