High demand for tourist visas to visit the UAE

Officials of travel and tourism companies confirmed that there has been a significant increase in the issuance of tourist visas to visit the UAE, up to 50% over the last period, compared to the last two years, noting that the active movement in The issuance of visas involves visitors from different parts of the world, and caused the depletion of shares of some companies. Tourism and travel by tourist visas and other resorts of some suppliers, such as airlines, to benefit additional quotas.

In statements to Emirates Today, they attributed that activity to the great success of Expo 2020 Dubai, the level of security and safety in the country, as well as full confidence in the precautionary measures to fight the Covid-19 virus.

They stressed that the opening of air traffic in the UAE, the lack of strict travel restrictions and the climatic factor, factors that contributed significantly to this demand.

active movement

In detail, the General Manager of Al-Yasmeen Travel and Tourism, Salah Khaled Salem, said that “there is an active movement and great popularity in issuing tourist visas to visit the United Arab Emirates during the last period”, note that the issuance of tourist visas has increased by 30-40%, compared to the same period of the last two years.

Salem added that “this active movement falsely involved from different parts of the world, driven by a great demand to visit (Expo 2020 Dubai), whether for business purposes by businessmen and officials of trading companies, or from families wishing to visit the UAE and its exhibition and entertainment activities. “

Salem confirmed that the offer to reduce the value of tourist visas for children accompanied by father or mother, from one day to 18 years, from 750 dirhams to 200 dirhams, supported and encouraged the desire of families to visit the country.

The Director General of “Jasmine Travel and Tourism” stressed that the strength of the precautionary measures applied by the United Arab Emirates to face the pandemic of the Corona virus and full confidence in these measures and their smooth and easy implementation, supported the Emirates United Arab Emirates as a major travel and tourism destination during the current period.

great order

For his part, Nirvana Travel and Tourism CEO Alaa Al-Ali agreed that there is a huge demand and a 30-40% increase in the issuance of tourist visas to visit the UAE now, compared to same period. in the last two years.

He said that “High demand has led to the exhaustion of tourist visas for a number of tourism companies, at a time when some tourism companies are seeking new visas.”

Al-Ali attributed the high demand for tourist visas to the “Expo 2020 Dubai” exhibition, the great success it is achieving, the confidence in the security and safety climate in the country, the continuous opening of aviation and the applied precautionary measures. to face “Covid-19”, emphasizing that a country has managed to consolidate its position, a favorite regional and international tourist destination, especially in light of the availability of various tourism components in the country.

Extra classes

In the same context, the Sales Director at Happy Line Travel and Tourism, Taher Essawi Al-Sheikh, said that “there is an increase of up to 50% in the movement of issuing tourist visas for travel in the UAE, in recent years . period, compared to the last two years “, in agreement with Al-Ali. Regarding the exhaustion of quotas of some travel companies and travel from tourist visas, at a time when other companies have turned to some suppliers, such as airlines, get extra quotas.

Sheikh attributed the high demand to visit the UAE to the success achieved by Expo 2020 Dubai and the desire of officials, business owners and families to visit it, as well as the climatic factor, as the “winter of the UAE” is considered as the most beautiful winter in the world, especially when compared to the winter season in many parts of the world.

He added that the opening of air traffic in the UAE, the opening of many countries of the world and the lack of strict travel restrictions as was the case in the last two years due to (Covid-19), as well as the first semester breaks in “Some countries that export tourists to the UAE are all factors that have contributed to the growing demand to visit the country.”

Al Hammadi: A deliberate policy

Tourism expert Saeed Abdullah Al Hammadi said that “the active movement in issuing tourist visas supports the economy as a whole, as its effects are reflected in the hotel sector, which shows very high housing rates, as well as support for retail trade.” and growth. in the number of visitors to shopping malls ”.

Al Hammadi pointed out that the UAE pursues a well-thought-out and very feasible policy regarding tourist attractions, with full commitment to the precautionary measures, which raised the demand for tourist visas and contributed to supporting the trust of visitors of different nationalities. . .

• The high demand for tourist visas is supported by the success of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, as well as by the weather, safety and security in the country.

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