Gulf News | The European-style shop on Budaiya Street “Pick Me Pets” is a new animal health experience in Bahrain

Written by: Zejneb Ismail

Photo – Mahmoud Baba

It is a new animal health experience in Bahrain with a professional European style, the specialized shop “Pick Me Pets” Expecting children to learn more about the animal world.

“The store allows children to be accommodated,” says Pick Me Pets store owner Jacob Jawad Young children learn about animals in our world after it opened the door for parents in Bahrain to experience a different experience with their children their ”. The unique store recently opened offers pet, bird and fish food products, stored in air-conditioned indoor environments, so as not to be exposed to dust, damage or the spread of insects, which affects the growth and respiration of animals. . And Jacob points out, “Products are imported every two or three months in smaller quantities, until stored.” on its nutrients. The buyer can be assured that the food product is compatible with the animal or bird by purchasing small quantities, which are: A service provided only by Pick Me Pets. “Natural foods and luxury products sold inside the store are European, imported from Spain and Poland, and these are specialized species that are not sold in Bahrain,” explains Jacob, explaining that these animal and poultry products allow the production of the highest quality good. and quantitatively.


The store offers almost 11 types of food products for pigeons, including those suitable for the period of loss Feathers and participation in poultry competitions are high protein products.

Jacob suggested mixing specialized pigeon feed types with less expensive feed in order to provide benefit to the bird, indicating that pigeons eat more quantities if the product is of lower quality in terms of nutrients.

The store also offers food products for canaries, parrots, lovebirds, rabbits and chickens of all kinds, in addition to the materials used in cleaning the bird and eliminating insects in its body.

Cats and dogs section

In the section of cat and dog products you can look for products for washing, cutting and combing hair, imported from Spain and specifically the brand “Artero”, which specializes in the production of these materials for 150 years, including Products that kill . natural insects living in the body of animals. At the shower and mowing station within the same section, the store uses the same “Artero” brand materials, which keep your cat or dog clean for two weeks. And Jacob explains, “The animal moves to a dark room before bathing to make sure there are no mushrooms.” She uses 8-9 types of shampoo suitable for short, long or curly hair and in its various colors. .

The store also offers dog food products, as Jacob visited the factory in Spain to check the ingredients of the product Natural chemicals without chemicals, including the “Dolina” brand, which owns a private farm for the production of leftover meat is not used. in its products and supplemental nutrients are added to it.

In addition to dogs, the section includes various cat food products, which include natural nutrients. Also, the store is the only one offering a cat’s bath product with silver ions that absorbs Moisture instantly to prevent contamination of the cat limbs.

fish section

The ground floor of “Pick Me Pets” is dedicated to everything related to fish from aquarium tanks Various designs, small and large size, suitable for companies and homes, with the design of their sites before implementation, along with products Fish food and feed additives used to change their environment.


The third floor of the store will be dedicated to the embrace of live pets that will arrive within the next stage, dedicated to sales, as well as cages and accessories. He will also attract stray dogs and cats to Bahrain and look for an adopter.

The store will import sparrows from Africa, Europe, Indonesia and Malaysia and cats and dogs from Poland, Ukraine and Spain, all small, large and large species for storage.

Yaqoub says small dogs are the most popular among breeders in Bahrain, as the breeder favors Choose a puppy that can raise him according to his style.

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