Goal Insider | Thomas Muller stable and sell me horses!

“Goal Insider” is a new series that focuses on the properties of soccer stars outside the world of the witch, various investments and fields that soccer stars decided to leave the field, including what suits businessmen, and others. are strange and surprising. , which we single out.

The guest of today’s episode is one of the most successful players locally and internationally in Germany, Thomas Muller, who has achieved every possible tournament in which he has played so far, whether with the German national team or Bayern Munich. Maybe the European Cup and the League of Nations with the German are what they lack, but he achieved it all under them.

Muller has other hobbies outside of football. Man likes to make fun of his colleagues and competitors in every possible case, whether on the field or off the field.

But his hobby, which we will talk about today, is probably the only thing that caused ridicule of the man of great achievements on the football field.

A farm outside Munich

Thomas Muller and his wife Lisa own a horse stable outside the German city of Munich and its value ranges from around two and a half million euros to 4.2 million.

This farm is thought by many to be bought by Mueller just for fun, given his great love for horses and the profession of his wife, Lisa.

But it’s far more than that, it’s true that Muller loves horses madly and that his wife is a professional who trains them, but the German star has a great economic mentality.

Mueller when she made the decision to buy that stable knew full well that its benefits and financial returns would be a successful investment in the years to come.

general manager of the islands

In an interview with him, months after he bought that farm in 2015, Muller confirmed that his role in the stable is not big and that his wife has the biggest role.

“When I go to the stable, I try to make sure everything is in order and take care of the carrots,” Mueller told CNN.

Mueller added, mocking his small role: “I’m also the general manager of the islands, I watch the dogs and sometimes I help Lisa with her work.”

He added: “I really like being in the stable, the horses make me feel comfortable and it is very easy to relax around them.”

Muller’s wife insists that caring for horses is not just her job and stresses that the Bayern Munich player takes great care of them.

Lisa said in the same interview: “He cares a lot about them, when we are together we talk about them, he knows about them much more than I do about football”.

Muller GFX


A relationship older than marriage

Before Thomas Muller married Lisa, his relationship with horses was not as strong as the woman who won her first major championship in 2014.

Lisa, who has experience with this investment, rode her first horses at the age of four to her grandfather’s stable and took her time to master it.

Laza said, “You will have to stay eight years to learn everything about horses, but even then you will find yourself lacking in knowledge and you will learn forever.”

She added: “It’s not like other sports, training is not everything, there has to be harmony between you and the horse, you have to be like a team, and that takes a lot of time, and every horse has a different answer. “

profit from semen

Earlier in 2022, Thomas Muller and his wife, Lisa, announced that they were selling me one of their stables.

The controversy raised by the duo did not stop immediately after the announcement, as with them for a long time, and with them appeared a lot of ridicule.

Mueller and Lisa announced that they are willing to sell frozen sperm online for amounts ranging from 200 euros to 1600.

The couple has nine men in their stables who offer their sperm for sale on a website they have released specifically for this purpose.

They also offer to sell younger horses and train other people’s horses to make specific walking moves, and everything has a price they set earlier.

The German star commented on a similar issue before and said: “The process of breeding horses is quite enjoyable, I always want to make sure that the born horse will have the best possible qualities, but it is difficult and requires a lot of luck .but I do my best. “

And he added: “I have always dreamed of Lisa getting on a horse. I tuned the breeding process between his parents, but this process takes a lot of time.”

Allegations of abuse

After notifying me of selling their horses online for 1600 euros, the couple received numerous charges of animal abuse.

Things got worse after Mueller announced that one of the horses had suffered an injury that would prevent him from storing his semen for months.

Mueller went online and wrote in a statement: “Unfortunately, there is sad news, the Dave Horse will not be available for the coming months.”

He added, “He fell during a test run trying to fertilize, and the fall came to his side, but he was injured and needs to rest completely over the next few months. He is a strong horse and could have succumbed to it. for a stronger injury ”.

Jana Hoeger, a spokeswoman for an animal rights group, has publicly criticized the actions of Mueller and his wife and through the Daily Mail.

Hugo said: “It is unfortunate that horse lovers engage in unnatural sexual behavior to take advantage of their pets.”

“Dave’s injury, under the supervision of Thomas Mueller and his wife Lisa, was completely unacceptable and unnecessary,” she added.

Mueller did not comment on the statements, and then continued his activities to sell his horses to me online, and did not return for any moment, as is the case in his football career. He continued his project and could expand it further after retiring from football.

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