He tried to book a travel ticket through Instagram and the accident happened … Here are the details of the abduction of Hassan, 32 years old!

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There is an indication of the high rate of crime and kidnappings these days, and the most dangerous thing is that gangs are using social media as a trap to block people.

Hassan’s fault is that he decided to book a ticket through the booking page on the Instagram app, contact the site and make an appointment with them to deliver the letters on Sunday near the Kafrman roundabout, so that the issue deviates from an immigration ticket. to kidnapping and extortion of money.

Currently, Hasan is still in the hands of a gang demanding $ 25,000, while the family does not know how to get the money, because the exact location is “illegal”.

What are the details of the case?

Kidnappings are on the rise these days Hassan Atwi, Harouf’s son, is one of the victims of kidnapping gangs, which use social media as fake platforms to catch prey.

Hasani did not know that the travel ticket booking page on Instagram would lead to his abduction and that his life would be endangered by the hands of gangs that used the extortion method to profit quickly financially.

Last Sunday morning, Hasan went out to meet people from the fake booking site, to hand them the photos and fingerprint, to discover that he had fallen into the trap and was kidnapped. That day, the kidnappers called the family, demanding a $ 25,000 ransom in exchange for Hassan’s release, who today pays a tax that escapes the security situation and the spread of gangs of illegal kidnappers. Will security forces move to uncover the identity of the kidnappers and arrest them? Or will the citizen remain a slave to these gangs?

The people of the Nabatiyeh region have not yet forgotten the horrific Ansar crime, in which a mother and her three daughters were killed, which began with a kidnapping operation, while public opinion was preoccupied today with a new kidnapping operation, the victims whose son was the 32-year-old son of the southern city of Harouf, Hassan Mustafa Atwi, who was abducted, through an operation The court seduced its fictional heroes on social media sites, they stole his passport and kidnapped him.

Three months ago Hassan returned to Lebanon from Gabon where he works and last Saturday found a page on Instagram that had to do with booking travel tickets, according to the data. to much through a gang whose purpose was kidnapping and financial extortion.

Five days ago, Hasan was with one of the gangs that spoke the language of money and weapons, only their contacts with Hasan’s family and sending photos of them being beaten confirm that we are in an illegal state governed by gang law. grow and spawn like mushrooms.

As of last night there was no clear information on the identity of the kidnappers, according to his father, Mustafa Atwi, who confirms that his son pays the evasion tax, indicating that the gang contacted him and demanded a ransom of 25 thousand dollars.

Atwi, who does not know the fate of his son, confirms that the gang contacted him on Sunday and asked for a reward and indicated that Hasan is in Wadi Khaled, to return and say that he is in Bekaa, and “in recent phone calls, they asked us to go to Hermel on the Lebanese-Syrian border to pay the amount and get it.” However, according to Atwi, “the area they identified is under the control of the gangs and the people inside are missing, which prompted us to withdraw and return.”

As of yesterday, there has been no contact with the kidnappers, nor the designation of a new place for surrender and reception, amid questions that arise whether the Lebanese exile is in danger and whether he is vulnerable to the kidnapping to rob him of his life. . There is no doubt that kidnappings are getting worse and worse sometimes through communication sites and sometimes through WhatsApp apps that formed the Fat substrate to lure hostages.

Mustafa cries in his condition, because he is afraid of killing his son, his condition is painful, as is the family which lives under the shock of his friend. He finds no explanation for the abduction except that we have entered the time of the outlaws , claiming that they are expanding and expanding without account and control, pursuing people and looting them to blackmail them, surprisingly, “we have money and we can not afford it”, confirming that the gang is moving vaguely and there is a fear that the goal will be to seduce us to kidnap us and rob us of our money.

“We have filed a complaint with the security services,” said lawyer Ashraf al-Moussawi, who is pursuing the kidnappers’ case, noting that the kidnappers practice various forms of intimidation and financial extortion and their insistence on financial ransom. indifference to the movement of security services, which we today seek to redouble their efforts to secure Atwi’s release.

“Al-Moussawi spoke about the danger of fake sites being looted by people, and we must beware of them because they lure people into a trap.” Surprisingly, the security forces delayed the prosecution of the case, he says: “We are doing what the agencies should do, negotiating with the kidnappers.”

He added, “We must activate and support the security services, because they are our only reference and we are seeking today to free Hasan from the hands of the kidnappers. There are negotiations with them and we hope that the security services will accompany us.”

Who’s next A question that occupies many today, especially since we have entered the time of the deep state, where the last word is on illegal gangs, while the state is absent; Will the equipment move before it is too late?

Today on Nabatean Road there is concern about the high rate of thefts, kidnappings and murders, with the deteriorating economic situation fostering crime and kidnappings. Young Hassan is just one of the victims of uncontrolled economic crime, does the state keep the situation or is the kidnapping done like a water drink?

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