Local development: EGP 1.8 billion to create 523 markets and fire stations in villages for a dignified life

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, received a report on the latest developments in the implementation of the Egyptian rural development program within the presidential initiative “A dignified life”.

The Minister of Local Development indicated that the projects of the first phase of the Egyptian Rural Development Program within the presidential initiative “Dignified Life” are going well and in accordance with the implementation plans established thanks to the patronage and follow-up of President Abdel Fattah. Al-Sisi and the direct supervision of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and ongoing coordination between all ministries and other stakeholders.

Shaarawy stressed, in today’s statement, that the Egyptian state is moving at a steady pace on its way to implementing all the services required for our children in the villages of the Egyptian countryside, stressing that the ministry addressed the targeted governments in the second. of the “Dignified Life” initiative to proceed with the planning procedures based on the decision of the Council of Ministers Ministers for the target centers and villages, whose population can reach over 18 million citizens in the village, in about 1500 young. villages.

Shaarawy added that the ministry is close to completing a needs assessment and identifying projects in a participatory approach through the community development committees that were set up during the recent period.

The report, which was hosted by the Minister of Local Development, reviewed the implementation situation and preparations for the operation of government service complexes. in each local village unit, with a total of 332 complexes currently under construction and each complex includes a developed technology center. The seat of the local village unit, the local council, a social solidarity unit, a catering office, a civil registry, a real estate register and a post office.

The Minister of Local Development explained that these complexes represent a significant change in the nature and level of local service delivery to citizens, as services will be provided through a window and these complexes are connected to the centers, governments and the new administrative capital. in a possible way to take advantage of the state strategy for digital transformation and to guarantee transparency, governance and fast completion of government transactions for the citizens.

Shaarawy said the ministry aims to ensure the level of development in the villages targeted by the initiative for a dignified life and to qualify the staff to be relocated to the complex ones. It is represented in 52 administrative centers for a period of three. months and includes 332 rural local units distributed to 20 governments, at the Local Development Development Center in Saqqara. This phase of the program will be completed in June 2022.

Shaarawy explained that the training program focuses primarily on the transfer of local development program practices to Upper Egypt and is implemented through a global consultant.

Shaarawy reviewed some of the local administration projects and the ministry’s efforts under the presidential initiative, including market projects, parking lots and fire stations, which amount to about 523 projects, noting that the planned projects include raising 182 markets, 163 fire stations. 140 car parks, in addition to the 2 ferry beds at Qena Governor in the Waqf Center at a total cost of 8 1.8 billion in 20 provinces.

The Minister of Local Development confirmed that coordination has been made with governments to undertake the implementation of local administration projects in accordance with the deadline approved by the Council of Ministers, which will end during 2022 and the advances have already been transferred to governments with a total of 40 440 million for immediate contracting with enforcement agencies.

Shaarawy explained that in the design of markets and parking lots it has been taken into account that they should be civilized objects to be easily controlled, enter and exit and have good urban character.Fire marking, noting that the distribution of projects in a balanced way, the right way between the local units of the village has been taken into consideration, so that a group of neighboring villages can benefit from the services of markets and parking lots.

Shaarawy said that coordination has been made with the Ministry of Irrigation to take advantage of the canals and waterways that were covered to place some market projects and parking lots on them, taking into account the requirements of buildings in force in this regard, emphasizing the integration of projects above mentioned by the local administration with the measures taken by the ministry in coordination with the governments to maximize the benefit from the lands and assets owned by the governments, contributing to the development of the resources of the governments themselves and the units of local administration, as well as the provision of resources. that help improve local services, maintenance and operation of facilities and ensure their sustainability.

Sharawy added that parking lots, markets and fire stations will contribute to the creation of temporary employment opportunities during the construction phases and will allow the employment of a large group of small contractors, as well as the creation of permanent employment opportunities after operation. , either directly or indirectly through activities related to these services.

The Minister of Local Development emphasized that the market and parking projects mainly aim at eliminating random market places and stops in villages, improving the civilized appearance and providing suitable places that enable small traders and taxi drivers to exercise their activity, by note that markets will contribute to give a boost to the local economy, regulating the commodity trading process and enabling small businesses. Producers and farmers can trade their products without having to incur large costs in transport process.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawy indicated that the ministry had completed securing all land required for the projects with a total of 5,500 plots of land and handing them over to the implementing authorities in record time, as all available land had been used regardless of their mandate, and Ka had a great coordination with all government agencies that have a mandate as well as cooperation with citizens in securing land with community donation.

The Minister of Local Development confirmed that, following the instructions of the President of the Republic, the Ministry has cooperated with the Urban Planning Authority and the implementing agencies for the modernization of urban properties and to ensure that all existing rural communities benefit from sewerage and drinking water. services, noting that the Ministry continues to support small and micro projects through the program “Your project” and the Fund. Local development in the centers targeted by the initiative “Dignified Life” and from January 2021 to last March are about 529 million pound. pumped by the Mashrou3ak program and milionë 7 million from the Local Development Fund, which contributed to the creation of around 30,000 employment opportunities.

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