News and Reports – Brigadier General Al-Muhammadi: The Sufferings of the Hadhramaut People Are Exacerbated by the Deterioration of Services

Brigadier General Saeed Ahmed Al-Mohammadi, head of the executive body of the local leadership of the Southern Transition Council in Governor Hadhramaut, confirmed that the suffering of the people of Hadhramaut is deteriorating day by day, due to deteriorating services, rising prices and lack of basic goods like cooking gas.We were interested in the security and stability of the province.

In a press conference, Brigadier General Al-Mohammadi said: “The second popular uprising Hadrami was the result of the injustice felt by the people of Hadhramaut.

* What is the important role played by the executive body of the Transitional Council to alleviate the suffering of the people of Hadhramaut and to meet their various needs?

– The Executive Board of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadhramaut province throughout the previous period, with the support of President Commander Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, Chairman of the Council, made great efforts to support the governor’s citizens in overcoming many problems. and the crises facing the governor .. For example, but not limited to, the Executive Committee had a greater role in addressing the Corona pandemic, we have provided health facilities in the town of Mukalla and various directorates of the governor with many needs to be able to perform their health tasks to cope with the epidemic, including modern equipment, such as the LPCR apparatus, which is very important in diagnosing infection, and many others. From protective requirements for health personnel, and in large quantities.
We also assisted in the resumption of the academic year in the faculties of Hadhramaut University, providing protective requirements for educational and administrative staff and students.
When the cities of Tarim and Mukalla were hit by the flood disaster, the authority, with the generous support of President Commander Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, took the initiative to rent dozens of tractors to lift the remains of streams from the streets and alleys of the city of Mukalla and we have provided financial support to those affected by the disaster in the city of Tarim.
We in the presidency of the Executive Authority constantly direct our leaders in the directorates, to dedicate their activities and activities for the benefit of the citizens, to relieve them of the burden of daily life and to contribute to the improvement of services in the directorate. why you will find most of the activities of the directorates focused on service areas for citizens such as health, environment, youth and students. the dumb, the able and the children with autism, to draw society’s attention to these groups of our boys and girls and help them integrate into society, and we expressed our support and encouragement for them. , contributing to the care and financing of their activities.

* What are the most prominent plans and activities of the Executive Authority of the Hadhramaut Transitional Authority in 2022 AD?
– The Executive Authority, with its various departments and local leaders in directorates, has drawn up detailed plans for what it intends to achieve during the year 22 AD. These plans included many social events and activities that benefit the community in various sports and cultural fields. and environmental sectors, as well as training aimed at raising the level of staff training.

* What are the difficulties and obstacles faced by the functioning of the Executive Authority in Governor Hadhramaut?

Every job has to face difficulties and worries and we believe the work done is good compared to the opportunities available.

* What is the most severe suffering of the citizens of Hadhramaut and what are your initiatives in the executive body to address it and what is the purpose of the escalation program you have announced?

– The sufferings of the Hadhramauts are deteriorating day by day, due to the deterioration of services, rising prices and lack of basic goods such as cooking gas. .. We were interested in the security and stability of the governor, so we turned to local government leaders and advised them to take the side of the citizens and rush to exclude corrupt elements and begin to find real solutions to the files. of services, the main one of which is the electricity file, but with great regret all our efforts have not been heard. Our people, so we called for an escalation program aimed at eradicating the corrupt … in connection with a program similar escalation in Wadi Hadramout, where the sufferings of our people there have doubled, as a result of the repressive practices of the invading militias.
The program received a great deal of popular response, but recent developments regarding the invitation of the Gulf brothers to hold the important consultative meeting prompted us to review and suspend the escalating program. We thank God that the consultative meeting in Riyadh yielded promising results, we hope that it will provide solutions to all problems and end the suffering of citizens, which is the goal that everyone seeks to reach this stage, which requires solidarity defeats the project Iranian and his Houthi wing.

* What is your position on the popular uprising of Hadram and what is your vision for it?

– The second popular uprising of Hadram, which occurred as a result of the injustice that the Hadhramauts feel, as they are deprived of the simplest necessary services, such as electricity and cooking gas, while seeing how their wealth is plundered and others benefit . and the slightly corrupt ones, so members of the local leadership and transition supporters were at the forefront of the Gift activities, and we gave various forms of support to the gift leadership, and thanks to this, the gift gained momentum and was able to achieve some benefits for the citizens, and we will continue to support it with the same vigor until we achieve everything that the Hadramauts aspire to.

* One last word you want to say at the end of this interview?
– Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to shed light on our activities in the executive body of the council in Hadhramaut.
We take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Leader, Commander Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, for his full support for us and his continued response to all issues and concerns we raise.
Renewing our absolute faith in his wise leadership and sincere efforts for our southern cause and bringing him to the shore of security, in a way that realizes the aspirations of our people for self-determination and the restoration of their state.

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