Gulf News | 20 weekly flights and 5 direct airlines: Turkey dominates destinations for Bahrain.

And participation increased by 70% during the pandemic

Written by – Zejneb Ismail

With several countries opening their doors to receive tourists, Turkey tops Bahrain’s favorite destinations during the pandemic, as turnout rose by 70%The number of weekly direct flights reached 20 with 5 direct airlines. The head of the Bahrain Travel and Tourism Association, Jihad Al-Amin, stated that Turkey is almost the only destination that… It is frequented by Bahrainis during the pandemic, as it occupies the lion’s share of the travel part, with a percentage exceeding 50. – 60.%.

Al-Amin stressed that the participation increased the number of weekly flights to the Turkish destination and opened destinations within the country, at the same time allowing travel agencies to launch individual flights at affordable prices. He said group travel accounts for the largest percentage compared to individual travel, as Turkey allowed its application in its territory, citing the reason for the low prices in light of the traveler’s unfamiliarity with Turkish procedures.

He noted that in the next stageDue to the spread of the Omikron virus – during which the number of passengers will decrease during the summer season and will resume its activity after the blessed month of Ramadan. Al-Amin added that winter turnout witnessed a clear boom last December and began to decline with the spread of Omicron in January, as demand fell by 50%.


Dadabhai Travels CEO Shahnaz Al Qaseer confirmed that the upcoming tourist seasons will witness a greater demand for travel to Turkey due to the increase in vaccinated and cured persons, noting that the winter season has increased tourist trips due to the nature of the atmosphere. and discounted prices.

She explained the reason for Bahrainis’ reluctance to visit the tourist destination for the lack of closure and ban in light of the lifting of mandatory quarantine for those coming to the country.

Summer season

Al-Wasat Travels CEO Mohamed Abdel-Aal stated that the number of passengers in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, has gradually increased from the summer of 2021 to the end of January, compared to the same period. when Before the pandemic 2019.

He attributed the reason to the direct flights between Bahrain and Turkey, where the number of flights can sometimes reach more. Of the twenty weekly flights distributed between Turkish cities, in addition to the proximity of the distance, as the trip to Istanbul takes 4 hours.

He spoke of “the ease of procedures for travelers entering Turkish territory and the appropriate ticket prices for Bahrainis, which contributed to this.” The number of passengers has increased by more than 54% compared to previous years before the pandemic.

Abdel-Aal noted that winter performances increased demand during the winter season, considering Turkey the first destination for Bahrainis due to diversity. Large number of programs and events suitable for adults and children, in addition to ease of movement between cities and the presence of an infrastructure A strong tourism that takes into account the whims of the Bahraini traveler in terms of atmosphere, nature and food, in addition to the fall of the Turkish currency, which Allow the convenience of shopping.

the destination of coexistence

Spring Travels CEO Ahmed Al-Hamad noted that demand for tourists in general, and Bahrain in particular, has increased at their destination. Turkey is preferred in light of the continuing Corona pandemic and the adaptation of governments and peoples to coexist with it Travel has become a necessity for fun and recreation, so Turkey was their first choice, regardless of their destination From the west of in Trabzon east of Istanbul in southern Antalya. “

He added, “The increase in Bahrain’s participation in travel to Turkey has reached 70% compared to last year 202, and is still below its level compared to 2019 before the pandemic.

Al-Hamad continued, “High demand for Turkey depends on the holiday season, but there are many who want to travel to Turkey Turkey in the winter season because of the beauty of the cold weather that is not available in our local climate like snow. “and the Christmas atmosphere. The summer season remains the dominant number of trips to Turkey compared to the rest of the year.” .

He stressed that the number of direct flights to Turkey is up to 5, and the duration of the flight does not exceed those hours. Al-Hamad did not ignore the fall of the Turkish currency against the Bahraini currency as a reason to visit Bahrainis, making Turkish goods cheaper than restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers and tourist activities. The other reason is that the traveler can get the visa within minutes from the website.

high demand

The owner of the season campaign, Jassim Abel, attributed the reason for the participation to the direct lines between Istanbul and Manama and the meeting with the Al-Turki market. no need For a negative coronary test before travel, along with easier and unnecessary internal movement towards vaccination certificates.

The owner of the campaign noted that the destinations of Bahrain have changed in the last two years, as Turkey has become the preferred destination with its services Affordable prices, hotel prices and promotions suitable for middle- and upper-income families.

Apple expected demand to increase during mid-February until before the blessed month of Ramadan at a rate of 100%.

And he pointed out that the number of weekly flights from Bahrain to Turkey for all airlines reaches 20 flights, most of its vacancies have been filled, indicating that participation rates exceed 70%.

He stressed that the summer participation was most prominent for all Turkish stations (Istanbul, Trabzon, Antalya) in light of the closure in European countries.

Winter participation

The owner of the guide tours, Salah Muhammad Al-Murshid, stated that the winter season witnessed a turnout from fans of ski and snow trips in light of the availability of lower prices for airline tickets. He said ticket prices could rise by as much as 300% over the summer. He explained that families prefer to visit Turkey during the summer because of the holidays.

He noted that the share for the Turkish destination is not less than 25%, while Bahrain prefers other destinations such as Dubai, Egypt, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Britain, and the last two countries began to open their borders to travelers, e para. opened Gradually, the second will open soon.

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