Emirates Airlines at full capacity in Brisbane .. and Perth in February

Dubai: “Bay”
Emirates Airlines has announced it will increase its capacity on flights between Dubai and Brisbane in the state of Queensland, starting December 16, following the easing of government restrictions on international travel as Australia achieved its goal of achieving a vaccination rate of 80% with two doses. Emirates flights will also operate at full capacity between Dubai and Perth in Western Australia from 5 February 2022.
With full-capacity international flights to Queensland, the EK430 from Dubai to Brisbane can carry more than 350 passengers, operated by a Boeing 777-300ER in a three-class configuration. Emirates will also increase its weekly capacity on the Dubai / Brisbane line to five times a week, starting January 1, 2022, with the possibility of more in line with growing demand.
Emirates will increase its capacity on the Dubai-Perth route by increasing the number of “EK 420/421” flights to five times a week to accommodate more Australian citizens and residents returning to their home country, as well as international travelers planning to Visit Western Australia |
Qualified foreigners traveling to Brisbane will no longer need to be quarantined at state facilities and can now be isolated at home based on a range of Queensland government requirements. Vaccinated travelers arriving in Perth will also not be subject to quarantine, but will be required to follow Western Australian arrivals instructions for international passengers with proof of full vaccination.
Barry Brown, Emirates Vice President of Commercial Operations in Australia, welcomed capacity building in Brisbane and Perth in the context of the return of international travel across the country.
He said: “As demand for international travel continues to grow, the Emirates is offering more options for qualified Australians looking to return home and reunite with loved ones. “This coincides with our celebration of 25 years of operations in Australia, as well as the strengthening of our services in Sydney and Melbourne by returning the main A380 aircraft to serve our customers traveling to and from New South Wales.”
Travel requirements in Brisbane
To board Emirates flights to Brisbane, travelers must be Australian citizens, permanent residents or a close family member and present a complete vaccination certificate with the “Covid-19” vaccine approved by TGA Therapeutic Products Administration “and a negative result. of the “Covid-19” test. Within three days from the date of departure from their international destination.
To meet the quarantine requirements set by the authorities in Queensland, passengers must undergo additional PCR tests in the first and twelfth days of the quarantine period, and at any other time during quarantine when symptoms of “Covid- 19 “.
Eligible travelers must, before entering Queensland, apply for and obtain the International Queensland Achievement Registration, as well as submit a Travel Declaration to Australia.
Ease of travel restrictions in Perth
The easing of Western Australian restrictions has allowed vaccinated international travelers to enter Perth without having to be quarantined upon arrival. Passengers must submit a negative COVID-19 test result with a validity of 72 hours before departure for Perth. A full TGA-approved vaccination certificate is also required, in addition to applying for a G2G Pass before the trip.
Western Australian law requires incoming international passengers to take a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of arrival and 6 days after arrival in Perth.
The travel requirements page at www.emirates.com provides details on entry requirements in Australia, pre-departure COVID-19 testing requirements and mandatory documentation. Customers are also required to check applicable eligibility requirements prior to booking, as they are subject to change by the Australian Federal Government and the State Government.
It is worth noting that Emirates Airlines continued to operate its services during the pandemic spread, despite the challenges posed by the restrictions, and provided ways to travel for the more than 93,000 Australians who were stranded abroad. Through its freight services, it has maintained the uninterrupted movement of essential goods and vital trade links between Australia and the world and has provided invaluable support to Australian businesses during difficult times.
The Emirates A380 aircraft has returned to Australian airspace since the beginning of this December, as the aircraft operates between Dubai and Sydney. Emirates also introduced a day service from Dubai to Melbourne this month, offering more than 1,000 additional seats per week between the two cities.
The joint code partnership between Emirates and Qantas gives clients of both airlines access to a wide network of destinations. In addition to the more than 120 destinations served by Emirates Airlines, its customers can currently access around 30 Australian destinations through this partnership, while Qanta customers can travel with Emirates flights to Dubai and connect to more than 50 cities in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
Emirates currently operates flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, in addition to more than 120 destinations on six continents.

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